WoWS 0.6.10: Deep Water Torpedoes Stats

Deep Water Torpedo Comp.
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
Tier 7
Tier 8
Tier 9
Tier X
Torpedo Name
500mm G/6 AV
533mm Mark II
533mm Mark 11
533mm Mark VII
533mm 53-31
533mm Mark IX
533mm Mark 15 Mod 3
533mm Mark 16 Mod 1
533mm Mark 17
Torpedo Damage
“Deep Water” Damage
Torpedo Speed
49 knots
53 knots
56 knots
59 knots
60 knots
61 knots
55 knots
66 knots
68 knots
Torpedo Range
6.0 km
6.0 km
5.5 km
6.0 km
8.0 km
8.0 km
9.15 km
10.5 km
13.5 km
“Deep Water” Running Depth
4.2 meters
4.65 meters
5.1 meters
5.5 meters
5.5 meters
5.5 meters
5.85 meters
6.0 meters
6.15 meters
Torpedo Detection Range
0.9 km
1.1 km
1.1 km
1.2 km
1.2 km
1.3 km
1.1 km
1.4 km
1.4 km
“Deep Water” Detection Range
0.6 km
0.7 km
0.7 km
0.7 km
0.8 km
0.8 km
0.7 km
0.8 km
0.8 km

We speculate that the deepwater torpedoes will be similar to the AP/HE bomb choice the Enterprise has, by being a module that you can select before the battle. Of course, the stats here are not final, so expect changes before they go live.


6 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.10: Deep Water Torpedoes Stats

    1. WG is probably worried that would make these torps too good. Changing depth settings in battle would be historically accurate but it would also make Pan-Asia DDs the strongest in the game.

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    2. Yes. It most ships can switch between AP and HE, what is stopping ROC DD from switching between standard or deepwater torps in battle?


  1. RIP IJN DDs, if we need botes to specifically fire torps at DDs now we’ll ask you! In all seriousness why. I really do hope this gets changed else there will be no reason to run the IJN DDs after this else you have either a crushing need to be able to torp DDs. Else there’s no reasonable reason to pick them over the Pan Asian DDs.

    They are slower (A lot slower) sure, but they get the U.S smoke screen at tier 8-10 and the same concealment as their U.S counterparts as well. This means they also get the same firepower as well. Sure the torpedoes are unable to hit DDs if you pick Deep water at high tier but that devastation on literally anything else… And while torpedo bulges definitely make that a alpha a fair bit less, the exact same is applied to every single other DD. Except that this one will pop at a substantially closer range insuring multiple hits. You add the fact that if these torps go low enough in the water, some torpedo bulges may not extend that far. If someone pops hydro on these torps, well they’re basically exactly the same as the gearing torps in that state just with higher damage if that stray one gets through.

    What’s the point of the IJN DDs after this gets through, heck, what’s the point of the high tier U.S DDs after this? Literally nothing except maybe a defensive fire consumable and a slightly higher top speed.

    As for how to balance this mess, well I’d say just remove it and focus on intricately differentiating the ships via small nuances.. But if they have to have this concept in the game, add it to every other DD. But since this is wargaming and this will probably make it to launch, here’s what should be changed. If you use the deep water option, there should be more negatives other than “It can’t hit DDs”. I’d say make it more vulnerable to Hydro by making the torps slower when using deep water torps. More to the 55knot margin. This way they are akin to USS Blacks torps that are incredibly vulnerable to being spotted early with the increased time to target allowing the target more time to randomly evade out of the way but otherwise deadly to predictable courses without countermeasures. The only other balancing factor for the torps that could be plausible would be to make the ship itself a downgrade. The speed is simply not enough to compensate, they should lose the American smoke (That’s pretty much infringing on their utility making U.S DDs pointless) and instead just get the joe schmo speed boost, maybe with a lower duration or boost to speed balanced with a shorter cool-down. I’d also say making the torps slightly worse in some regards but also better in others (The tier 10 is a step in the right direction there).

    Anyways I’m out of ideas… Would be neat to see this added to the IJN DDs to give them compensation but meh. This all just seems unnecessary when people are still just going to call them clones just with the added moniker of being immensely gimmicky to vainly try and differentiate them. A gimmick that will put quite fair amounts of strain on game balance not only between DDs but every other class (Some of that is good, such as increasing the value of cruiser Hydro but most of it’s bad). I’d rather WG just rid the gimmick of this line and launch them as what they are, clones of other DDs in other lines and instead focus on the nuances of the ship so that people who invest in the line or people who are more knowledge-able in the game can appreciate and utilize.
    I’m not against the line, just stupid gimmicks that feign being game balance.


    1. I was thinking of that as welll, since IJN DD’s from the get-go were made to specialize in torps. Maybe after they’re done adjusting, balancing, testing the deepwater torps, they’ll think about adding it to IJN DD’s as well? (the players/community has to shout loud enough to get this across, of course)

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