WG – Late to the Party

Guess that after all these years, they finally found out the place people download illegal mods from.


49 thoughts on “WG – Late to the Party

    1. That’s never gonna happen given I can press 2 for insta 60 pen buff. I still carry some AP bullets for arty and other random paper targets.


  1. BOSS, you’ve missed the point. This is NOT a letter, this is a threat to web hosting service, just read next line in bold: “We look forward to hearing from you NO LATER THAN two weeks”

    The translation is simple, in 2 weeks we will bat-shit on you with all we got unless you do as we want, no matter what’s wrong or right. A typical approach of large capital to solving problems by threatening to use that same capital. It might be a bluff or a legit blackmailing.


      1. I am with and against you Therealisnes on this one. I hate cheaters, but I hate WG’s treatment of players. In some “out of this world” sense, cheats are a punishment for WG…


        1. Cheats might be a punishment for WG, but the clean players are on the receiving end as well.

          Also this C&D letter could mean that they’ve finally started doing something about another burning problem of the players and we could hope for a better treatment from WG.

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          1. So why so salty at cheaters? At least they can pen without constantly using gold (aimbot weakspots). Not really difference given aimbot can’t cheat RNG while I spam gold anywhere and pen.
            It’s not like this is CS:GO

            Also using auto fire extinguisher script to save cash is pretty handy for those without premium account.


            1. auto fire extinguisher script: 50 dmg done. Legal auto fire extinguisher: 100 dmg done. Manual extinguisher: more the 150 dmg done.


      1. O thank you Schnitzeltruck for your kind words, but I managed to kill my WOT blog in less than a month of its existence 😦 😦 😦 This threat is NOT sent either to me or my web hosting provider, it has nothing to do with me and wotwotwot.xyz but it’s a very nice to know that there is at least one more person out there that knows about my WOT bloging efforts πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


          1. Oooh thank you Schitzeltruck, it is so nice to be recognized like I’m a celebrity (yay) and the logo of my clan that sadly does NOT fit me, since I’m fat and the seal is sooo fit 😦 😦 😦 But, yup, as retarded as the seal is πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Now just try to remember it: wotwotwot.xyz it’s so easy (lemon squeezy) although there’s no use πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. i guess the legal process lasts 2 weeks, no offence but what you defend someone who sells illegal products? this is not only from a large capital, but from everyone who wanna protect his product.

      on topic, “2” key won’t go away as it is in game mechanic, wonder when they will remove this anachronistic feature of “premium ammo”. But what i wish seems like a summer dream, Activision has patented how to rig matches in order to sell premium staff, wonder if WG does the same.
      That’s something serious, not threating a net-criminal..


      1. What illegal products? As much as I dislike cheaters, programming an aimbot or a bot to play matches is not illegal, nor is using them in game. Aimbotting/botting is against WG’s game’s rules, not against the law.
        As far as I can see, apart from ‘we don’t want our logos in your website’, WG has no case against them. They can throw all their lawyers on that website, but if they don’t have a real accusation, based on the LAW (again, programming bots is not illegal), they’ll just burn their money and run the risk of the process backfiring.


        1. well is like you open a restaurant, and someone goes in front of your door and adds ticket for entry in your place with all the profits going to him and without asking you. Would you allow that ? Or you think its ok to exploit someone else’s business, without his approval or even worse corroding his product ..?


  2. WG better be ready to send out multiple C&D letters if they plan to combat illegal mods like this, because there’s more than one website that provides hacks for their games. A search with Google will provide results.

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  3. Here I am reading the comments and ONLY one thing is obvious:

    1. 60% of people did NOT bother to read the letter. They just presumed that it’s about forbidden mods.

    You are so polarized and brainwashed by WG it hurts.

    The letter was sent to a friend of mine who runs a wot leveling and boosting site.
    If you actually red the letter, you would know what is the problem.

    You see now how WG manipulates you all ?

    All this year WG was all about how mods “ruin the game”. It’s not the MM, it’s not RNG, it’s not gold ammo or maps drawn by 2 yo. IT’S MODS…

    And here you are all jumping on the paranoia train.

    The 1.000.000 $ question is: if WG wants to stop fraud, why don’t they fight all those casino style WoT merchandise case selling sites that offer you a tier 8 premium for just 2.99$ ?

    Because they pay WG M_O_N_E_Y….

    And why is my friend such a problem ?

    He makes WG take less money from players by playing better than 98% of the player base.

    I do understand that WG is a private company that works for profit. But ffs, have some dignity and fix the damn game before accusing everyone else for the ingame problems…


    1. Not sure where the ‘brainwashing’ BS comes from, but I think anyone who’s spent even half a year in WoT is aware of the game’s problems…

      …but guess what, illegal mods are one of those problems. And this ‘attack’ by WG on one of your ‘friends’ could suggest they’re finally waking up and starting to crack down on one of the issues that plague their main source of income.

      Will this make WoT a better game? Not immediately, there’s much to be done. Is it a start? Yes.


  4. I am not so sure if WG could get rid of mod sites, but if they did they might lose more customers that what they think.

    A lot of the mods that are now legal and make the game were once illegal or questionable. And there are mods that are not in the client that should be, which is why I visit sites like Plazma.

    An example is Auto aim with snapping. The vanilla auto-aim is useless and rage inducing, often does not work and makes the game annoying and unplayable. I spend a lot of money on the game and if that mod becomes unavailable I will no longer play the game.

    I know the letter does not necessarily apply to mod sites, but while the subject is up WG should be mindful that for every person that complains about mods, there are likely 2 players using them. The players using them are the hardcore players. WG will lose customers.


    1. “The vanilla auto-aim is useless and rage inducing, often does not work and makes the game annoying and unplayable.”
      I don’t know which autoaim you are using but the in-game autoaim is perfectly usable.
      Also if you use autoaim so much you consider it rage inducing there are some issues with your gameplay.

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      1. Not gameplay, More the FPS and PIng is the issue in my case. Sometimes I autolock and it does not register. Other times it registers late and I end up clicking twice and locking/unlocking.

        The console game has autoaim w snapping and the PC game should as well.

        I dont use the aimbot – this is like the vanilla autoaim that targets the centre mass


        1. Well…

          “FPS and PIng is the issue in my case”
          At one point I played at 20-25 FPS and ~70ms ping and there were none of the issues that you described.

          If you’re gonna tell me your game runs worse than that, I’ll just quote you – “I spend a lot of money on the game” if you spend so much on the game, surely you can spend some money on dedicated graphics card.

          “The console game has autoaim w snapping and the PC game should as well.”
          Well duh. Consoles have this thing called controller (gamepad). And no matter what console gamers will tell you, it’s less accurate and slower than a mouse.
          Majority of console shooters have some sort of aim assist, autoaim or bullet magnetism. So feature like this is completely understandable on console. Doesn’t have a place on PC however.

          And I never claimed you use aimbot.


      1. Please don’t comment on something you don’t know.

        Autoaim snapping != aimbot. The snapping mod used to be legal until few patches back, now it got changed to autoaim indicator only to stay allowed.


  5. Plazma Keks you are the best. I love your mods. Been using them since 2013 and never had any problems.

    Also, shout out for WarGamimg, you guys are the best. Saying that you are banning cheaters and shit, but letting us use Plazma Keks tundra and destruction mods. Really the only way to play this game.

    I love you all 800 wn8 bobs, I farm you so hard with Tundra that it gives me a raging boner. Stupid 800 wn8 monkeyz.


  6. Selling fake gold credits could get website dropped. But selling of mods won’t get his site dropped don’t care what they say. WG allows mods these are mods that go in the mods folder none of them hook into the exe of the game at start of game so in no way does it alter their software. They allow mods so for them to try and win this in court is funny. And no website for any game out there that sells cheats has never been taken to court. I know of 1 website that’s been around since 2001 for FPS games and he’s still kicking.


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