New Flags – WoWS

8 New additional Flags have been added to the client in the latest update.
Flags New

Dudinka – Not the slightest idea the significance of this flag and why it is in the client. This is the crest of Dudinka, a small port city in Russia. No ship’s that I can find that are affiliated with this river port in particular. Presumably a Russian server exclusive minor event.

(TYPO IN MY PIC) HMS Nelson – Flag for the ship HMS Nelson (I do not know how one goes about acquiring this flag, unless merely unlocking the ship earns you this flag?)

HMS Iron Duke – I presume that this flag is for players who unlocked her early in the missions for her before the British tech tree release.

Kii – Premium Flag for the upcoming Tier 8 Premium Japanese Battleship Kii

Siam – A Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree

Indonesia – Another Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree.

Korea – Another Another Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree.

TGS07_Flag – Tokyo Game Show Flag (Presumably)