Season 2 Ranked Battles Rules Changed

UPDATE (3 October):

Official portal announcement:

„The ongoing onslaught of the second Beta Season is entering the final stretch with just one stage left to improve your standing. To lift your spirits during the final week, we have lowered the entry barrier to the Season Leaders list. You no longer need to amass 12 Ranked Points to get on it. All it takes now is 6 of them accumulated throughout the season.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve been keeping our ear close to the ground and noticed how challenging the revised rank and chevron progression system proved to be for many players. With hours upon hours you spend to rise through the ranks, we wouldn’t want the new rules to lock you out from the competition. Reducing the entry barrier will improve your chances at finishing among the top 50% of Season Leaders and earning rewards. All you have to do is keep up the great work this week!”

From a minimum of 8 points to be in leaderboards in the second week, now it looks like just 6 points are needed…

Citing laulaur:

It looks like WG found a way to cover the epic fail that is ranked season 2….

„From the official site and rules:

Now people with 6 points(including me) are in bronze league….”