WoT – 1.0.2 Changelog

Main changes

Update 1.0.2 expand the introduction to the game with a set of new missions. They become available after ending the Bootcamp and are intended for tiers II to X. They explain vehicle modifications, customization basics, consumables, equipment, and reserves.

The missions are available to new players (less than 1000 battles and don’t have a tier VI or highers) after completing Bootcamp. The missions help to understand the basic mechanics and aspects of the game.

For clearing the missions, players get nice bonuses.

The missions consist of three blocks:

  • End of basic training
  • Briefing
  • Road to glory

After finishing all three of them, the player  receives a token which they can exchange for ANY tier VI tank from the tech tree.

Training Center – the initiation of newbie players should be more fluid now, thanks to a bundle of useful articles and hint on almost all topics, from penetration and armor mechanics, to aiming and detection. The Center consists of the following sections:

  • For the newly arrived
  • Game modes
  • Player vehicles
  • Vehicle types
  • Attack basics
  • Defense basics
  • Other

The Training Center is available after pressing Esc in the garage.

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WoT Q&A – Slava Makarov 21.05.2018

Source: Rykoszet

Q: A few words about the KV-5?
A: The tests are just beginning, so the changes aren’t final, but we want old prem tanks to be competitive, and the KV-5 is the first step taken in that direction, so we hope it will have a warm reception. Tanks with limited MM have a very negative influence on the current balance.

Q: What next with the KV-2 (R) and the W40K universe?
A: WE wanted to make a unique camo scheme, something really outstanding and cool. Something that will be unique, so it will have to cost a bit. We’re analyzing the data from this experiment and we hope for more tanks with unique camos. We picked these two tanks because they sort of look like from Warhammer , but then we noticed the KV-2 really looks like its universe counterpart. We decided to make it another tank.

Q: What about prem tanks?
A: People look at stats more than ever. For example, when the Type 59 was released and people noticed how OP it is, they bought it en masse. By the way, I can tell you can expect something nice in the tech tree soon.

Q: About patch 1.0
A: Visually the new patch is excellent, but the maps had to be changed a bit. Initially I was against any changes to the arenas, but people urged me to try. A new wave of changes is coming. Currently, Ruinberg is a big sore spot for me. We experimented with the timing, and it seems we found a solution, but it also made the map even more unbalanced. We have to wait for a new version. We have a system to monitor times and winrates for each base, which helps us fix a lot of issues. 

Q: About Province
A: I agree with people who don’t want it on high tiers. Our current goal is to improve details. We have a plan, a list called WoT 1.5, where we want to fix all errors  and add new stuff, which couldn’t make it to WoT 1.0. Specifically, it’s the interface, maps, pref MM and low tier rebalance.

Q: Right, lower tiers?
A: There are issues, it’s not a secret. We have big plans, but no details for now. Everything will take a bit of time to iron out.

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Wot Supertest – KV-5 Changes

All the changes in a condensed form.


Changed the standard ammo penetration from 167 mm to 218 mm
Changed the premium ammo penetration from 219 to 243 mm
Changed the alpha damage from 300 to 330
Changed the DPM from 2190 to 2429.2
Decreased the reload time from 8.219 s to 8.151 s
Changed the RPM from 7.30 to 7.311
Changed the accuracy from 0.416 to 0.412
Reduced the aim time from 2.74 s to 2.68 s


Lower front plate increased from 210 to 220 mm
Loader turret thickness increased from 150 to 190 mm
Radio-operator turret thickness increased from 180 to 200 mm
Driver turret thickness increased from 150 to 200 mm
The overall front thickness of the main turret will be 220 mm
Main turret side armor decreased from 180 to 150 mm
Main turret back armor decreased from 180 to 120 mm
Rear hull armor (upper part) decreased from 145 to 95 mm
Rear hull armor (lower part) decreased from 243 to 93 mm


Changed the shell cost to damage ratio from 0.9 to 0.818
Matchmaking increased to X tier


WoT Supertest – Object 268 Version 4 – More Nerfs

WG seems to have found a new target for bullying balancing, since they are nerfing the 268 V4 once again in the new ST iteration.

  • Aim time changed from 1.92 s to 2.4 s (2.21 s in the first ST iteration)
  • Changed the engine power from 1500 to 1350 HP
  • Power-to-weight ratio changed from 20 to 18 hp/t
  • Reduced reverse speed from 22 km/h to 20 km/h
  • Increased the bloom from moving and turning from 0.115 to 0.153 (0.144 in the first ST iteration)
  • Increased the bloom from moving and turning at maximum speed from 6.33 to 7.67 (7.91 in the first ST iteration)
  • Increased the bloom when turning the hull at max speed from 2.65 to 3.38 (3.31 in the first ST iteration)


  • Increased the gun moving bloom from 0.096 to 0.115
  • Reduced the HP from 2100 to 2000
  • Reduced the traverse speed from 23 °/s to 22 °/s
  • Decreased the maximum speed from 55 km/h to 50 km/h
  • Reduced the gun laying speed from 31.3 °/s to 29.2 °/s

WoT – 1.0.1 French HT Changes

Among all the changes flying around in the 1.0.1 previews, here are some small rebalances for some French HTs


  • Reduced movement bloom for the stock suspension by 6%
  • Reduced movement bloom for the improved suspension by 7%
  • Reduced turn bloom for the stock suspension by 6%
  • Reduced turn bloom for the improved suspension by 7%
  • Increased the accuracy of the 90 mm DCA 30 gun in the FCM F1 turret from 0.4 to 0.38
  • Decreased the turret move bloom of the 90 mm DCA 30 gun in the FCM F1 turret by 19%
  • Decreased the reload for the 90 mm DCA 30 gun in the FCM F1 turret from 9.5 seconds to 8.8 seconds
  • Changed the amount of HP with the FCM F4 turret from 600 to 650
  • Changed the amount of HP with the FCM F1 turret from 650 to 700

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WoT Supertest – New Grand Battle Map Prototype

Work on the new maps is in progress and we’re able to share some info about tests of a new Grand Battle map.

Today, two prototypes of a soviet summer map have made it to the Supertest. Both have the atmosphere of fierce battles with the attacking Wehrmacht. The tests will help us pick one variant.

Both prototypes are mixed maps, combining city structures and open spaces, so that each type of vehicle can have a chance to shine. The map has a lot of space to maneuver, snipe, and brawl.

The first prototype reminds a classic map with a hybrid play style, where everyone can achieve greatness and help the team being victorious.

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WoT – Graphics Evolution : The Future begins with 1.0 – Digest

The more important points from the latest WG video:

  • Regarding maps, we’re not being sneaky here. Province is a map for the italian branch. It’s very unique, has it’s own style. Of course it’s small, even after increasing its size to 850 sq. meters, but we’ll see how it plays. Visually it’s very good.
  • Studzianki are of course connected with Poland, since it’s obviously a Polish map, inspired by a historical place. It was a bit easier to make, since it’s not a city map.
  • Regarding Kharkov, we have two ways out. We can tweak the old map, or make a totally new one, but with the characteristic plaza.
  • We want to revive a few old maps. I won’t give names, but it’s not Dragon’s Ridge. I’m talking about really old maps which we removed a long time ago, and now we want to cover with a new coat of paint.
  • We have a cunning, 2-in-1 plan on how to revive the Port map
  • We’re working on new maps too. The plans for now are a city map, a half-countryside map, and some specific region maps. For now, our programmers are working on adding effects and such.
  • We can make some nice stuff using Havok. We’ll see what will come, a lot of experiments are in motion. We have the tech, we want to use the full potential. We can’t promise anything, like night battles, sunsets, destruction, or weather fx. If the players like something, it might appear in the game.
  • Right now the most important things is new content, namely the Italians and Poles, just like we promised. The Italians have a new mechanic, and some really interesting tanks, especially on high tiers.
  • There are new game mechanics, there also will be new game modes, even this year.
  • Personal Missions 2.0 will appear this year.
  • We’re working on new equipment, maybe it won’t appear this year, but we’ll try.
  • We’re planning a lot of events for our players
  • We’re getting to work on prem tanks. The new KV-5 will be tested soon.