Swedish Tree Released on WoT Console

The Swedish tech tree is ready to be conquered!

On November 2, start the journey up this new tree with the tier I Strv fm/21 light tank! From there, the tree branches off into the mixed tank line and the tank destroyer line, where Siege mode is available at tier VIII.

Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Strv 74

Tank Destroyers

Once you reach the tier VIII UDES 03 on this line, Siege mode comes into play! You can tell which TDs use this new mechanic by the icon next to the Mobility stat, and when checking modules, the engine shows how long it takes to enter Siege.

These TDs are equipped with unique hydro-pneumatic suspensions that allow them to raise and lower the front of their hulls. As their guns are fixed to their hulls, they have little gun traverse, instead relying on the hull to change gun direction and elevation. Because of this, they have the “Drive” and “Siege” modes.

Drive Mode

This mode is mainly for traveling — when active, the TD has full mobility, but limited gun performance. Its mode indicator is green with two chevrons, and shows how long it takes to get into Siege mode.

Siege Mode

Once you find a suitable position and are ready to fire, switch to Siege. In this mode, mobility is reduced, but you’ll get full control of the gun. As an added bonus, if you have a Camouflage Net or Binocular Telescope, they stay active during hull rotation.

Its mode indicator is red with crosshairs, and shows how long it takes to switch back to Drive mode.

Press the “Siege mode” button (same as “hull lock;” refer to your control config under Options) to toggle Siege mode on or off during battle. Note that switching between Siege and Drive takes a few moments to complete, during which your vehicle can’t move or shoot.
Aiming System: First-person (“sniper”) view works differently in Drive; like in the normal third-person view, you control the camera instead of the gun, and the gun moves to where the camera is oriented. When moving the camera in Siege, the tank rotates, with the suspension moving as necessary to follow the camera.

New Map: Murovanka Blizzard

Murovanka gets hit with a blizzard in the latest weather variant! With high winds and blinding snow, your tanks may not be able to light up enemies as easily.