Revised Marks of Excellence Info

Source: Ph3lan



6 thoughts on “Revised Marks of Excellence Info

    1. They more or less have done the same thing on the last 3 patches. Circon and other CC raged on the repair kit timers on the regular and premium etc, and they made it equal for both. If more then a handful of CC rage about the same thing, like the MOE issue. Then they usually listens. Vs if just the community rages about it. As the biggest RU streamer did a Foch level of rage on it to.


    1. no man, that was the point of this post. you see 30vs30 means more tanks => bigger HP pool => more farmable dmg => easier marks / pumped up expected values. Now people don’t have to worry about RNG match making while grinding marks (i.e some getting marks easier cause they see grand battles often / expecting rising beyond the farmable values for randoms) (at least I think so Kappa //)


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