WoT – How to block damage

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


13 thoughts on “WoT – How to block damage

    1. LOL. They completely skipped the most important step.

      …remember, your type 5 armor is impregnable to most guns in the game. Until they press 2 (usually at the start of the battle upon inspection team line up) at which point you’ll be screwed. Hide behind the maus.


    2. “We will teach you how to make armor work”
      – Throw your mouse into a tumbler while smashing the W and S keys. The armor is only allowed to work if you do this, appearently it’s called “skill” ๐Ÿ˜


    1. You with this argument again…. it it’s so easy why do you still complain about it? Dodging by making unpredictable movements is standard in lot of FPS and action games. And 95% of pubbies are still not capable of doing this.


      1. Why I’m complaining about it? Because it looks retarded and is defended by a retarded argument, “if you faceroll W and S keys you’re allowed to have impenetrateble turret front, if you play a tiny bit more realistic and doesn’t drive back and forth like a clown, you’re not”. FFS either it’s ok or not, why does players needs to drive back and forth?
        And from which day is WoT considered a FPS game? I didn’t know they had 3rd person view in a 1st person shooter…


        1. But it’s always been a tank based first-person/third-person shooter.

          Can confirm. moving around does make it harder than sitting still and letting enemy tanks hit your weakspots.

          You need to know your armor and what way to do it per tank though.


          1. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, I also do it to increase my chance of not getting penned in the cupola etc. But I still think it’s a stupid mechanic. Look at 4:38 and 5:21, is that how tank combat should look like?


  1. In reality, if you are outnumbered people will just rush you or press 2 and pen your strong sports. This “tanking” maybe was more relevant when nobody was shooting gold, but it is oboloete since 4 years back. There is no way to consistent bounce shells if people use gold ammo.


    1. And one more important thing – these days stuff like KV-2, O-I, Death Star, Shitbarn and both Type battleships give zero fcuks about your angling, wiggling, sidescraping, shotbaiting and other shit like that ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. i have not watched It but it should start like this , “First of all you need to find an opponent who doesn’t know how to press 2 twice” , “Second , get a Defender”


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