WOT Summer Sale day 7 – IS-6



6 thoughts on “WOT Summer Sale day 7 – IS-6

    1. They have said this and the KV-5 is going to be buffed in a patch or two. But… as to what they never said. could be pen, could be armor, could be aim time. Who knows. So until they say, this buy is still a gamble.

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  1. BIAS-6 sucks now, it used to be my best heavy with 3000wn8 on it but now it can’t compete as it’s hard to get above 2000dmg without gold. And i am not in any way going to spam apcr in a tier 8 premtank. Avoid buying that shit until they give him at least 190 pen.


  2. 190 pen? wont change anything thats actually probably less than tier 8 premium meds have
    IS 3 penetration and I would give it a try maybe
    It would still be slow and bad armored far to many new high pen super premiums introduced already that will cut through with standard ammo if angled or not


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