War Thunder – M60A1 with ERA leaked

Not much to say here. It’s either an M60A3 or the Magach, not sure.


War Thunder – T-64A + small prize giveaway

Developed in the early 1960s, the T-64 was the first tank in the world to feature composite armour protection and was, in many ways, a revolutionary design that would not only kick off development of the next generation of Soviet tanks, but would also announce the dawn of a new era of tank development. The T-64 is being readied to join the fight in War Thunder’s 1.71 update, to once more change the face of the battlefield forever.

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War Thunder – New E.R.A.

Yes, it’s happening. War Thunder is adding the VIth tier/rank/era to the game!

At Gamescom 2017 we will introduce the new major update 1.71 “New E.R.A”. The name was coined for several reasons – first, we are adding a 6th rank for tanks and invite you to test the vehicles of the Cold War and Vietnam war period. Ground vehicles in War Thunder will receive new armour types – composite and Explosive Reactive Armour. This new era in tank construction marked the switch to brand new technologies in protection against powerful HEAT rounds and missiles that could easily destroy any WW2 armour. New infantry support machines will join combat – we are ready to tell you about some of them in the next few days. Stay tuned!

WoT – Dev Q&A 22.08.2017

A short Q&A session with the well-known Anton Pankov.

On Chinese tank destroyers:

  • As you may remember, the Chinese TD branch was planned only for the CN server. It appeared in other regions only because of the players requesting them. We don’t plan any changes now, but we will track their stats, both in China and ‘here’. The only difference is that the CN server has a Tier IX premium TD, while the other regions have only a Tier VIII.

On the CN server itself:

  • The whole ‘uniqueness’ of the CN server stems from the traits and way of managing of games in China. World of tanks is run by a Chinese partner company, which often asks us for specific content. Without special treatment, ‘tanks’ wouldn’t be as popular in China as they are now. The Waffentrager E-100 will be an expensive Tier X tank, used in a loyalty program in China. We’re aware that the wave of hate which would fall on us wouldn’t let us profit from such an expensive tank.  Meanwhile, for the Chinese it’s normal. If we introduced a VIP premium account with golden nicknames and a concierge service (which we won’t), the Chinese players would be satisfied.

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WoT – Grand Battle Q&A

Amway921 went to Minsk to ask some questions, here’s the digest.

  • Contrary to Ranked Battles, the Grand Battle mode will be expanded to other tiers
  • The second map which was readied for GB, The Grand Canyon, was scrapped
  • Devs are testing a sekrit location, which will be revealed soon
  • According to the stats and the devs logic, there’s no ammo shortage in GB. The battles don’t go on for 30 minutes, but yes, sometimes you will fire all your ammo.
  • There’s an increase of TD players in GB
  • The average Bond income is 4.5 per person
  • 1/3rd of the player population plays on abaci weak machines
  • According to WG, only half of the players change anything in the settings. Well then…
  • There are no plans to add medals extending past 15 kills in GB, however there are plans to increase the requirements of the current ones.
  • Patch 9.20 will see the test version of this mode

War Thunder – Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger

The Waffenträger concept was conceived to combine German artillery tractors and SPGs into one vehicle type that would salvage precious resources, like field guns, from the battlefield in the later stages of the war. Though the concept did undergo testing, it never received its real baptism by fire, thus War Thunder tankers can look forward to having the honour of testing out the Waffenträger in real combat themselves in the upcoming 1.71 update!

Today we are starting to publish devblogs for the upcoming update War Thunder 1.71. The most exciting news we will hold until next week, when the international gaming expo Gamescom 2017 begins. Stay tuned!

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