More Strv 81 Event Details

In addition to what has already been said about the Strv 81, some additional details were uncovered recently. So the tank will be sold as the „Defender”, in 2 variations, one with an unique clown camouflage and one without it: Strv 81 “Sabaton” and Strv 81. The style should be similar to the one in the official art below. It will be in the style of Swedish punk rock & Sabaton. During Gamescom, there will also be small ads within the game, as it was with the film “Tree 5” (for RU), and, in the end, in the garage, a song will be played: Sabaton – Primo Victoria. In the near future we will try to get files or screenshots of the tank in its clown camouflage.


24 thoughts on “More Strv 81 Event Details

  1. I don’t like this one bit. Not as if the stupid paintjobs on the Liberté, Patriot, Defender etc. were any more attractive but at least they have something (if not much) to do with tanks. But a metal band’s logo? What the fuck? This is worse than the 13-57’s ugly ass WGL inscription. Next time we get premium tanks with McDonalds and Starbucks logos.

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          1. Sorry to break your bubble, but that’s not how it works. You can put Mickey Mouse themed stuff in a Star Wars movie but people will throw shit at you and they’ll have every right to do so.

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    1. Yeah, obviously Sabaton has nothing to do with tanks, especially since pretty much 90% of the band’s songs are about WW2 and they have songs about tanks as well.
      Not to mention when they play live they literally play on a fucking stagepiece that looks like a tank.

      Sabaton is totally unrelated to tanks. You got that right for sure.


        1. How about explaining it instead of bitching about?

          I mean, Sabaton is Swedish, they are working with WG, they make music about WW2 and tanks.
          So, what exactly is your problem?


          1. Ok, let me break it down for you. The other clowncamo tanks ATM are at least borderline believable. I mean there’s always a chance the Americans made an American flag paintjob for the Pershings, just like with the French. It could’ve exist. It probably didn’t, but with a little bit of imagination you can place it in the context of the game without huge problem. A Sabaton-themed tank on the other hand is pure fiction. Why? Because there was no fucking Sabaton back then. It completely messes up the chronological context, “lore”, call it whatever you want of the game. Yea, I know, now you’ll bring up the fake tanks, fake emblems etc. I don’t approve of them either.

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            1. So they can’t buy an old tank from a museum? (you know, like you actually can in Sweden) and put a sabaton scheme on it for promotion purposes………..

              The timeperiod isn’t just WW2 and some countries still use the centurion, so your argument of “there was no sabaton back then” is quite invalid


              1. So… Should I react to this? I mean this argument is stupid on so many levels, I don’t even know if you’re being serious.


  2. It bothers me more that this will be the second swedish medium which is only useful until tier 7 for crew training. Tier 8 and 10 are heavies and therefore you cant put the crew in it.

    I already have the autoloader swe premium which has it’s own crew which I can’t use elsewere. (I dont want to keep the low tier swe tanks).

    WG needs to find tier 8 to 10 mediums to make that premiums usefull and elevate their sells.


    1. But… but… How could WG drain your wallet otherwise? Convert the crew for heavies with gold once you’ve trained them with sixth sense and stuff!


  3. I am reskinning all these ugly tanks anyway. In my client the Chrysler GF is pink. People who bought it look stupid and therefor I focus them. I will probably reskin the Strv 81 with the British centurion skin

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  4. I’m a musician myself and therefore a hypocrit. I hate clowncamo’s, but if it’s rock ‘n roll, I like it.

    Overall, for the game it is better if they get rid of all those ridiculous camoschemes.


  5. I love metal bit this is shít.

    Nuclear Assault would be more fitting. Buy yeah, band logos on a tank is quite stupid no matter what.


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