FV 205: Possible FV 215B 183 Replacement?


A new tank destroyer named the FV 205 is said to be replacing the FV 215B 183. There is a legitimate reason why, since the two FV 215B 183 and the rest of the line differ greatly in play styles. The FV 205 seems like a natural conclusion to the line.

WoT Express states that to whoever owns the FV 215B 183, they will be able to keep it once the FV 205 replaces it.

FV 205 wooden model.

The FV 205 is based on the Conqueror chassis with a 120mm gun. However, the model shows the FV 205 with a gun that seems to be vastly different and enormous, probably wielding a gun that is larger in caliber than the 120mm. Whether it was meant to or not is unknown.

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