WoT Console – Japanese Hero tanks

Enjoy 🙂


5 thoughts on “WoT Console – Japanese Hero tanks

      1. the graphics of HD veichles in WoT PC are better then all the other WoT platforms, WoT PC will be getting HD maps which will be better then all other platforms. Don’t even try and start that consoles are better then PC.


        1. After 7 years of PC wot I tried console version last month. And I was amazed how is it better in every way also there are tons of good features what pc also should have.
          And those HD maps looks exactl, similar to console ones graphic wise.
          Dont judge something until you try it.


          1. I wouldnt really say its better in every way.

            – has WT E100 with 6 shell clip
            – 183 with 275 mm HESH pen
            – tier 10 TDs have 850 alpha
            – against those they somehow thought completely unbuffed type 4/5 (they dont even have the 9.15 buffs there) are good enough against those TDs
            – 5 man platoons (sounds gamebreaking tbh)
            – crapton of silly looking skins (much more than in PC, the edelweiss/nameless are also there though latter is not as stupidly strong as in PC SEA server version).
            – has old arty. Depatable if its worse or not, but I believe console has possibility for arty platoons still
            – research system is worse, you have to research things in packages instead of being able to choose modules separately (might make stock grinds worse, though not sure if they changed that)

            I would list more but I have no experience with it. There are quite a few advantages though like no XVM, (for now) better map graphics, and in-game armor viewer (while I could just use tanks.gg it would be nice to have one in-game).

            The tier 10 balance doesnt seem to be any better than on the PC, maybe even worse. If console WoT would be “flat out better”, it should be more popular than it is now.


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