Supertest: Otto Carius’ Tiger 217 Tier 6 Premium German Heavy Tank

This is the Tiger which the famous German tanker, Otto Carius, commanded. We now have both major Tiger I variants as premiums. The Tiger 131 being a Tiger I Ausf H and the Tiger 217 being a Tiger I Ausf E.

In April 1944, Otto Carius got the Tiger tank no. 217 under his command. He commanded it only until July 1944 because of his battle wounds. The tank itself was blown up under Baltyisk (Pillau) in 1945 because it was unfit for further duty.

Tier: Tier 6 German Premium
HP: 950
Engine power: 650 hp
Weight: 57.02 tons
Power-to-weight: 11.4 hp/t
Speed: 40/-12 km/h
Hull rotation: 26
Turret rotation: 20.9
Terrain resistances: 1.151/1.342/2.781
View range: 370 m
Radio range: 740.4 m

Hull armor: 100mm/80mm/80mm
Turret armor: 100mm/80mm/80mm

Gun: 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56

Alpha damage:  220/220/270
Penetration: 145mm/194mm/44mm
Rate of fire: 8.939 rounds per minute
Damage per minute: 1966.5
Reload time: 6.712 seconds
Accuracy: 0.364
Aiming time: 2.21 seconds
Depression: -8/+15

Visual model

Armor model

More screenshots


52 thoughts on “Supertest: Otto Carius’ Tiger 217 Tier 6 Premium German Heavy Tank

    1. Don’t regret. I love my HT6 (bought it same day when was available in store). I hope to crush lots of 131 in game with HT. :-)


        1. The nicer approach: Those pipes are air intakes/filters used for desert combat, the Tiger 131 was captured in north africa so this makes since as the fine dust in the desert would royally fuck the engine quickly. Note that if you look at Tiger 131 online it still has these intakes/filters today…

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          1. Now this is a proper answer! Thank you for explaining it, and in such detail!
            Though this still does not give an explanation for why the HT #6 has the same filters…

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        1. I was wrong, IS-2 432 (Berlin) was the first tank modeled after a real tank. Fury as seen in the movie wasn’t a real tank (but chances are there was a tank named “Fury.” Thunderbolt VII, Tiger 131, and Otto Carius’ Tiger are also all real.


    1. Well, there is nothing wrong with that actually. As long as they aren’t stronger then their tech tree counterparts it is absolutely fine with me. You can have a Tiger with a cool skin as a crew trainer and sort of moneymaker. If people want to pay for that, fine. It’s not ruining balance like the Patriot or Defender.

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      1. You mention the Patriot and Defender, but no the Liberte? In the hands of a reasonably skilled player, the Liberte is better than either of the two you mentioned, and more unbalanced.


        1. Every tier 6 tank lol pens the cupola of the liberate. Hell, I’ve even seen one time where a kV 2 snapshotted a he shell into the cupola for 900 damage. The reason why the liberte is “balanced” is due it it having an obvious frontal weak spot that is not like the defenders lower plate that is stronger than the tiger 2’s upper plate. Or the patriot that has no frontal weak spots as the lower plate as quite tough


        2. The Liberté is strong, I’ve played a lot of games in it (before swapping it for the non-clown version), but the cupola makes the nice turret armor less useful (can be penned by everything it meets), and the weak side armor and the weaker ‘shoulders’ on the front makes that it can’t sidescrape. It’s not very mobile and a huge target. It also doesn’t have big alpha or huge DPM.

          It is strong, but not OP. I think it’s a good example of balance. I don’t feel guilty for playing it, and I do feel guilty when I play the T26e5. For that reason I haven’t bought the OPject 252U and the Chrysler… :-)


  1. +++The Tiger 131 being a Tiger I Ausf H and the Tiger 217 being a Tiger I Ausf E.+++

    but still the identical stats? So at the end we have the same premium tank with 3 different skins? Well, Tiger 217 “E” will come along with a 0-Perk BiA crew.


    1. There are virtually no differences between any of the Tiger variants. DIfferences are limited to stuff like smoke dispenser-locations or numbers or differences in the mud-guard and so on.


  2. Shameless blatant money grab from Wargaming. Brings nothing new to the game except a nice looking skin. Just like AW is doing now – printing money by giving old tanks new looks.


    1. not really a money grab, the game has needed a historical tiger for a long time, that wasnt the weeb tiger. its a great option for those who want a historical tank, without getting stomped by an e75.
      im curious how is a t6 heavy a money grab…not many people are going to buy it, the only ones who will are the ones who want the historical tiger. certainly no unis are going to be getting it because we have the cromwell B

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    2. WG releases an OP premium: “Fuck you WG, you are just grabbing cash as fast as you can before you kill the game!”

      WG releases a BALANCED premium tank with unique skin: “Fuck you WG this brings nothing new to the game, this is just a shitty cashgrab!”


  3. Gotta admit, it looks gorgeous.

    It’s a shame that this thing has to fight tier 8 heavies head on. I mean, what can you do against an IS-3 in this thing?


    1. you think thats bad? how about a t7 tiger vs a E75? also, the gun should be able to pen an IS3 with gold fairly reliably through the LFP, and through the UFP if youre good. the gun port on the turret should also be a target, because i think the tiger is tall enough to shoot that or the cupolas too.


      1. Yeah, but with that gunhandling and accuracy + RNG, it’s just shit. I know how to outplay an IS3, but when you have to sit there and aim for weakspots, while the IS3 just can snapshot you anywhere on the tank and pen, it’s just shitty.

        If you play a tier 6 med, you can use your mobility to flank and you won’t even need gold. But in a tier 6 heavy your armor is useless and there is nothing to compensate for it. And with the new ‘improved’ matchmaking of 9.19, you are bottom tier in 75% of the games you play with it.

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    1. They may reskin whatever the fuck they like, if it’s up to me. As long as it is balanced, it doesn’t make the game worse, but more enjoyable for the players who have the opportunity to spend some money on this game.

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  4. Tiger on tier 6 fits the game so much better. Tier 7 Tiger is a nice weapons platform but doesn’t at all feel like a monster


    1. True, but the short 88 is still a shitty gun for a tier 6 heavy. Most heavies on that tier get 160-175 mm of pen with more than 200 mm on the premium rounds.

      The Tiger will be best on tier 5. The armor would actually work (most of tier 5’s will pen it anyway) on that tier and the short 88 will be fine with less dpm. It would also be more historically accurate, if you look at the other tier 5’s (KV1’s, T34’s, Shermans). Those were the tanks it had to face on the battlefield.

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      1. KV T 34, and Shermans were outdated after the appearance of the Tiger these got upgraded into stuff like Sherman Firefly or T 34 85 so I think Tier 6 is a good Tier for the Tiger however I dont think with this settings I would be interested in this tank weak gun and armor thats still not very good so you probably need to cam second line I guess


        1. The long 88 with low dpm wouldn’t be a bad thing on this tier 6 platform. Then it could snipe at least, for as far current maps will let you do that…


      2. 88L56 base pen should be around 152-153mm with AP, APCR penetration is kinda spot on right now.

        Although if they buff the pen on the L56 they need to up the the pen to around 158-160mm on the 75L70 guns…


  5. +++The Tiger 131 being a Tiger I Ausf H and the Tiger 217 being a Tiger I Ausf E.+++

    Just took a look. The Tiger 131 is being a Tiger Ausf E.


  6. Without Preferential MM this new Tiger will just get shit on all the time by OP Tier 8 tanks
    its to slow to keep up with Mediums
    cannot play as a Heavy unless its Top Tier
    Its DPM and gun is poor considering the ‘actual real world War 2 fearsome reputation,
    In WOT its just another big fat Heavy like the TOG II but without good DPM waiting for farming

    sorry guys, but a T6 tiger with those ‘balanced in Russia stats’ is not going to be fun to play
    if it had greater power to weight ratio and top speed 45kph at least it could re-position out of harms way
    remember its 1940 armour is total shit in WOT a Russian T34-85 (any) can farm this for fun all day long, so Defender, Patriot, Chrysler GF anyone fancy there chances?
    even a Tier 7 Russian IS Heavy will shit all over this tank no problem

    Preferential MM and a big mobility buff then its worth buying ~ as it is lol and ROLF

    WG selling Premiums for the sake of it,
    those nice Cash Cow EU servers for WG


    1. To be honest all tier 6 heavies get shit on by tier 8 tanks. Don’t so surprised by that. Also the tank itself is not as shit as you consider it. The mantlet it’s far more reliable on all tiger 1 hulls(ht6 and tiger i) after the german buff. Post german buff i was able to pen the tiger with cromwell and t34 85 in the manlet but now i have to aim my shoots pretty well in order to pen the manlet of a tiger i and ht6( a.k.a no longer being able to snapshoot the f out of the turret as of before). The tank itself it’s mobile enough and the side hull armour it’s godlike compared to a kv 85(worst tier 6 heavy after churchill). The gun it’s not too bad as well. It is quite a fast firing gun so you can always put more shoot than your enemy and your dpm is not half bad. Also .38 accuracy is not terrible it’s doable and you know that the gun performance it’s far more affected by soft stats which are decent on the ht6.


  7. I would like to get it this one. Right now the Tiger 131 is on sale but I would rather get the 217. But should I use the BIA crew which comes in the package or better use my crew from the Tier VII Tiger I?


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