M4A2 Sherman Loza Coming as WG Fest Reward (RU-only)

In order to make the EU server feel better after the American marathon, Wargaming.net has prepared something special for a handful of people from the RU server who will buy VIP tickets for WG Fest 2017. Each of these players will receive a bonus code that will give the option to choose one of four Wargaming games in order to get a special reward.

The ones who choose the WoT reward will get the M4A2 Sherman Loza.

Link to stats

According to the official RU portal announcement, the tank will receive an unique commander and will not be available for sale anywhere else. Hopefully we can expect the tank in the future either in our premium stores or in the form of reward for some type of marathon (either in the Advent Calendar).


15 thoughts on “M4A2 Sherman Loza Coming as WG Fest Reward (RU-only)

    1. Are you kidding me? We will get any kind of tournament to win Fire extinguishers and repair kits and BADGES!!!!! I mean, come one man!

      *sarcasm off*
      I really do like badges and I want them ๐Ÿ˜€
      Don’t forget that NA has this WoT rewards site where they can get rewards all the time…
      Yep, sometimes it sucks to be an EU player.


  1. Another lend lease Sherman? Let the russians keep it, they can store it up their asses.

    PS: Up their asses is the right choice of words, Loza was from Ukraine. Profit.


  2. Go to tanksgg and compare the Loza, Easy8, and Fury. The Loza is pretty much a standard easy8. Except the tech tree one has 234 engine health and the Loza has only 176. A destroyed engine has achance of starting a fire in a tank. But the Loza has only a 15% chance of a fire compared to the tech tree (and Fury) chance of 20%. But the reduction in engine health is 25%.

    Did the Russians have a view that Shermans burnt easily during WWII? Have WG modelled this into the Loza?


    1. Russians had the “nasty” habit of using diesel whenever and wherever they could fit one. Those had less HP but were durable and had less chances of “fire hazards”.


  3. Its a Tier 6 Premium it see’s Tier 8 all day so ….

    its gun is complete shit at Tier 8 ( IS3, Object 252 and much more, this all day every day
    (115 alpha 128 pen so????

    its health is very shit at Tier 8
    3 hits from any T8 and its back to the Garage in 2 minutes or so

    maybe if it was +-1 match making it would be fun with only Tier 7
    tier 6 is as badly screwed over as tier 8 with the ‘new improved template 3-5-7 MM
    which means bottom tier 9 from 10 nattles

    Tier 6 more like tier ‘farmed for fun’

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