WoT Supertest – FV205

Tier: X TD, GB (regular, FV215 (183) replacement)
HP: 2050
Horsepower: 950 HP
Weight: 65 t
Max. weight: 70 t
Power-to-weight ratio: 14.62 HP/t
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 34.3 / -12 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 22 °/s
Horizontal gun laying speed: 16 °/s
Terrain resistance: 1.726 / 1.918 / 2.877
View range: 390 m
Signal range: 782.1 m

Hull armor: 304 / 101 / 31

Gun: OQF 123 mm Mk. 1

Damage: 420 / 420 / 520
Penetration: 272 / 320 / 130
Reload speed: 6.8 s
Accuracy: 0,288
Aim speed: 1.63 s
Horizontal gun constraints: 15 / 15 °
Gun depression/elevation: -10 / +20


50 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – FV205

  1. don’t understand why this 120mm does 20 more damage then every other 120mm. The reload is definitly longer then the Tortoise because of it but it still has 24 more DPM coming in at 3,549.

    Overall I’m thinking my T95 might no longer hold the special place as my favorite tank because this thing is shaping up to be a monster


      1. they really need to start unifying damage values to gun calibers. In saying that though sometimes damage needs to be reduced to make it fit in the tier it’s in, such is the case with some of the 122mm


        1. They did this originally and it was supposed to be a golden rule. That went out the window a while ago, right around the time when 155’s lost the 850dmg per shot.
          All the balancing they’re doing lately seems to be aimed at speeding up the battle. Does anyone have over 5 minute battles anymore (outside of Ranked)?

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        2. Except the gun calibre itself doesn’t determine the destructive power of the shell. There is kinetic energy involved, including both the shell mass and speed, and both could differ between many different shells of the same calibre. Also many shells had HE filler, even though they were not HE shells themselves. But the HE filler would increase the fragmentation of the shell once it pierced the armour, drastically increasing it’s destructive potential.

          In other words there is not5hing to unify. Different shell damage for different guns with the same calibre makes perfect sense.

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    1. Not sure if the reload goes below 5s with 120% crew… this is what made the tortoise a bad tank to stand in front of…
      Was hoping for 600 and 7s reload ;)


      1. It’s like 3700 dpm. With a rammer only, it’s over 4100. Dunno what it’ll be with vents/bia, but you can be damn sure that you don’t want to sit in front of one.


    2. does slightly more dmg cuz it’s a new 123 mm gun, not 120. Has a faster reload then torty (Rof of 8.82, compared to Torty’s 8.45) – highest dpm in the game, fully pimped out (vents, bia, food, not gona count in improved equip.) has an insane dpm of 4679


      1. Made the comment based on the original post and the stat car it was with, before aim time, accuracy and reload suddenly got buffed out of thin air and unhistorical gun caliber was announced


    3. Why did reload, aim time and accuracy suddenly get getter compared to what was on the stat card?

      I mean, at 6.8sec reload thats 3,704 DPM stock

      And where did the 123mm come from? I thought it was meant to historically use a 120mm. And shouldnt damage be 440 with that gun caliber? Or are 122mm guns getting a damage nerf down to 420?


    4. FV205 DPM = 3705.88
      Tortoise DPM = 3529.41

      The shells dictate the damage not the gun because the shells can have a varying rate of explosive filler, and a different explosive type such as TNT or RDX.

      This tank will be an animal.


    1. Well, E3 still has that monster APCR and alpha that make it better at trading, armor is also not at e3 levels (if you look at the armor model, it appears that the only part that is 300 mm is totally flat, so gold should go through that easily). Still, with the speed and dpm on this thing, it’ll probably be better overall.


      1. 34 kph with 15 hp/ton isn’t impressively fast, but it sure as heck ain’t slow. It also looks like the armor is pretty damn good (though noticeably worse than the e3). I don’t know that it’ll be super op, but it absolutely won’t be a pushover like you seem to be implying.


  2. So this is supposed to use the FV-215 Hull…..logically that means lower plate weakness. Side-scraping to deflect damage during reload…..hmmmm….lower and upper @ 101???

    This looks like it sits pretty low compared to the FV-183…..doesnt it?


  3. I suppose those 305 mm of armor is effective armor and not pure thickness? In that case the armor will be useless, as soon as people load their 330 mm heat rounds it will melt like butter :|


      1. So if we assume that it’s angeled at around 45 degrees:

        235 / cos(45) = 332

        So 332 mm on the cheeks? Hmm it will definitely work when using gun depression. I hope that angle is greater than 45 degrees or else this vehicle will be 50/50 chance to get penned by heat rounds :/


  4. What garbage armor… Average or above average penetration rolls of regular rounds are going to go straight through. Anybodies prem round would go through without a second thought.


  5. plz dont change the tanks. A few friends of mine and me are grinding the tier 10 and now you suddend want to remove it that is really unfair mostly because it was horrible to grind it but if we got the tier 10 it would be worth it because of the gun. And now this :( plz


    1. As always, if you have the FV 215b 183 before it gets replaced, you’ll get to keep it together with the new tank. So you should keep grinding towards it, you get 2 tier 10s for the price of one afterall


  6. Gun calibre has little bearing on shell statistics except mainly speed and size.

    It’s the shells statistics you want to look at. Simply put, a 120mm calibre gun can host as many shells as it once had including HE, HESH, APFSDS and they all have different properties.

    As an example, APFSDS IRL had very high penetrative capabilities (it was a kinetic penetrator), but had no explosive filler (iirc), so therefore the damage would be minimal. APHE was mainly a penetrating round but had HE filler (hence Armour Piercing High Explosive), so it had good properties of penetration and a high chance of OHK.

    Those comparing the damage are wrong.


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