WoWP – What’s new in World of Warplanes 2.0 ?

Enjoy 🙂


4 thoughts on “WoWP – What’s new in World of Warplanes 2.0 ?

  1. WG fucked up with World of warplanes complete idiotic game rushed to market because WT ground forces.

    WG gained so much bad coverage because of the state of the game not sure no matter how good the 2nd coming is it will get a player base a note.

    Huge mistake to rush a unfinished shitty game to market!

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    1. Youre right.

      If youtubers like Jingles and Flamu didnt gave the current version of Warplanes the reviews that they did, I wouldnt even have bothered checking it out again. But I did, and its a easy enough game to get into while still maintaining some diversity between different kinds of nations and plane types.

      So its good enough for a few hours here and there. Which is fine, because I dont see any high tier content or even clan options anyway. Mightaswell find a few fun low-mid tier planes and stick with those. Unless you really want a jet plane, that is.

      This last part might sound cynical, but this is WG we’re talking about though. Just as easy as they “fixed” Warplanes, they could break it again. When you think of companies that listen to their playerbase and are known for overall good game balance, Wargaming doesnt really come to mind. Should Warplanes pick up more interest, I expect Warplanes’ version of the Defender, Liberte, and Chrysler coming along.


  2. Gave it a try. Looks okay. Plays okay. Just enough to keep the game installed and fly few battles every now and then. Sharing gold and free exp with wot is a plus too.

    Though it gets frustrating fast with it’s victory points for capturing bases. Many battles end too fast and there is way less carry potential a single player can have.

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