Tank Burger Now Available in Poland

Press release:

Wargaming and Burger King Poland are pleased to announce that under the established cooperation with BK Poland, Tank Burger – an unique burger for all fans of World of Tanks was released! With a tasty meal, the tankers will receive a code flyer for one of the most popular computer games.

Tank Burger is characterized by its unique appearance and taste. Black, characteristic rolls and well-chosen ingredients are a truly unique combination that should come to the taste of heavy machinery enthusiasts. The burger is available all over the country, in all Burger King restaurants. The price is only 15.95 PLN. With each sandwich you purchase, you receive a scratch card with two valuable codes.

The first one is the invitation code for new players. The second code received should be entered on the website http://www.tankburger.pl – after a few seconds the game will receive a bonus code (for currently registered players). T26E4 Super Pershing, T-54 first prototype, the Polish Pudel and the cult “Rudy” from the series “Four Tankers and a Dog” are waiting for the virtual tankers.


24 thoughts on “Tank Burger Now Available in Poland

    1. u get a random reward, usually its trash like 1 day prem, 1 crew exp reserve or 250 gold. you can get 7 day rental for superpershing or T-54 (also 15% discount). best rewards are pudel or rudy, very rare.
      u can only use each code twice per account.

      burger tastes somewhat ok but should be cheaper.

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  1. Kid went to BK last night, £8.95 for a “regular” sized meal. That one is £4.63 for the meal.
    If the people down the pub seen that then they would say UK Benefits buys a lot more for the polish family :P…
    Joking aside, We should get an update to tell us when all of these codes end up on ebay, as they will.


      1. But then again, the average vages are smaller by a factor of more than 2, usually. So in the end, we are, without a doubt, more poor, unfortunately.


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