War Thunder – 1.71 Preliminary Patch Notes

Updated Combat Missions:

  • Warbonds will no longer have an expiry date.
  • Updated warbonds shop – now, by completing battle tasks the player can improve the warbonds shop which unlocks new items.
  • Difficult tasks have been replaced by a new type of tasks – special tasks, completing these will allow you to earn medals which will give you access to premium items. Special tasks are available in the warbonds shop.
  • New battle tasks have been added to the game.



  • The ability to create a platoon of 8 players has been introduced. You will only be able to play with a platoon of this size in squadron battles.
  • You will be able to participate in a platoon by accessing the squad settings after it has been created.

New vehicles:


New locations and missions:

  • New mission “Domination” Hurtgen Forest.
  • New mission “Operation” Husky.
  • New location for ground vehicles and set of missions “Fulda Gap”.
  • New location for ground vehicles and set of missions “Emperor’s Garden”.

Location and mission updates:

  • The mechanics of defence of bases in locations: Poland, Advance to the Rhine, Tunisia and Finland has been added in test mode.


  • Balancing edits in the “Battle Royale” mode in the locations: Abandoned factory, Finland, Advance to the Rhine.
  • Balancing edits in the locations: Ash River, Volokolamsk, Stalingrad, Jungle, Sinai.
  • New location for the “Battle Royale” mode: Stalingrad.

Ground Vehicles model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • New smokescreen producing equipment –  engine exhaust smoke system – has been added. Smokescreens can be activated on the move, the time and amount is limited. The modification is available for all vehicles that had it in reality – IT-1, T-62, T-55A, T-64A, T-10M.
  • A bug where the rangefinder had 2000m limit in RB/SB has been fixed. Depending on the rangefinder type the equipment can now operate at 2500-5000m distance. Rank 6 ground vehicles have a ranging of 5000m distance if they use laser or stereo rangefinders.
  • The number of crew members in the Sd.Kfz.234/4 has been increased to four.
  • Chieftain Mk.5 –  engine power value has been reduced from 750 h.p. to 720 h.p. Source: Chieftain Mk.5 Technical Handbook, 1973.
  • T25 – vertical stabilizer has been added. Source:  R.A.C Technical Situation, Report №37, 1945.
  • M3 Lee/Grant – vertical stabilizers for 75mm and 37mm guns have been added
  • M56 – mass has been reduced from 7150 to 7030 kg. Source: TM 9-2350-213-10 Operation 90mm Full Tracked Self Propelled Gun M56.
  • M4A3 (105) –  mass has been reduced from 32800 to 31700 kg. Source: TM 9-759 “Tank Medium, M4A3” Sept 1944.
  • M46/ M46 Tiger –  turret rotation speed has been increased from 24 to 25.5 degrees per second. Source: TM 9-718 “Medium Tanks M46 and M46A1” April 1951.
  • Loader’s skill does not influence  reload time for rank 5 and 6 vehicles with automatic loading mechanisms   (MBT-70/KPz-70/T-64 1971/ Object 120/Object 906,BMP-1).
  • The ammunition for the following ground vehicles will now show more detail:
  • T-34-85 (D5T), T-34 1942, T-34 1941, T-34E STZ, T-34 1941 (L11), KV-1С, KV-1 (ZiS 5), IS-1, Pz IV F2, Tiger H1, Tiger E, Pz IV G, Panther D, M18 GMC, M10 GMC, M4A3E2 Jumbo, M24, Iron Duke IV, Sherman Firefly, Chi-To Late.


Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Aircraft with only one gunner positions have different gunner’s view modes – the view has been moved as close to the weapon as possible. You can switch back to the standard view mode in the settings.
  • Aircraft rocket damage has been updated, they are now more accurate, mass explosive type parameters have been added. As a result, damage against armoured vehicles has been reduced. 127-137mm rockets have damage similar to that of a 152mm HE shell. To destroy a medium or heavy tank players will have to get a direct hit
  • Do 335 (all variants) – A bug which would allow bombs to  drop without the bomb-bay doors opening has been fixed.
  • The firing angles of turrets have been fixed for the following aircraft:
  • OS2U-1, OS2U-3, P-61A-1, P-61C-1, Po-2 ,SB2C-1c, SB2C-4, SBD-3, Su-6, BB-1, Su-2 (all variants), Swordfish Mk I, TBD-1, Tu-14Т, Wellington (all variants), Wirraway, He 111 (all variants), Il-2 (all variants), Il-10 (all variants), Ki-45 (all variants), Ki-102, A-26 (all variants), B24D-25-CO, B-25 (all variants), B5N2, B7N2, B-17 (all variants), Beaufighter (all variants), Breda 88 (P.XI), D3A1, F1M2.
  • B-24D-25-CO – The ammunition of the side turrets has been changed to 250 rounds per turret.
  • АО-25М-1 – These bomb types have been added to the Il-2 and Su-6 series.
  • SB2C-1c – Has been moved to the 3rd rank.
  • I-153 M-62 – The BR for Arcade Battles has been changed from 2.7 to 1.7.
  • С-202 (German) – The BR has been changed to 2.3 in AB.
  • A-26 (all modifications) – The amount of the gunners in the crew card has been fixed.
  • Pokryshkin’s P-39N-0 – The research module for the 37mm offensive gun, as well as the possibility to select the ammunition type for this weapon, have been added.



  • Turrets that have been blown off a tank now interact with the environment and do not “sink into terrain”
  • Smoke screens visuals have been improved

Economy and research:

  • Т-54 tanks have been unified into a single research group.
  •  М46 and  М47 tanks have been unified into a single research group.
  • М48А1 snd М60 tanks have been unified into a single research group.
  • Camos for the following wheeled SPAA have been added: 4-M- GaZ AAA, 72-K GAZ MM, 94-KM ZIS-12, 29-K, Type 94
  • Camouflage requirements for strategic bombers have been changed – now they require base damage and not as previously required, ground kills (will be implemented later).
  • M56 – Spawn point requirement has been corrected. Previously it was considered as a “medium tank” instead of “tank destroyer”.



  • 3d decorations of weapons have been moved to “weapons” section.
  • Duplicate names of U.S. tank camouflages have been changed. Now the names correspond to their description.



  • Servo-motor sounds for modern tanks have been added
  • The distance detection of the sound of 100mm and higher calibre guns has been increased.
  • The logic of playing the audio of enemy shots has been improved.
  • The logic of voice notifications when playing while capturing points has been reworked. The voice-over for capturing of points has been added in English and Russian.
  • The logic of the reproduction of the sound of a ground vehicle upon falling from height has been improved.



  • .ru reported bug fixes:
    • The unrealistic behavior of the PBY-5a when contacting water with the wings has been fixed (source).
    • A bug with increased respawn scores when repairing or reloading on the airfield has been fixed (source 1source 2).
  • Known bugs:
    • FV-102 Striker has no ammo load indicator, while the ammo load has only 5 missiles
  • .com reported bug fixes:
    • A bug where the incorrectly displayed terrain with some configurations has been fixed (source).