WoT – Upcoming CW Campaign = No Tank Reward

Source: RU Forum

A ruckus is happening on the RU forums, because the incoming CW campaign is supposed to NOT have a reward tank. A WG employee has commented on the matter.

As we wrote earlier, making players chose this or other game mode, massively giving out expensive rewards, at the same time setting the bar high in terms of quality and quantity of battles, created a really toxic environment. It led to ‘boosting’ accounts to get the T-22 SR, selling clan slots during the campaign and so forth, which wasn’t a good thing.

Regarding the new event, it will be hardcore and complicated, and most of all it will require tactical thinking. There won’t be an influx of VI or VIII tiers, just the creme de la creme. The requirements won’t be difficult, nor you won’t have to play thousands of battles to grind your dream tank.

And those who are mostly interested in strategic gameplay on the Global Map and without pressure for battle count should be most interested in playing in the event. Various rewards will be implemented. Of course some will be unique, for the top of the top. And for those who don’t like it, there’s always random battles, personal missions, tournaments etc.