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  1. Cant they just leave the 263 line as it is and make this poece of shit a CW reward ? It\’s been a while since they added one, and for once nobody would be mad consodering how bad this thing is.

  2. How to make a Russian tank 101
    – Take an IS
    – substract the turret and reverse the chassis
    – Armor up the sh*t of the back-new-frontral armor
    – Play rock-paper-scissors : if rock wins, put the superstructure at the back, if paper wins, put it at the front and if scissors win, make a turreted TD.
    – Put a derp gun for destroying the imperialist pig, his family, house and car.

  3. It doesn\’t look like a bad tank, but they could definitely change up the 263 line better so that both the 263 and this are tier 10: http://i67.tinypic.com/28jz7tz.png

    And this 261 is the 261-1 with an enclosed forward fighting compartment armed with a 152mm M31 gun. Not the 261-3 with the 180mm we have as arty

    1. Not sure I like putting in variants of each model. Kind of approaching WT tech tree mentality. It would create even more unhistorical modules/alterations than are already in the tech tree.

      1. Also, the 261 would be different due to the enclosed forward fighting compartment and armement.

        The Obj 268 Ver 2 has thinner armor and a different cesement design to the Ver 4

        Theres more differences to them then the AMX 13 tanks

  4. Wg are tools, specially murazor and both slavas. They should just be send to the camp once and for all and bring competent people to the balancing department.

  5. This line rework (plus the 430 line rework and T-10 swap as well) are easily WG\’s most counterproductive proposals since \’rubicon\’. With any luck, the RU playerbase is just as mad as we are and pressure WG into forgetting the whole thing. Its absolutely maddening that in the face of all the real problems they could be solving, they waste time and resources on this abject nonsense.

    1. Guys, take a look to what is going on the RU forum. Link:http://bit.ly/2AiZ0i2.

      There is 48 pages, mostly with messages of disapproval. I am also against it, and I think, most of us who have the 263 went through this line exactly for this tank. Lets give WarGaming a response such as it was with the Bat Chat 25T.

      No one asked for it. If they really want to include this obj 268, make an alternative branch. But don’t touch a tank that is the only reason to play the line.

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