WoT – Premium Tank Retrieval

Source: Rykoszet

WG finally gave us the opportunity to save our prem tanks from the abyss, provided we fulfill a few conditions.

  • No more than 72 hours have passed since you sold the tank.
  • You have the credits amounting to the worth of the tank plus a 10% ‘tax’.
  • You have a garage slot free.

So called rare tanks (CW rewards, or ‘out-of-production’ tanks) have a different rule set.

  • You can retrieve only one such tank every three days, at any given amount of time.
  • You have the credits amounting to the worth of the tank plus a 10% ‘tax’.
  • You have a garage slot free.

There is an additional rule for all tanks above – you can’t retrieve a tank sold before patch 9.16.


WoT – New Bundles Are Being Tested

Source: Rykoszet

A few new offers appeared on the test server, which will help us save both credits and bonds. In the Store tab, which by the way got a revamp, WG placed a few brand new bundles.

The first sub-category is Maintenance, where you will find equipment like rammers and spall liners. Up until now, you had to buy them separately, but that changed with the new bundles, which are as follows:

  • “Tornado”: a large toolkit, a Mk2 vert stab, and a large rammer for 1,350,000 silver
  • “Specialist”: coated optics, a Mk2 vert stab, and a large rammer for 1,350,000 silver
  • “Jack of All Trades”: a medium rammer, a ver stab mk1, and coated optics for 1,050,000 silver
  • “Vanguard”: improved vents II class, coated optics, and a vert stab Mk1 for 1,000,000 silver

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WoT – “New” Grille 15

Source: Rykoszet

As early as August 9th, 2017, the devs stated they’d want to replace the Grille 15. They’re probably close to that change, since in the 1.0.2 CT, we have a new icon.

Dev diaries, August 9th, 2017:

There were a lot of questions regarding the Grille. We were really close to implementing another variant in 9.20 or the next one. We honestly admit that we decided not to hasten it. We have to test more variants in internal tests. That means that drastic changes, or maybe swapping for another tank, should be expected at the end of the year.

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WoT – Tankfest 2018 Q&A

Source: Rykoszet

This time, Maksim Chuvalov is getting questioned.

Q: Why was Frontline an event, and not a permanent mode?
A: We wanted to try it out at all. Long have we checked how this idea will be received, eg. on the sandbox. It turned out the mode is worth trying out, and it made the recipients curious. The next step was implementing new mechanics, (9 sq. kilometers, like 9 normal maps), and checking if both the client and server will manage. The tech side was complicated, and we didn’t have time to tune the meta of this kind of gameplay, nor to balance it enough to implement it permanently. This was a very good trial for us, and gave us a lot of valuable feedback and data necessary to fine-tune the mode.

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WoT – HE Exclusive Premium Ideas

Our friends at WoT Express decided to gather together a few real tanks (not paper or prototypes) who would be fitting to add as premiums shooting HE as their standard ammo.

Т88 HMC (tier VI, TD, USA)

This beefed up M8 Scott would be very similar to the M18 Hellcat. Besides being very fast and having good camo, it would now have a howitzer to do damage even without penetrating hits.

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WoT – 20.06.2018 Micropatch

Tomorrow (June 20, 2018), there will be a small maintenance between 6:00 and 6:45 CEST to apply a micropatch.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to damage tank internal modules in the football mode
  • Fixed the ball respawn timer appearing when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed a bug where the ball in the football mode would disappear after scoring a goal
  • Fixed some technical issues