WoWS: Richelieu, Bretagne, Normandie Official Pictures


18 thoughts on “WoWS: Richelieu, Bretagne, Normandie Official Pictures

  1. Bretagne: T5
    Normandie: T6
    Richelieu: T8

    Expect some of the early richelieu plans to be made into T7.

    Alsace with it’s many proposals will be base for T9 and T10.
    Maybe 3 Quad Turrents with 15” at T9, and 3 Quad with 16” at T10. Would be something
    different gameplay wise.

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    1. Strasbourg will probably be the tier 7. Also It’s possible that Bretagne is tier 4, Normandie tier 5 and then we can add Lyon as tier 6.


          1. Strabourg is the sister-ship of Dunkerque that’s true but it was uparmored so tier 7 is fine, it’s like Nagato and Mutsu, Gascogne could be tier 7, but I would rank her tier 8, it was supposed to be the fourth and last Richelieu class even if they put on turret on the rear.


            1. Is not only an armour question. Is a caliber question too. Yes, Scharnhorst has less caliber (280mm vs 330mm), but the Scharnhorst has a fuckton of armor (350mm vs 283mm). The Gascogne is more prepared for tier 7. Not bad armor (330mm) and must expose to make a full broadside shot. 4 guns forward and 4 guns rear, just like nearly all tier 7 BBs. Is more like a traditional BB.


  2. I hope that the tier 10 gets 4×4 guns, would make it somewhat unique to the already existing 3×3 and 4×3 setups :)


          1. Don’t worry, we’ll probably see ships like this in the Russian tree because. Russian BBs will probably have more or bigger guns than everyone else, because russia.

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  3. I wonder if they will add the modernized Jean Bart as a T8 premium, or possibly as the T9 since it was about on par with Iowa after post war modernization. I’m guessing French BB specialty will be speed and secondaries


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