War Thunder – The Shooting Range #74




War Thunder – FCM 36

The FCM 36 is a light infantry tank developed for the French army by the FCM company in the mid 1930s. Due to its complex armour layout the vehicle was surprisingly difficult to destroy, but equally difficult to mass-produce, resulting in a very limited production run. Regardless, the FCM 36 still managed to take part in hostilities throughout the war, fighting for both sides of the conflict.

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War Thunder – Light Tank Rework

Thin armour, weaker guns and a limited crew is no longer an excuse! The most vulnerable vehicles will now have much more opportunity to turn the tide of battle or gain more rewards!

We plan to add several key features for the lightly armoured vehicles at ranks II-VI, these will not only bring more tactical diversity but will also allow them to be on par with other vehicle types and significantly improve teamwork in War Thunder.

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Supertest – More Info On The New USSR HT Line

The Supertest suddenly has received some unexpected additions – a new branch of USSR heavies. It is yet unknown from which vehicle it will originate. All three vehicles have rear mounted turrets.

Which vehicles will appear?

* Tier VIII – IS-M (aka IS-2SH)
* Tier IX – Object 705
* Tier X – Object 705A

What’s the main characteristic of the tanks?

Definitely armor. It’s a key characteristic of all three vehicles. The tanks will be implemented in 2018.