WoT ST – Type 59, 59-Patton, T-34-3


  • AP penetration buffed from 190 to 212mm


  • Hull armor changed from 90/50/50 to 100/80/45
  • Turret armor changed from 190/120/60 to 200/130/60
  • Aim time changed from 3.4s to 2.9s

Type 59

  • Hull turn aim bloom changed from 0.18 to 0.14
  • Turret turn aim bloom changed from 0.16 to 0.12
  • Aim time changed from 2.9s to 2.3s

83 thoughts on “WoT ST – Type 59, 59-Patton, T-34-3

    1. Though I fully agree with that. Don’t keep your hopes up that that will happen.

      /s, we all know WG development pace and that they need years of statistical analyses before they come to the same conclusions we can get in a few minutes. That still doesn’t include them actually changing it *trollface*


  1. Ah nice with that changes the Type could finally be usable again.
    And it´s armor will be way more effective if you don´t have to sit 3 sec. in front of an enemy.

    Also a huge buff to the T-34-3


    1. I wouldn’t call it huge, but not bad, not bad indeed. The aim time buff is certainly very much needed. The hull armor increase won’t really make a difference apart from sidescraping, but one rarely sidescrapes with a med. The turret increase is not significant enough to make a big difference although improvements are always welcome. Personally I would like to see a penetration buff to about 190.

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      1. Well i don´t know if it is enough but i still think it is a big one.
        190 pen would be awesome additionally xP
        But i don´t know if they touch the 122mm pen for now either they just buff this one or they buff all of the smm 122mm tanks.


          1. True that would be an option.
            But i looked up the stats oif the T34-3 nd it seems like it does the 5th most dmg of all the T8 meds.
            If the stats of WG are simmilar í don´t think they will do something about the pen.


  2. So T34-2 get shit from WG, worst tier 8.

    And what the point of Panther 88 in game, if STA 2 has more pen, Patton 59, Mutz, CDC. Really, buff long 88 pen then…


  3. first they introduce op premium tanks and now all other premiums will be promoted to the same level while underpowered standard tanks like 34 2 as always wont get anything
    Nobody should be suprised that most players leave tier 8 and like me go to tier 5-6 because standard tier 8 tanks are just not even a little competetive against premium tier 8 or tier 9-10 and playing tier 9 or 10 is just to expensive especially if you have to pay gold to pen tier 8 premium tanks

    But hey let the pay to win players face tier 10 battles every game guess that wont be much fun for them either


      1. But buff to Type 59 and T34-3 kill any point of playing T34-2. That tank has nothing over premium tanks in his own tech tree.

        Buff that T34-2 need badly is gun that hit for 320 and has this aim time and acc of top 100 mm gun he use right now.


        1. double dpm on the 250 alpha gun and this tank will probably still underperform at least such a change would make it unique enough that players try to play it


      2. The buffs to the 34 3 and Type 59 are MASSIVE and dont tell me the 59 patton was a bad tank against these medium tier 8 standard tanks it had a great gun and a good armor/mobility none of these buff were really needed they dont perfom bad so the other premium tanks on this tier that perform below these will get buffed too soon for example the 8.8

        wonder how standard players trying to grind through T 34 2 with bad crew will feel in the game after meeting meds that cannot be penetrated in their hull down positions or heavies in their cannyon positions who will oneshoot them and cannot even be penetrated with using gold
        (not that a tier 8 standard med will ever firing gold because ammo is as expensive as tier 10 gold that deals like tripple damage good gold balancing btw)
        they ll just stop grinding
        Tier 8 battles will filled up with premium only tanks and T 9-10 firing gold only

        I really wonder how the player numbers developed after wg decided to change to pay to win game


        1. This is what you call massive? Sorry, but you are wrong.

          The Type 59 should also receive a better accuracy and better mobility.

          All in all just slight improvements what all the tanks badly needed.

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          1. The type 59 has gun depresion good armor and a good mobility the balancing factor was the terrible gun if you change the gun that much you lose the balancing factor that I would call a massive buff
            I really wonder why wargaming even buff this tank its not performing bad nor is it a very common tank and the guys who got this tank had years of fun with it already slaughtering helpless opponents as this tank was op as fuck as I faced it first
            Now where it has become balanced as the game changes they ll make it op again


              1. position 13 of 30 in damage dealt
                7 of 30 in winrate

                not really performing bad lets say the guys who own it are a little over average than you can say this tank performs mediocre no reason to buff seen until now


                1. Postion 36 of 45 in damage dealt & postion 23 of 45 in winrate within all tier 8 premiums. It is performing bad when you take also in account that this tank isnt available for new players. So most of the stats for that tank are generated by experienced players with highly trained crew (what pushs the tank somehow) in their Type 59. I own a Type 59 and its horrible without a 4-5perk crew.


                  1. which site you use for comparing statistics?
                    I checked vbaddict wonder why there is such a big difference with other sites then


            1. You don´t have one do you?
              The mobility is not bad at all but absolutely nothing special for a med at that tier.
              The armor on the turret is not bad but don´t forget the 2 pretty easy to hit hatches (even easier to hit when you take into account that you need to aim forever (2.9 sec) and your accuracy (0.39) is really bad
              The hull is around 160-170 if you don´t overangle your tank so yeah nice against low tiers T8 & 9 not so much

              So what do you have med mobility decent armor but nothing really reliable the depression is -7° so good for a chinese but still on the lower side.
              And what exactelly does the type now have to be “blessed” with the worst gun?
              (Btw don´t forget that your potential dmg is also just 8500 so you really can´t waste shots)

              I think it will be pretty balanced with that aim time buff
              not against something like the defender/liberte/patriot but against the normal stuff


              1. I dont have one yes but its not needed I see its stats and how it performs I also can imagine its strenght without even having one because I have driven a lot of medium tanks from this tier already in the game and I also faced this tank multiple times before

                the mobility is good if you count in how good the armor is and no its not 160 angled it is 180 angled that means a lot because 175 pen is a very common used penetration for tier 7 and even 8 still
                and that you have a great turret and hull armor and depression
                7 degrees in depression is more than enough if you have a good upper frontal plate and a good turret if not you need more but not with this armor

                dont tell me anybody would fire at the copulas of the type 59 they are not even real weak spots nor will any gun without maybe the best tier 10 laser guns will ever hit a copula this size in this game anymore after two accuracy nerfs if not in point blank range

                After the aim time and gun stats buff nobody will ever pen your turret frontally again if you re not stupid enough to go close distance and stop moving or if they dont press two key


                1. Short version:
                  Sure in a perfect situation the tank is very good.
                  Meaning hulldown using full depression.
                  But if you judge a tank only in it´s perfect enviroment it really does not paint the full picture.

                  Long Version:
                  The effective armor changes drastically with the height of the enemy tank so yeah against smaller ones 180 if they are really big well than you can forget it completelly.

                  175 for T7 yeah as i sayd it works against T7.
                  But you are a little misled about the pen on T8 the only tanks with that amount of pen are some light tanks or the premium HTs with the 122, and KV5 ofc.
                  Even the meds got buffed to 181/183 some patches ago.

                  The armor in the situation you describe is good thats true but if you take the situation hulldown with full depression there are a lot of tanks that are good in it even better because they have better guns.

                  I can´t say how much people are shooting at the copulas recently because i dont drive the type very much.
                  What i can say that it happened they are to compareable size to them on the IS-6 but better armored.
                  Fun fact you can overmatch the types roof with any gun bigger than 90mm.

                  “If you are not stupid enough to go close distance” what distance are you talking about?
                  You know the stats of the gun 0.39 acc 181 pen and only 34 shots (8500 pot. dmg)
                  If you try to play this tank as a sniper you have already lost.
                  Even as a support it is not very good.
                  You need to play this gun at a close to medium distance to get something out of it.
                  With gold it gets easier ofc.

                  But to come back to your initial statement: “Now where it has become balanced as the game changes they ll make it op again”

                  Is your argument for the type geting op:
                  “After the aim time and gun stats buff nobody will ever pen your turret frontally again if you re not stupid enough to go close distance and stop moving or if they dont press two key”

                  Don´t you think you are a little exaggerating that point?
                  With that buff they make the turret more usable thats true but as it is now it is only usable if you have ages to aim a place where you can use gun depression and nobody shooting high pen gold.

                  Also if you look at the type out of its perfect place you truly realize how bad that aim time can be.
                  Surprising a enemy at the side a medium distance away? Yeah good luck next time you need 2.7 -2.9 sec to aim (and even then you have 0.39 acc)

                  In comparison the only other med at T8 with that aim time is the T69 wich is an autoloader then comes the T-34-2 (wich should get the same buff imo).
                  Next would be Lorraine with 2.7 also an autoloader.

                  All that and we have not even talked about the horrible dpm what a shame :P


                  1. its more than one situation I could imagine this tank will perform good not only hulldown
                    House sidescraping reverse sidescraping close distance fights medium distance fights fights from behind an obstacle

                    180 is a very good number still you cannot expect to bounce same tier heavy guns and I doubt you will find a lot same tier mediums with better armor of course if you go very close that goes down a little but you dont have to if you dont want you have the mobility to decide by yourself

                    about the roof you just dont see it frontally like on IS 3 so its way easier to prevent anybody shooting it that you mark that as a weak spot only shows how strong the armor is maybe you also call the bottom hull a weak spot as it could be overmatched also?

                    ” if you go close range and stop moving ”
                    I saied that to show that this is the only reason anybody might fire at your copoulas because for this situation you might actually be able to hit them
                    Never meant to say it is not for close range fights

                    “Is your argument for the type geting op: ..”

                    yes it is my argument

                    if you can fire fast you firstly dont expose your hull very long anymore
                    so it ll get a lot more bounces and non penetrations and second you ll deal more damage
                    makes it overpowered again

                    “exaggerating” ?

                    no dont think I do
                    the gun was a big problem (and probably the only cause this platform is the best you ll find on this tier imho)
                    you will have problems to hit and to penetrate actually with even increasing the chance to get hit both together will change and so the tank will perform far better now
                    it is not a little change dude it is huge


                    1. 180 very good?
                      I repeat myself but ok just against low tiers.
                      And yeah ofc its good for a med but the gun shooting at you does not care if you are med, light or a pony.

                      And yeah it is nearly impossible to hit the roof from the front but it´s still a weakspot in cqc and hitable from a ca. 30° angled turret.

                      Oh and i actually didn´t know that you can overmatch a lot of bottom hulls.

                      Hmm so you say the armor works at a distance wich is correct.
                      And you say the tank can be good at close to medium fights wich is correct and you don´t even have a choice with the gun.
                      And the cupolas are hitable when the distance is smaller wich is correct.

                      So you more or less said it yourself that the turret actually has weakspots when you engage your enemys at your normal combat range….

                      Well if they would push the aimtime down to 1.9 i would agree but with 2.3 you just have to expose yourself the same amount of time like most of the other ones while still having bad acc and horrible dpm.

                      Oh short answer to your other comment: “Ammo capacity of 34?”

                      no HE check
                      premium expensive yeah thats right but only AP with that gun handling?
                      Have you played the T34-1 or the T34-2? You can miss so many shots with such guns…
                      and if you hit about 75% of your shots you only have 25(,5) left meaning 6375 pot dmg.
                      Now that is only if you pen all of them.
                      If you are only using AP on this gun i would say you bounce AT LEAST another 25% so just 4782 pot dmg left.

                      That is so bad i cant put it in words.
                      This tank is one of the tanks if not the tank i run out of ammo the most.
                      Not every battle ofc but more often than you would like to.
                      If you need to carry a T9 or evenT8 game you really need to be careful.

                      I have to agree with youi that the Type itlesf is a really good tank.
                      If you look for a well rounded platfrom it very well be the best.

                      And yes it will be a big change.
                      But as it is now the type needs a lot of effort to get the most out of it while still being pretty rng depending.
                      I think it will get much less frustrating if the buff will come as it is.

                      Maybe it will become a very good tank.
                      But op?
                      If i look at vbaddict.net it seems like there is a long way to go for the type.

                      Also if you just leave the type as it is while the T34-3 will get its buff the T34-3 will just be a better version of the type don´t you think it should at least have one advantage?

                      Fun fact:
                      T34-3 is place 5 by dmg dealt (T8 meds) with ca. 1000
                      Type sits at 13 with 890


              2. Ammo capacity of 34?
                is more than enough he is useless on this alpha so I wouldnt take it and premium is far too expensive to use like most guns on this calibre so 34 ap and if thats gone you ll be either dead or victorious / defeated anyway dont see a problem here
                As this isnt a sniper I doubt I would often run out of ammo far more often out of hp


                1. I have run out of ammo on this tank before and the game wasn’t even over. 181 pen is trash when trying to pen some of these new retarded tier 8 premiums. Oh flank you say? It’s hard to do in a corridor.


    1. Yes of course having twice the number of alpha + good gun stats + mobility + type 59 armor is not enough lol

      The 34 3 deals 1000 dmg a battle actually so before this massive buff compared to panther 8.8 which sits at 760


        1. you can compare with almost any tank that uses the 122 gun IS 6 112 T 44 111 and so on and you will hardly find any tank that has such great dispersion values or aiming time values as the T 34 3
          And the heavies cannot compensate the bad values with closing the distance fast or with flanking
          btw even some meds with 240 alpha guns has worse gun dispersion values centurion indien panzer 34 2 with their small guns so that means they ll probably get hit first with big boom before they could even fire back with small boom


  4. As a 1st step, this seems good. Though it still seems like ‘that other nation’ is getting borderline over buffs, while WG threats China (and other nations) as if walking through a Chinese porcelain shop.

    On the 34-3 I dunno, (don’t have it) but I don’t think it’ll make it less appalling for those folks how have it in garage (unlike one likes it). IMO any 175 pen on any tier 8, SMM or not, just doesn’t cut it anymore nowadays since current meta has shifted TOO much.

    Now onto for the rest of the Chineese tech tree, including the mid tiers (5 to 7). The 34-2 desperately needs adjustments, had had for years now.
    And they need to adjustment the damn MM. The 5/10 template should be more heavily weighted, so it’s occurrence becomes more primary and 15 & 3/5/7 be of a lesser weight so they occur more as a fallback.

    Still a lot left to rework, more than 1,5 years ago, this change won’t get me back into WoT regretfully :(

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    1. The 34 3 has more side armor than the 34 2 has on the front of course without adjusting its weight
      and to “balance” this “little” advantage it will have a faster friring gun and a higher dpm seems completely legit


        1. higher dpm means nothing if you neither have the soft stats of the gun nor the penetration to deal a penetrating hit with it
          I barely made a succesfull shoot with the 100 mil as I grinded the T 34 2 and I break of this attemp years ago (after they again made an accuracy nerf) as there was still a chance that if you at least scored a hit you could deal some damage
          These days you would just bounce of from the opponents you will face of course
          that will not convince anybody to ever play this tank ever again I am sure off


          1. The small gun is so bad there is not even a question which gun you would use on this tank so I ve compared the dpm on the only usefull gun with these of the 34 3 of course


    1. no chance they re busy with milking the cows and give their premium meds armor values like kv 4 super heavy while caern having neither armor mobility nor a decent gun


      1. What are you smoking man?

        Even after the HD model buff T-34-3 will have around 160-165mm effective upper plate and 170mm effective lower plate while KV-4 got 195mm effective upper plate and 180mm effective lower plate.

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        1. 160 -165 ? what have you smoked ?
          It already has 165 upper frontal plate unangled and it ll recieve a buff of like 11 % in frontal armor means it ll go up to 180 at least and that is unangled angled you ll easy get to 200 with this strong side armor even the type 59 which has worse frontal armor angle gets to 185 with a good angling

          KV 4 has even angled a lot of spots you can pen trough with under 190 pen ( flat parts of the turret mantlet near the gun lower front


            1. yes of course it is the most common case that you sit at ten metres and aim at the lowest part of the upperhull with like 10 degrees of depression
              You have 165 if you dont use gun depression at this armor frontally if you use tanks gg learn to use it right at least


            2. And btw we re discussing the incoming BUFF for the T 34 3 frontal armor to 100 mm
              maybe you didnt realized that I have compared the NEW T 34 3 armor with KV 4 armor not the OLD
              because these you shown are the old ones and I also never saied the type 59 has 185 armor UNANGLED but ANGLED so why you show it in the bmp unangled?

              sorry for the cap thought will help him to read better this time


              1. If you haven’t noticed I posted the armour on the Type 59 as well since they will buff the T-34-3 frontal armour to the same thickness as the Type 59.

                “maybe you didnt realized that I have compared the NEW T 34 3 armor with KV 4 armor not the OLD”
                Yeah, sure, that’s why you said: “It already has 165 upper frontal plate unangled”.

                Also how can it be more armoured than the Type 59 if it will literally have the same armour thickness after the buffs?


                1. Same armor thickness yes both will have 100 like stated BUT they didnt mentioned the armor angle they ll give it here
                  and actually the armor angle is better at the T 34 3 so it CAN have a better effective armor thickness
                  cause these are calculated with armor thickness and armor angle

                  I saied “it already has “…” ”

                  you ve read till already only
                  go on reading the “…” part next time if you wanne understand if I wanne compare the old or the new armor of the tank

                  And btw I am stopping here now I am not arguing with anybody that call me retard and trying to argue without even reading my comments completely


  5. Couldnt they just have surgically removed the commanders penthouse? It would’ve been enought of a buff, cause the rest of the armor is actually quite decent and bouncy. Plus it would make the tank look 10times better, but any buff to the 59-Patton is welcome I guess…


  6. I think the gun handling buff to the Type 59 is very nice.
    However, I also think it is not enough, it needs a mobility or a DPM buff too.


  7. it is already more mobile and far better armored as the 8.8 panther and now the gun is also pretty close with better aiming time alpha and dispersion values
    and the 8.8 is also a premium not a standard tank
    probably even in long distance the type 59 could win now with that strong hull armor and gun depression/frontal armor pretty rediculous that the player still ask for more


  8. Soft stats could also be needing a look on the T-34-3. The gun is as unreliable as the tank is sluggish..

    The only decent buff is the aim time. The armor won’t change much.


  9. it already has the best soft stats of a gun you will find on 122 cal at this tier and if you think the armor change will mean nothing you have either no clue about this game or you just wanne have your tank made even more overpowered

    This tank will be devastating and I am looking forward for another ragevid of sir foch soon

    Not that I really care much I stopped playing tier 8 long ago and such changes will only help to get out other players from this tier soon I will welcome them at tier 6

    if wg destroy that also …


    1. The hell is up with your attitude!?

      The newer premium tanks like the Chrysler, Defender, Patriot destroys this thing.


  10. thought the same about your attitude man

    the tanks get a massive buff and you re even crying for more you really make yourself look like a noob
    the new tanks not only destroy these tanks they re destroying all others too that shouldnt be the reason to make the others op as fuck too but to delete them out of the game

    even with that op tank you wont have fun if all others not using these will leave the game or at least change the tier be sure of that
    so it maybe could be better to look a little forward


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