WoT Supertest – New Map

Potential new Grand Battle map showcased in the clip above.


28 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – New Map

  1. Centurion or even Maus can basically roll to side on wall which is on right angle with surface. I wonderwhat…

    -Trash map, zero creativity.
    (But, but, but, it’s on supertest stage you dumb fuck).
    -Yeah, you right, but i dont give a damn.

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  2. More proof that WG can’t design good maps anymore. Completely unrealistic just based on Marc’s comment, then more so by the fact that what ancient civilization would EVER setup buildings inside an active volcano/thermal vent?

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  3. I do wonder whether it is really that difficult to come up with a ‘mature’ & realistic map, in a realistic setting. Meanwhile we get to see…this…shamble of a map.
    All the while we are told: HD rocks have priority! Cause you, some invisible majority, persuaded us WG to prioritize HD rocks.

    From May last year: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/05/13/two-new-maps-studyanka-update/

    What ever happened to these maps being developed here and the Studyanka map in particular? Studyanka looked very promising and decently designed, though community input…now a year plus has gone by and it has fully dropped of the radar. Like it was scrapped.

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    1. “is there a spot in which players who want to have fun won’t be able to receive high caliber satelite guided HE shells right to the face for 750 dmg??? Sorry, I refuse to play such a map!”


  4. All these people talking trash about the map and I’m just sitting here thinking how much better this looks over the cancer that was known as “Grand Canyon” on the Sandbox.

    Although between regular maps and grand battles maps… regular maps will win out everytime.

    Part of me feels they should just adapt some of the current maps for grand battles instead of wasting development time on a map that very few people will actually play on (because its limited to tier 10 and because the game mode itself is so rare to get into)


      1. you sir just want to watch the world burn.
        speaking of Ensk, there was talks a while ago of a larger version of ensk that never manifested….apparently.


          1. Just like most of the others. Instant action with enough participants to populate the whole map. Like I said, a destruction derby. If it’s not to pleoples liking, at least they die fast and only waste just up to few minutes instead of quarter hour.


  5. They should just put Ensk on one side, Overlord in the middle and karkov/stalingrad on the other; voila´a “new” grand battle map….


  6. There are too many bad maps in wot, too many maps where it is beneficial to just sit hull down and spam gold on anything, or spam gold to progress. They removed all maps with several flanking roads in order to force corridor style gameplay or camping on ridges and snipe. Most maps in the game are a mess by far.


  7. 4500 people work for WarGame and this piece of ‘cheap shit’ is the best they can do? – my 15 year old nephew is study graphic art at college he could design a far better looking Map in a week, and I bet we would be far more impressed than this shity cartoon Map


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