FCM 2C Model Pictures

Alex Buryak, an artist working for WG, has posted this on his ArtStation page. This proves that WG has regular models available for this tank and that they could implement it if they actually wanted to. Note the historical MG in the rear turret.


20 thoughts on “FCM 2C Model Pictures

    1. That was the 155mm troll gun version 2C bis:

      Heh I remember when some sneak peek pics popped up and WG hide this tank in some patch trailer vids I waited for this tank a lot but never come 😦


      1. The regular FCM 2C was also modeled, as it was seen on garage selection UI. However, I am not sure if actual screenshots of the regular variant exists.

        Maybe they are coming at some point. Now that would be absolutely amazing.


  1. I hope the multi gun support finally happening afterall I’m looking forward this for 7 years.

    Immagine when the O-I can use it’s double 47mm guns from chi-ha which has rather good pen while reloading the big gun 😀


        1. It was more of a joke based on the Chi-Ri is the most OP Tier VII tank meme than a serious comment, but depending on game balance it could work if they only give it the gold ammo with normal price, or finding a new shell type with higher penetration so it could pen the sides and backs of enemy tanks.


  2. I want to see the rotating cupolas (can’t remember the official name of them currently) doing so in game as well as that headlight actually having the ability to be turned on and off.

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  3. I would like to see what are the other french super heavy tanks they modelled for the the second french heavy tank line, we know what are the classic heavy tanks at tier 8, 9 and 10 but those which weren’t ballanced well and then scrapped (tier 2 to 7) are still a mystery. FCM 2C, FCM 2C bis and FCM F1 were modelled since 2012.


      1. I would like to see the SEAM 220t but some people believe that this picture is a fake so i’m not sure if it’s really what it looks like.


  4. I hope u can use the back turret if it will be implement. Yea Yea a machingun as secondary it will do nothing to the enemy but it can detrack 😛


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