WoWS: TAP Insider News (11-VIII-2017)

About deepwater torpedoes:
1). ALL Destroyers are immune to get hit by them.
2) Some Light cruisers are immune, too. However, should those ships make a hard turn they are likely to get hit (depends on how deep the torpedoes are on each tier).
3) Like the Black issues, very high damage deepwater torpedoes seem not to do as highest damage as they are supposed to do (After counting TDS).
My opinion: I would pick normal torpedoes over the deepwater ones because sometimes I can randomly hit a Destroyer or Cruiser in the way or when hiding in cap, & smokescreen. They should give the ships the option to change the torpedo type in battle instead of a seperated module.


3 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News (11-VIII-2017)

  1. they should make them so we can change them in-game. instead of narrow and wide spread. you can select deep water and normal torps by pressing 3


  2. WG should make limited ammo and torps – smth similar to WOT system, where player decide about load out before battle. Then torpedo limit can make balance factor for some DDs and HE/AP ratio balance for some cruisers/BBs. And deep water torps should be just another kind of ammo – so DDs captain could reload when they want to use it.


  3. All Destroyers….so the heavy and retarded weight of Khaba too? Never thought The opposite….I’m not joking here Khaba is shorter more armed and much more MOOORE armored than Tashkent….even The dessigners said no to such ship but hey who cares that we have a 43kts (standard without mods) light cruiser wrecking all other classes?? CVs dont even botter BBs are roasted Cruisers cant catch it or if they try they get blown up and other DDs flee if Khaba sees them…GG


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