Patch – known issues

Patch 9.20.1 introduces great features, yet some players may face a few technical problems.

Known Issues

Misleading description of the camouflages received as personal mission rewards.

Correct description can be found in the patch article

Added new rewards: Camouflage patterns:

  1. A set of three Camouflage patterns for the reward vehicle is earned for completion of all 75 missions
  2. The same set of Camouflage patterns becomes available for any vehicle of the nation the reward vehicle belongs to, once all 75 missions are completed with honors
  3. A set of three unique Camouflage patterns (summer, winter, and desert) can be earned for completion of each operation

Personal mission(s) have only Secondary conditions completed

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Incorrect amount of orders received from the personal missions.

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Not possible to recruit crew members received from personal missions.

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Camouflages received from personal missions can’t be applied on the tanks.

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Incorrect description of the SPG-15 mission for Object 260.


Finish battle as the top player in your team by experience earned


Finish battle as the top player in both teams by experience earned

Base capture bar, missing in Portuguese version.

Issue under investigation

Matilda BP, Marks of excellence incorrectly placed.

Issue under investigation

Bootcamp not accessible.



15 thoughts on “Patch – known issues

  1. When I have completed all 75 missions with honors, do i get this set of camos for only 1 vehicle of the same nation or for every vehicle of the same nation?


    1. What’s wrong with the matchmaker now…….
      Yet no one wants to address the elephant in the room. WG’s so called “RNG” algorithm that causes me to pen 4 shots out of 22 from 80m in a S Conq on a target that’s sitting still when I’m fully aimed in.
      And if you think I’m bad just look up my stats first so you don’t look like a fucktard.


      1. Being bottom tier in 90% of the games I play, that’s what’s wrong. The only tier that’s fun to play is tier 9. And I also fully agree on the RNG issue you mention.


        1. So your issue is with tier 8? I agree, it’s not fun being bottom tier a lot, but at times it helps to develop team building skills that are sorely missing from WoT due to the corruption of XVM and the uniscrubs spouting their bullshit about how WN8 is the do-all end-all when it’s terrible.

          Here’s what most players fail to understand when bottom tier. You’re not gonna pen most tanks that are 2 tiers higher so play as a class lighter. Tier 8 HT in a Tier 10 match? Congrats you’re now a Tier 8 MT, fight as such.
          Tier 8 MT in a tier 10 match? Congrats, you’re now helping to scout and flank.

          Track targets, spot targets, highlight, press T so your allies see the seal, let them club it, you get assisted points. Wash and repeat. Simple.


          1. Are you seriously telling me that you have to rely more on teamwork? In WoT? I get your point, but you can’t rely on anyone in this game.

            I understand the role of spotting and flanking, but in 75% the maps those skills are useless. Almost only frontal engagements in which you have to rely on goldshells most of the time. That’s why games only last for 3 minutes nowadays.

            And what is the point of playing a bottom tier heavy, when you don’t have the mobility to compensate for the armor that’s not functioning anymore in those kind of games?


          2. and this works totally GREAT when you are in a tier 8 HT, which are known to have great viewrang, speed and especially camouflage! *fp*

            yes, you can try to track enemies, but thats it. and you better hope nobody is pointing his gun to you – which many wil still do, as you are a XP pinata in such a matchup most times.

            and the proplem exists not only for tier 8 but for every tier between 4 and 8 (tier 3 gets MM +/-1 IIRC, tier 9 gets -2/+1, tier 10 gets -2/+0 and the rest gets the short end of the stick …). that is what makes grinds of tanks much more awefull nowadays.


  2. Another issue is when one plays tier 10; when you get a semi-decent results without Battle Heroes, you will get about 7 Bonds. When you achieve a better results but manage to score a High Caliber, then you suddenly only get 2 Bonds.


  3. Just completed Stug IV last week, it was a disappointment not to get the camos for all vehicles. It’s not clear if I can go back and do over since I’v already started the T28 campaign. I doubt they allow both campaigns open at the same time.


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