Speculation: WT E-100 Returning?

In this video, a Russian youtuber speculates that the Waffentrager auf E-100 could return based on the fact that its stats were changed recently and cause of other reasons:

  • Online numbers are dropping, WG needs to step their game up;
  • 2nd season of personal missions needs better rewards to attract players;

Also, the WT E-100 was not removed from the client. It got 200 less hitpoints, less penetration and 490 alpha when it was last changed. But still, 2200 DPM in 5 rounds.


32 thoughts on “Speculation: WT E-100 Returning?

  1. NEW WG Balance department, ” Hey comrades we have a totally balanced tank we are not using, lets release it as a 100 euro tier 8 Premium”

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          1. And the game balance of just adding armour to everything isn’t a kinder garden decision?

            Also you obviously did mean offence.


  2. It’s the summer. There is a heat wave out and most are on holiday “inc me that have 4 weeks off now”. So I kinda expect numbers to drop.. as they do each summer on EU. Tho NA have seen a drop in new accounts vs last summer. And the population is way lower vs last summer. So their event thing to keep players coming back seems to not be working as well anymore.

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  3. Well goddamn…although this is nice food to shove under any WG reps noses who are attending tank events this summer/fall. Bad smelling food…rotten even perhaps.


  4. SEA active population is deteriorating dramatically as well.

    It’s the time of the year where population is at peak at SEA, given the fact that the population from Korean server merged to SEA.

    Just saying :)

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    1. The problem in SEA is many players are bad players, and they can’t learn themselves out of the losing cycle. So they just quit.

      p.s. KR and JP players quite like the current p2w t8 prems is not helping….


  5. Considering the new Foch Gun with its 6 Rounds each 400 DMG which is comparable to the actual WT 100 this is not so unrealistic


    1. That is like saying a tank with a Panther hull and a Tiger II turret is alright because both the turret and hull existed. That is basically what the WT auf. E100 is like. That tank has no place in the game.

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      1. Well sounds like you just created a tier 8 premium tank for them to introduce next year. Historical accuracy went out the window a long time ago.


  6. Instead of keeping it as autoloader how about doing a single shot version with good accuarcy dpm (but not that much bigger than jagdtiger) “decent” camo (grille or FV4005) and good aim time?? It could do as a tier X of his own line of FULLY TRAVERSE TURRET rather than the semi turret Grille has


  7. WTF are they doing? Less penetration???
    A halfway decent player should be able to penetrate any tank with standard ammo while using a TD.
    How much more will they nerf that tank???
    This new fashion of TDs that need to spam gold, like the StuG IV is just wrong! TD’s main feature is good penetration.

    Also you don’t get players back by creating a gap between them and the players that remained active – looking at you, ranked battles!

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  8. Most of my Clan stopped playing WOT early summer the numbers dropped from 87 to 36 and dropping ..

    got so bad I quit my Clan so few left ..
    and now myself i have lost interest with WOT now AND its got nothing at all to do with Summertime –

    the shity MM system fault mainly, and as a point T8 is total crap the 3-5-7 system was great in 9.18 but since 9.19 and now, its fuck crap (yet again

    also just as important to me, the small and old corridor brawling Maps bore the shit out of me, no new Maps in over 2 years, and the last 2 Pilsen and Paris only suit brawling – so fuck you WG

    Arty pisses me off in almost every battle its OP and tomatoes in SPG’s in outer space influence the game to powerfully, even with the arty nerfs its still shits on you from outer space (so brave, so skilfull

    for me WOT has become boring and so same old same old battle meta.
    and WG is milking hard the EU for cash every day, but the game get zero real needed improvements

    ~ I had the Waffentrager auf E-100 and it was fun and at times frustrating to play, took me 2 years to get it ~ then WG removed it replaced it with the Grille 15 which was shit compared to the auto loader meta of the Waffentrager auf E-100

    then! WG nerfed the fuck out of the Grille 15 for reasons?
    iv never been happy with this ‘fuck you’ attitude, its done is done so stop crying ok!

    crying yeah – well WG not a penny from me for over 3 months now, so who is crying now, and I’m far from alone …………….


  9. Sure, bring back the powercreep that’s a great way to keep players. -That tank needs to stay dead.

    Stun is STILL a bad mechanic.
    And this new MM has turned t8 into a total pain in the ass.


  10. So as the player base on the North American server has been on the express elevator to hell for the last few years now and is more populated by bots than actual players these days, the typical Wargaming yes men have said:

    So what? Europe and Russia is where they make their money.
    Russians are their main market and it’s huge there and they love it!
    With millions of players in Russia, they don’t need North America!
    They’re raking in the money in Russia so who cares?!
    Really? Truly? So all is quiet on the eastern front?

    Apparently, not.

    The entire power elite of the Russian player base are up in arms and planning a complete boycott of Clan Wars. Original posting HERE.

    In the end, it boils down to this: Payoffs. That’s really it. They want their free gold. They’re crying rivers over it.

    Now, they (the yes men) claim that they should be rewarded for displaying their “skill” and taking part in Clan Wars. The question we have is, “why”?

    If you play the game, you allegedly play it because it’s fun. Clan Wars is nothing more than an extension of the game that was designed to give clans a chance to show who was best by who could dominate the map the most. It was, in the beginning, an almost real-life game of ‘Risk’ or ‘Axis and Allies’, and it was very cool…except for the payoffs.

    The problem with games is that like all things the greedy assholes of the world instantly begin to scam it as hard as they can. The concepts of fun, fair play and sportsmanship never occur to them. Cheating, rigging, collusion, exploitation…that is their idea of fun.

    So what happened were power clans started recruiting people hand over fist and using them as partner clans to dominate the maps. They would rig matches to lose lands back and forth every other week or so and share all the proceeds for that. In so doing, they pushed out the small, single clans almost overnight.

    So for years it’s been the same 6 or 8 clans and their dozens of subsidiaries rigging the map for complete control, leaving only the top 1.5% of the player base even able to take part in Clan Wars to begin with.

    Yea. Fun. Engaging.

    Most rational, thinking people saw the inherit problem with this bullshit years ago: If you cater to only to top 1.5% of the player base for long, you will ultimately destroy yourself. Whey else do you think the U.S. Stock Market crashes on regular intervals? (It’s for the same, exact goddamned reason.)

    What Clan Wars and XVM did in conjunction is create an elitist, toxic environment of abuse that made this game unplayable by the status quo. Who in their right mind would stick around and pay money for that kind of absolute abuse?

    What’s more, Wargaming never did one single goddamned thing to stop it. They were living large. They were on top of the world.

    What’s more than that is those very same people swore up and down that the gold was never a factor, that it wasn’t that much and that they still sunk huge amounts of money into the game.

    Really, assholes? So why all the crying now?

    Because it IS about the gold. That’s why.

    The typical Clan Wars ride-along player could easily earn between 800-1200 gold per week. That’s around 4300 gold per month. That’s worth roughly 20 bucks per month which is DOUBLE what a premium account cost.

    What’s more, the higher ups and very active members made much more than that. They could easily average 1500 to 2000 gold per week. That’s closer to 7200 gold per month. That’s worth 32 dollars per month. That’s about triple what any average player would ever spend on this game.

    That doesn’t even take into account the even larger gold payouts those same people made on tournament play that they rigged as well.

    Now they’re fucked…and rightly so…and they’re crying like bitches over it. Now they can’t just sit on their ass and get free gold all year long.

    How long did they actually expect that to last? Apparently, forever. But with declining numbers comes declining income. All those players they told to “uninstall, go play Minecraft, nobody will miss you” are now gone, playing other games, and they are very sorely missed to the point that the only people left to squeeze money out of are the very same people that never wanted to spend it to begin with.

    It’s fucking hysterical.

    The North American server is all but dead now. It’s painfully obvious they’ve pretty much pulled the plug on it by cutting their data plan back to the minimum and running rolling black-outs on chat to cut bandwidth to keep the game playable only at the lowest levels. This has resulted in lag of biblical proportions and threads galore on the forums complaining about it.

    All of that, as usual, is falling on deaf ears.

    The same thing is happening across Europe and Russia now. The cutbacks on data, gold payoffs, and everything else has reached the point that now even most of the yes men are turning against Wargaming.

    Well, assholes, what did you expect? Since you and your holier than thou, toxic bullying ran everybody out of the game, who is left to squeeze for money?

    You are, bitches. You are. You’re all that’s left now. So they will cut the gold payoffs, they will bleed you dry. You’ll have no choice but to start cutting your subsidiary clans loose so you can bogart what little is left for yourself. That of course will turn them against you and the real war actually begins as the ones you used to work with try to cut your throat for what little scraps are left on the table.

    In the end, it will be fun to watch. I for one am going to take great personal joy in watching it happen.


    Because as much as I hate to see the game in its death throws, I love watching all these assholes that said, “just leave, nobody cares, go play Minecraft” crying like bitches over free gold, while all we wanted was the fucking game fixed and the toxic bullshit stopped.

    It’s poetic justice at it’s very best, and I do truly love watching that happen.


  11. One tank does not change the game or make guys quit.its an overall factor of whiners and complaining all the time.always here this tank that tank is op.every battle you play do you come across someone playing the defender full throttle?havent been dead by one in weeks.its all the whinning driving players away cause ughh or wahhh its not fair he got buffed or whatever my dpm aint the same so now i lose.or the xvm guy that just gives up before the battle even starts because he dont have a 100 percent chance of winning.ffs!


  12. Player base is dropping due to overpowered premium tier 8 heavies and because the need to shoot gold ammo went over tipping point.
    Fix is easy
    – make arty even more poisonous
    – re-introduce some poisonous tanks
    – buff tier 8 premiums and add more tanks like E25 or SU-122-44 to make mid tiers even more attractive. Consider old KV1S as a tier 6 premium.


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