FV 205: Possible FV 215B 183 Replacement?

A new tank destroyer named the FV 205 is said to be replacing the FV 215B 183. There is a legitimate reason why, since the two FV 215B 183 and the rest of the line differ greatly in play styles. The FV 205 seems like a natural conclusion to the line.

WoT Express states that to whoever owns the FV 215B 183, they will be able to keep it once the FV 205 replaces it.

FV 205 wooden model.

The FV 205 is based on the Conqueror chassis with a 120mm gun. However, the model shows the FV 205 with a gun that seems to be vastly different and enormous, probably wielding a gun that is larger in caliber than the 120mm. Whether it was meant to or not is unknown.

More screenshots


54 thoughts on “FV 205: Possible FV 215B 183 Replacement?

  1. Couldn’t the 183 instead be switched as the alternative to the 4005 then? It has no reason to not be accessible to everyone, seeing as it very much historically existed in both blueprints and as a wooden mockup. I don’t know how I feel about WG’s new trend of replacing t10’s only to make the vehicles replaced “special tanks” for those who owned them before the replacement. With the 215b and 155 it was more understandable since they both are WG creations, but the 183 doesn’t fall under that category.

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      1. it’s not like the T110E5 in-game is historical anyway… nor is the T110E3… or T110E4 (which is completely fake). There’s also the T28 and T28 Prototype.

        Yer, I see a lot of tanks being changed out in the future. Probably even the removal of the turreted TD line since the only historically real tank after tier 6 is the T30 and that’s a HT, not a TD


        1. WG and the wikki have there info wrong. There is an T110E4 20 minutes from my house in Lebanon, Pa in a park. Not sure if it is a prototype but one exists today. The Mause had two made but they need to nix the E100 by that logic since there is no record of any being made.


          1. There was a completed E100 hull. Like the Panther II, they never put a turret on it, but there are pictures on the internet, if you want to look. It was scrapped in the UK postear iirc, though.


          2. Everything in your comment is total nonsense. No T110 of any type was built. The tank in Lebanon’s park is an M60. Also, there are photos of the nearly complete E-100 hull easily available. Apart from missing fuel lines, sprocket teeth rings, and suspension springs the E-100 was basically ready to run in April 1945.


  2. So WG moved my VK 45.02B to another line, nerfed and moved my Bulldog aswell, nerfed the SPIC, replaced the Foch 155, and now will replace the Death Star. So they actually fucked half of the lines I was grinding. Gj really


  3. And the 183 is obsolete since pen Nerf for hesh. If i wanna Deal over 1000 dmg in a ts (with armor) i Choose jägeruh with Ap and If i wanna enjoy Random “over 1000 Hits” (with Armor) i Play Types..


    1. Its not obsolete. By far. 230mm ist more than enough. You can pan the side of nearly every tank and also the lower plate of everything exept the heaviest armored tanks. My shitbarn even likes to pen the sides of your Types, pretty easy shots.


  4. Good. Get rid of these ridiculous 183mm gamebreaking guns.
    Designed to only use gold ; able to oneshot lower tiers with a more than sufficient pen ; still relatively well armored (at least the 4005 is paper)…
    People complained about arty when it could only fire every 40s with 0.8 accuracy and 100mm pen, this thing has more than double the pen, about half the reload and dispersion, and the same damage… Why is this even a thing in the game.

    The worst part is that if HESH wasnt just “HE damage with AP pen” the tank would have been just fine. But the gold is so broken the only reason it still exists is because WG makes a ton of money out of it.

    Hopefuly FV4005 gets removed too. Historical or not this kind of gun ruins the game. And WG simply wont rework gold ammo.


    1. Yes, let’s remove all tanks that doesn’t do 390 damage per shot…
      Weeeeeeeee dynamic game play in the world of whack-a-moles yippey woooooooo!!!!11!1!


      1. 390/400 (not even lowest T10 alpha) vs 750 is not enough of a gameplay difference for you?

        What’s interesting about a tank that is going to come around a corner and oneshot you? If he does not pen, he still does 600DMG even on armored tanks and most likely destroys a module/kills crewmember.

        You fight your way through a flank just to find this POS tank, full HP, camping or just sitting around corner waiting for his 1-2 shots of DMG.

        I’m not even saying it’s OP. It’s just retarded and broken.

        And if you want counter argue with autoloaders – they need to expose for 10 seconds to do that kind of damage and usually have almost no armor.
        Exceptions are T57 and Foch B, one of which has terrible gun handling and probably worst T10 heavy platform, other is a casemate TD with 400 alpha and lowest pen of all TD’s gun, with narrow gun arc, pretty big weakspots.


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        1. It’s not about the oneshot, it’s about the variety in different amounts of damage. No, there isn’t such a massive difference between 390 and 750 alpha, in fact it’s not even twice as much. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that 1750 alpha (with 230 pen) is necessary either, but I really see no problem in the AP rounds with 1150 alpha. Most tier 10s have around or above 2000 HP anyway so you can still take 2 of those shots, and most of these massive alpha guns trade a lot of gun performance to get that alpha. Not to mention what a massive disadvantage it can become during end game where many targets are low on HP, and ordinary medium tank can potentially destroy 3 tanks within 20 seconds while both the Jeageroo and Deathstar needs the same time to just destroy 1 tank. It’s not OP, UP or broken, it’s just different… in a good way.


          1. 1050 alpha of JPE as about the edge of what is okay IMO. I’d rather see 850 being the max alpha and even that on T10 tanks only.

            Alpha DMG is an advantage 80% of the time in the map pool and meta, where you make a peek (whether it’s over a hill/ridgeline/around a corner), fire and you are safe when reloading. Majority of engagements are like this. Although sure, low alpha high DPM is not a bad thing, depends how low the alpha is and how high the DPM is, gun handling, penetration etc.

            Also, the camping situation was just an example. It can be anywhere, it can play aggressively, “yolo” you and throw his tank, stare down a narrow corridor, effectively locking it down.

            Also, take a look at the bottom of the page, comments from “SeppC” and “GrimmaceNA”. Look at the reasons why they play those tanks –
            “once in a while Oneshotting Grille or Batchat is funny.”
            “Exactly why I want it, pay back for gold spammers”

            They want to fuck someone’s battle because it’s funny. That’s why the tank is cancerous and broken, because it allows players to fuck someone’s battle just because they decided to do so.


            1. There is a reason why I have 350 tanks, I like variety, you want all the same play exports tournaments, this is random battles, do I get pissed when I get circle jerked in a slow or heavy, or I am not really mad when I get clipped by an auto loader. What is pure diarrhea is getting penned from the front by something two tiers lower than you using gold. All tanks being the same is just boring.


        2. And for your last part, it seems you’re more fed up by the fact that a spastic camper ruined your game rather than the actual alpha of his gun. I bet if you had a great game and it was then ruined by a camper who had 320 alpha you’d be annoyed aswell. Atleast I would.


    2. Maybe its not the 183mm guns…
      ‘gamebreaking guns’ Of course, expecially with the number of 215b 183 and 4005 driving around in WoT. The tanks are very uncommon cuz of their shitty guns.
      And I doubt WG makes this much money with the gold-use in the 183mm-guns.


  5. So when WG will replace E50m ? Jpe100 ? GW e100, PZ VII? JpII?

    T28 is just T95, T25, T28 Prot, E4 are made up.

    E50m should be special tank, E50 should be moved up tier, buffed. Panther 2 with turbo engine was proposed many year ago by Serb to replace E50 on tier 9, so this.

    For Jpe100 I have no idea. Maybe upgraded JT > ?

    GW e100 can be replace by some 30cm short howitzer

    JP II need to be made as was planned, not by WG.

    PZ VII I dont know.

    E4 can be replaced by T30, make in this line Hellcat with 76 mm gun and Hellcat with 90 mm gun.

    T28 need right HD model, one that match T95 with no second tracks.


    1. JgPz E100 is a real proposal though. Just wrongly named, should be Sturmgeschutz E100. If its the 17cm gun you hate then there was a proposal for a 15cm to be used and was pushed for more then the 17cm

      Pz VII and GW E100 being replace I can agree with since both of them are completely fake. Also, fuck putting a 30cm into the game

      The turreted TD line for America should be removed after tier 6 since 3/4 tanks from tier 7 to 10 are fake with the T30 being made back into a tier 10 HT


        1. are you referring to the blueprint or conceptual gun drawings?

          Either way, you’re right in that the mantlet area is wrong based off the drawings for the gun, but other then that it’s still more historical then the model for the T110E3 and E5 that have the completely wrong hulls


  6. So whats wrong with keeping it as alternate tier X really?
    They do that with Chinese Heavy but can’t do that to either Foch and FV215B, and now 215-183?

    Goddamnit WG.


      1. Expect with what you replace the Type 5 with? Not to mention unlike the either FV215bs, the Type 5 actually plays much like rest of its line and fits there perfectly fine.


      2. To be realistic, that will not happen, since WG said they were trying to introduce TD on Type 5 hull now.

        But in the name of all that is holy, please let that thing be gone for good.


    1. Not so fast. That was a Conqueror hull. If they don’t make any change to that, majority of T6s can pen it frontally with no problem. That was fine on the 183, since most of the time, you will be in hard cover during your reload. If the FV205 relays on DPM like Tortoise, it will be extremely impractical to pop a corner with that LFP in a CQB setting.


      1. You think historical accuracy has stopped WG from welding on magical armor plates to make it fit where they want? Please, look at the VK45.02B. That thing should be tier 6 or 7 at most. WG will do what they always do and fudge stats because they can


        1. I always say WG don’t care about history. Look at most of high tier yanks and japs then you know it. However at the same time we should know they don’t even care about balance as well. Making the FV217 (or FV205, depends on how you see this should call) having the same 76.2mm LFP is one of the way for those people to think less, and at the same time creating a shxtty replacement for FV215b so they can bait people to grind that fast, potentially more profit.


    1. The 183 ist only for the LULZ. If you dont care about stats, winning or loosing credits the 183 is perfect. The tank just does not fit into current Meta and cant carry games in my opinion, but once in a while Oneshotting Grille or Batchat is funny.


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