WoWS Info – 23rd October 2017

Update 0.6.12 : American Tier VIII destroyer Kidd

Added Repair Party consumable. Healing 83 hit points ship’s hit points per second. Duration 28 seconds. Charges Repair Party I – 2. Charges Repair Party II – 3. Cooldown Repair Party I – 120 second. Cooldown Repair Party II – 80 second.

This consumable will make the ship able to fight more efficiently against other destroyers for control areas and will compensate for its single torpedo launcher.

More Graf Zeppelin info (provided by Horin728 who is in the Facebook group):

All test participants will receive two aircraft carriers – GZ Test I and GZ Test II.

GZ Test I with Flight control: 0-3-2 (3 torpedo bombers and 2 bombers). Torpedo bombers will be equipped exclusively with deep water torpedoes, which can not harm destroyers and cruisers. For bombers you may choose between AP and HE bombs.

GZ Test II with Flight control: 2-0-3 (2 fighters and 3 bombers only with AP bombs). The tier of fighters has been reduced to 7 without changes to their battle performance.

Dispersion ellipse of the AP bombs has been narrowed to 105 х 105 meters; Dispersion ellipse of the HE bombs is unchanged – 120 х 120 meters.

We are pleased to announce new icons for AP-bombs and deep water torpedoes and we hope you enjoy them.

ST, Japanese battleship Ashitaka, tier VII.

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Hit points – 59400
plating – 25 mm
belt – 203 – 254 mm
Main battery – 5×2 410 mm
Firing range – 19.9km
HE damage – 6500
AP damage – 12400
Reload time 31 s.
180 degree turn time – 45 s.
maximum dispersion – 227 m
HE initial velocity – 805 m/s
AP initial velocity – 790 m/s
Sigma count – 1.8
Maximum speed – 30 kt
Turning circle radius – 870 m
rudder shift time – 14.9 s
Surface detectability – 16.8 km
air detectability – 13.7 km
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 16.9 km.

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.

ST, fire extinguishing time

Fires will now be extinguished in 30 seconds instead of 60 on all tiers of destroyers and cruisers, except for Admiral Graf Spee, for which the new number will be 45 seconds. This change is designed to make the low tier gameplay more comfortable for the new players and to reduce the difference between the Repair Party I and Repair Party II consumables.