World of Tanks – Beasts of War Unleashed! | PS4



2 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Beasts of War Unleashed! | PS4

  1. Have to say, I’m tempted to try out the PS4 version of WoT because it looks so much better graphic and feature vise. Looking at the gameplays I like the sound effects, the map graphics, even the visible gun barrels at the first zoom distance ect.
    One of the most selling points are the different maps what we don’t have on pc, I’m bored totally of wot pc maps after 7 years.


  2. You can tell the marketing guys aren’t speaking with the balancing team about this trailer. The M46 K has “Incredible firepower”? It’s gun is distinctly average compared to all tier 8 MTs. The Skorpion is “Built for blitzkrieg assaults”? It has 30mm of frontal armor. They even show it ramming a tier 2, probably the only tank in the game it could successfully ram without exploding itself. They call the Mutz a sniper when it’s accuracy is middle of the road again.

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