Steel Division: “Second Wave” DLC and Free Content Roadmap Announced

While news from WG seem to be scarce, check out what Paradox Interactive and Eugene Systems are making:



„We are proud to announce Second Wave, the upcoming Division Pack for Steel Division: Normandy 44, expanding your tactical possibilities to dominate your enemy during the Invasion of Normandy. Take control of 4 new divisions: The American 4th Armored Division, the British 1st Special Service Brigade, the German 9. Panzerdivision and the 16. Luftwaffen-Felddivision.

Field 35 new units, including the famous M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, the Wildcat V fighter aircraft, the Panzer IC light tank, and the NAG 4500 FlaK truck… Use the new aerial artillery observer to spot your enemy and unleash hell on his units.

This expansion also includes an exclusive ace model: the Lt. Col. Creighton W. Abrams and his famous ‘Thunderbolt’ M4 command tank.

Second Wave will be available on September 21st for $7,99.

We hope to release all of this content before the end of 2017, maybe in the very beginning of 2018.

Keep an eye on this page, it will be updated… Soon™.”


5 thoughts on “Steel Division: “Second Wave” DLC and Free Content Roadmap Announced

  1. I’m just waiting for a DLC that would introduce an actual fucking functional UI to this game.

    Compare it to an ancient, by now, series of Close Combat games, having a very similar idea for the gameplay, with more in-depth mechanics but worse graphics, obviously, and their approach to UI. THAT’S how it should be done.

    But hey, it’s a god damn Paradox after all. Going by their latest Hearts of Irons and Stellaris games one will have to wait till modders do the job for the devs instead. AGAIN.

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  2. Used to love the “Close Combat” series — is this like it, you’re saying?

    Had heard that “Panthers in the Fog” was a Close Combat remake — anyone played it?


    1. Imagine dumbed down Close Combat with nice 3d graphics.

      I’m a big fan of CC series and still play them every now and then. For me Normandy 44 turned out to be a big let down, just because of shitty interface and being very, very shallow, compared to CC.

      Credit where credit is due however. Normandy 44 does air combat pretty well.


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