WoWS: Upcoming Ships Sneak Peek

Source: New_Horizontal (NA)

„Recently, my friend on RU server sent me some photos of his visit at Lesta studio at Saint Petersburg. There are some interesting photos he sent to me. So I asked permission from him to share and he agreed (and luckily No NDA stuff)
Pics 1-2 look like French Battleship Tier 3
Pics 3 is Stalingrad modelling
Pics 4-5 is Roma modelling (this mean soon it will be on test stage)”

16 thoughts on “WoWS: Upcoming Ships Sneak Peek

        1. I thought that maybe it could be a \”fictional+what-if\” name for some alternative design of a existent class, or for a known upgrade proposal, pretty much like the British Conqueror

    1. Probably just a placeholder name. Doesn\’t look like Courbet as there\’s no B turret.

      1. With the three visible smoke stacks behind the bridge and side turrets next to the smoke stacks it looks like a Danton class, the predecessor of the Courbet class.
        The interesting thing about it is that this ship has two different calibre main guns. 4 * 30,5 cm in one front and one rear turret and 12 * 24 cm in six turrets three on each side.

          1. I must say it seems the same but, why the name then? was there a BB of that class with a name started with \”Tur\” or is it possibly like the Conqueror, a alternative/upgrade design with a different name from the IRL ships as to not mixing the real with the what-if?
            I would guess it proably has to do with the difference in ballistics between the main turrets and the side turrets (305mm and 240mm guns, respectively)

        1. The Danton-class were named Danton, Condorcet, Diderot, Mirabeau, Voltaire and Vergniaud. No \”Tur\” names to be found.

          I wonder if this is going to be WG taking the Danton design and transforming it into a dreadnought, either by replacing the 6x 240mm twin turrets with 305mm single turrets (something that was actually considered by France, but rejected on grounds of cost and weight) or by giving her the same hexagon turret layout of twin turrets as Kawachi and Nassau. That would explain using a fake name.

    1. WG => company that owns WoT, WoWS and WoWP.
      Lesta => the devs of WoWS, so the ones who model stuff and fuckup the balance.

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