WoWS Q&A – 12th August 2017

Source: WG

Update 0.6.9, RN Battleships Repair Party.

From tier III to tier VIII it can repair bonus 10% HP of casemate, bow, aft and superstructure (so-called “regular pens”). The same bonus is featured on premium Warspite. On IX and X tiers the bonus 10% remains, however, repair speed is increased by 400%, work time is significantly reduced, and there is 1 charge fewer. This Repair Party reminds top UK cruisers in action. However, what it lacks is any bonus to repairing citadel damage. Unique Repair party settings allow these battleships to efficiently fulfill their primary role – tanking and medium range combat.

Update 0.6.9, Graf Zeppelin testing

2-3-0 Flight control, that was tested before, turned out to be too efficient against destroyers. More versatile 2-1-2 option lacks any special flavor and is not interesting in general. Thus, we’re testing 2-0-3 with PC-500 RS (Paulina) AP bomb as an optional module. In real life, such bombs were equipped with solid booster engine, which results in 245 mm in-game penetration. The fuse arms at 35 mm of effective armor. Such bomb parameters combined with high manual attack accuracy should allow to deal massive alpha damage to BBs, and even to cruisers, if squadrons are skillfully controlled.

-Nelson will cost 375.000 free experience.


9 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 12th August 2017

  1. Well if Zeppelin only get DBs I am going to pass or wait until I get a discount coupon as as she was I would have thrown my wallet at WG to get because I may have actually played her but with DBs she is just a Saipan a tier higher with worse planes good luck hitting bombs against USN BBs of tier 8-9-10 with there AA the new RN BBs with there AA and the new IJN BB Kii with the best AA of any tier 8 ship…. Just a very expensive port decoration

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      1. yeah thats a German BB my point was that USN, RN BBs with their High AA DPS, i have made Midways and Hakuryus give up on attacking my NC and Alabama not to mention my iowa which had a AA rating of over 100 on the stock hull. Tbh a clip like that is nothing new if you want to delete German BBs with dive bombers just get Enterprise it more forgiving as she has way more aircraft in reserve and with AP bombs it gives much the same result, the planes Zeppelin has have got the second lowest health of the tier 8 carriers (upgraded planes that is) and the smallest hanger capacity (joint i know but with low health planes you will go trough that quickly) with AA spec BBs and CA/CLs you may get one possibly 2 strikes off, al the major thing with DBs is that you are in the hand of RNGeus even with a tiny aiming circle it still easy to miss as is proved with Saipan with 9 DBs,

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          1. well, i guess WG is going historical. its true though, GZ final squadron plan was DB and Fighters, no torpedo bomber. its rare to see WG going historical, they usually trash the history just for balance.


  2. Why 375.000 xp for a T7 ship? Missouri costs 750.000 but this number corresponds to the xp you would have spent to have a fully upgraded Iowa give or take. Nelson should cost around 250.000….300.000 worst case scenario. God damn greedy Russians…..

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