WoT – Strv 81 ‘Sabaton’

As it was written earlier, a new premium with ‘novelty’ camo is coming as a result of the cooperation of Wargaming and Sabaton.



28 thoughts on “WoT – Strv 81 ‘Sabaton’

        1. No, what’s at tier 8 is the the initial Emil designed in 1951. The Emil 1 came in 1952 and had the same pike-nose as the Emil 2 and 3 but was smaller then them, about the size of the 1951 Emil


        1. Please tell me, oh wise one, about all the Swedish HTs you know of that could fit the slot of a tier 8 premium.

          Take your time, I’ll wait while you realise that there’s no other designs that could fit


    1. Whoever comes up with clown camo ideas, should be put on a slate of ice and pushed out to the warm deep mediterranean sea, together with the man who invents more and more types of WG in-game currency.

      Clown camo = wallet closed, learn it, WG.

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  1. This is why they buff the British tanks. They want to make this more attractive without any oi pay to win. I actually don’t mind that at all. Will probably not buy another 230-250 alpha tank. Even with good dpm I get bored with em. 280 is acceptable.


  2. Switch places of the logos/emblems. The black shield is much more fitting and you barely see it. The yellow S is less appealing.


  3. Oh Dear, A Cut & Paste Centurion. So you can train a tier 4-7 medium crew, while I have seen maybe 2-3 Strv74’s in t6 SH.
    What’s next? A light tank premium tier 8 for the Swedish or Japanese or Czech lines?
    Got to have a premium LT to train the Tier 1 CZ tank. One of the hardest tanks to Ace in the game.


  4. Please, please tell me this is console and I won’t have to replace another tank skin.

    I don’t have anything against the band but this is stupid.


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