Wargaming – GungHo Collaboration


The developers of Let It Die and World of Tanks have announced a partnership, according to Games Press.

Company GungHo Online Entertainment America and Wargaming during the last exhibition of the recent Tokyo Game Show 2017 announced a partnership. In the near future, in the shareware action game Let It Die, content associated with World of Tanks will appear.


💬 “This is the first time in the history of Wargaming, when something relevant to World of Tanks appears outside of this series, — said the General Manager of Wargaming Ozan Kocoglu. It is another example of what a phenomenon it has become (Seb: I would say it’s a sign of desperation since they start looking for new ways of advertising). Worldwide it has more than 130 million people.”

So far, reports are only about adding new elements in the Let It Die game, images which will remind the players of World of Tanks. This additional content will be available before the end of the year, and in the future “there is a possibility of adding other unannounced bonuses”.


The game continues to receive all sorts of updates. In April and in July the developers have offered players two new bosses. Let It Die, a PS4 exclusive game, was downloaded over 3 million times.