WG Purchases Hapti.Co – Birth of Wargaming Copenhagen

Wargaming bought the developer of Hitman, which is Hapti.Co Studio in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Wargaming also opens up a new mobile division in Copenhagen (Hapti.Co got renamed). Recall that the last year such stuff happened in Berlin, Prague and Helsinki. Seems WG decided to buy and use all available weapons in order to dominate the mobile games market.

Press release:

Wargaming Mobile is excited to announce the latest step in its continued European expansion with the newly-acquired Hapti.co studio, rebranded as Wargaming Copenhagen. This studio will focus on the development of new mobile titles for the mobile market.

A former subsidiary of IO Interactive in Copenhagen, Hapti.co leverages the experience of established industry veterans to create engaging mobile games. Along with their new game projects as Wargaming Copenhagen, the team will continue to operate their back catalog of live mobile games.

Hapti.co Studio Head Rune Vendler has an extensive career in video games, having worked for companies like IO Interactive and Lionhead Studios, and has been a part of huge titles such as Gameglobe, Kane & Lynch, and Fable.

“The guys at Hapti.co were a perfect match for Wargaming’s mobile endeavors,” said Keith Kawahata, Head of Wargaming Mobile. “They have the expertise from working in the industry for years, a solid games portfolio that have cemented them in the market, and the ambition and drive to go from strength to strength as Wargaming Copenhagen.”

“Joining Wargaming offers us new opportunities and ways to grow,” said Hapti.co Studio Head Rune Vendler. “We’re really looking forward to getting started on new projects, and leveraging the skill and expertise of an industry giant like Wargaming to bring even more fantastic titles to our players.”

The branch site: http://www.hapti.co/


6 thoughts on “WG Purchases Hapti.Co – Birth of Wargaming Copenhagen

  1. They keep buying these game companies to dev the game for them yet even though these companies to a great job the top hats at WG still screws them over.

    Gee, I wonder what other AAA companies does that… *cough* *cough* EA *cough* *cough*

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