Season 2 Ranked Battles Rules Changed

UPDATE (3 October):

Official portal announcement:

„The ongoing onslaught of the second Beta Season is entering the final stretch with just one stage left to improve your standing. To lift your spirits during the final week, we have lowered the entry barrier to the Season Leaders list. You no longer need to amass 12 Ranked Points to get on it. All it takes now is 6 of them accumulated throughout the season.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve been keeping our ear close to the ground and noticed how challenging the revised rank and chevron progression system proved to be for many players. With hours upon hours you spend to rise through the ranks, we wouldn’t want the new rules to lock you out from the competition. Reducing the entry barrier will improve your chances at finishing among the top 50% of Season Leaders and earning rewards. All you have to do is keep up the great work this week!”

From a minimum of 8 points to be in leaderboards in the second week, now it looks like just 6 points are needed…

Citing laulaur:

It looks like WG found a way to cover the epic fail that is ranked season 2….

„From the official site and rules:

Now people with 6 points(including me) are in bronze league….”


22 thoughts on “Season 2 Ranked Battles Rules Changed

    1. That i disagree on is rather have arty in a ranked battle over team mates who can’t help the team :\ I say keep arty in and get rid of the tarts that can’t read a minimap

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    1. This is the most true statement, they are already working on ways to keep the new currency and items they invested time and money into. That’s why Bonds can now be earned much more easy in standard battles and across many tiers.


  1. They didn’t cover the epic fail, they just made it even more obvious xD
    And they’re still giving us a garage slot instead of 300 gold xD


  2. “From a minimum of 8 points to be in leaderboards in the second week, now it looks like just 6 points are needed…”

    Thats actually wrong. It’s not 6 points for the second week.

    It was changed from 4-8-12 to 2-4-6. The requirments was halved. So 2nd week was changed from 8 to 4. 3rd week from 12 to 6.


  3. LuL such a waste of time tryharding for 25 points to make sure I stay in league 1. Now the bobs with 10 points get in league 1 ez LuL


    1. Oh woa, how terrible! Maybe send a personal application to WG where you ask if you and only you can get special permission to enter league 1. Because you know, bobs in league 1, WTF this is madness, average players get some gold aswell, someone should get fired!!!!11!!!1!!! 😐
      And on another note: 10 points will not be enough to get into league 1, wait and see.


      1. u mad bruh? LuL I just pointed out how stupid it is to change the rules during the season. league 1 should be for the pros not the bobs, hello? common sense? Kappa You are probably the only one giving a shit about gold (go enjoy your garage slots Kappa). This is about bonds (nobody tryhards 3 weeks for 2k gold LuL go join some dank clan and get 10k every month *cough* sub to daki *cough*. I’m only disappointed by the fact that my extra invested time was for nothing as now, someone who invested twice less time than me gets the same stuff like I did. I should fill a personal application to WG to receive 3k more bonds as a compensation Kappa //


        1. Not everyone is in a clan and get their anus stuffed with gold each month… And yes, I do give a shit about gold. If you don’t, please tell your clan commander to send your next gold payment to me instead and I promise I won’t complain.


            1. Other people have real work to attend to, not a computer game. I’m not saying that WG should give out free stuff for logging into the game, but expecting people to play for 6 hours per day during 3 weeks in order to *maybe* have a chance to get into league 1 is ridiculous…
              I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,they should scrap the entire league system and instead give players gold and bonds depending on their rank on the leader board, for example:
              gold = ((total_players_participated – player_rank_position + 1) / total_players_participated) * 2000


  4. I know on NA there’s only about 300 players who were in the ranked ladder by the end of the 2nd week, what’s it like on the other servers?


  5. I don’t understand why they don’t follow the almost success pattern from WoWs. Its not perfect, but it works way better than this model.
    -Less tanks per match (only one arty and strict balance)
    -More stages where you cant fall from your rank, not just at the begin and the end. Every time I reach rank 3 I give up cause its BORING, when you got around 4-5 fail games to have to grind all over from the start.
    -hide enemy players . the last one should come also in random maps.


  6. They just can’t get this right. This is obviously an act of desperation if they actually gave two shits about the players they’d be releasing new maps.


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