Wargaming.net LLP Undergoing Dissolution

Did tanks start getting spoiled? Wargaming recently dissolved the „mother” company in London. (Seb: they also opened a new mobile division recently, so do not be afraid that WG is dying)

The Wargaming.net LLP company registered in London, which was owned by the Cypriot Wargaming.net Ltd, the developer of MMO games, the most popular of them being World of Tanks, has filed for liquidation. This is stated in the materials of the British Registration Chamber.

The reasons for this decision were not indicated yet. Although the company is liquidated according to the norms of bankruptcy law, an expert in jurisprudence says that in WG’s case, this is not a classic bankruptcy. Market participants believe that this decision was made in order to not disclose the company’s financial statements anymore.

Wargaming.net LLP in the form of a limited liability partnership was registered in London in 2008 by a group of companies of the British Virgin Islands that became the owners of rights and the holders of the trademark World of Tanks.

British reports indicated that Wargaming.net LLP is owned by two companies in Australia and one in Cyprus, who are the owners of other „tank” structures. Earlier it was reported that since 2011 the headquarters of Wargaming is in Cyprus, where they migrated, including the founders of the company. Maybe something has changed since that time? In a press statement of the company it was confirmed that the head office is located in Cyprus, and about relations with other agencies, WG refused to comment.

Wargaming also refused to comment on this information. They also refused reporting their financial earnings of 2016.

Our opinion on this matter? If you read between the lines, you can notice that WG tries very hard to hide their earnings, apparently. We don’t know why, but I automatically assume they are cowards.


42 thoughts on “Wargaming.net LLP Undergoing Dissolution

  1. Well… they do still own a bank… that they bought, just so they could take their money out that they refused to give back. They own many minor companies. All, inc the bank that you can openly check for financial reports. And all of them are going rather well.


      1. Are only multinational companies allowed to be evil? I want to see his tax returns. Yours also. Otherwise I’ll automatically assume you guys are cowards.


        1. I had to pay around 200€ back taxes, or whatever it is.
          Nope, not rich at all.
          sickness benefit + paycheck = tax not 100% correct.


  2. There you go kids. That`s where all your money went. Into tax havens and money laundering schemes.

    Next time you think about buying that shiny, new, OP premium, remember this article and think for yourself:
    “Do I want to give these 40 euros so that fat rich bastard Victor can take them, and not even pay any taxes?
    Or maybe I should donate some of them to the children starving in Sudan…”

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    1. I will never give to starving kids in Sudan. I would rather buy things that benefit my needs and wants, even if it is buying things off companies like WG

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  3. privately held companies generally do not disclose earning or subscribers or any critical marketing data, anyone with a basic education knows this, so obviously all EU citizens are cowards for not getting a basic education. lazy, dumb, cowards.

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    1. Wow, lol. American right.

      You cunts are always like that: “If it makes you money ANYTHING is fair.”

      How about heroin dealing? Or slave trade?

      Hiding your income to avoid taxes is a crime like any other.

      And the fact that we know how most companies handle their critical date just means we want that to change, and have the rich actually become accountable for, instead of using their money to be above the law.

      Unlike you US sheeple, who keep believing in lies about how fair taxation will ruin (hint: it won`t, unless you are rich, and 99.99% of you fucks that spread this over the net most certainly are NOT).

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        1. As a result of the migration crisis ongoing as of early 2017, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden temporarily imposed controls on some or all of their borders with other Schengen states.

          So much for EU citizenship.


          1. I don’t even live in the Schengen area. I just want to say that all EU citizens have the right to circulate freely, for example, using only the ID in my case. A lot easier than needing a visa.


            1. Ok. That is true, you can travel with your id card in the Schengen area but there’s no such thing as EU citizens though the powers that be have been trying to sell us that ideia for decades now.

              Some agree, we’re all children of the earth, rainbows and hugs. Others aren’t so sold on the idea just yet.


  4. “…But I automatically assume they are cowards.”
    That ending.
    I mean come on, really?
    Obviously this wasn’t simply cowardice, as the decision to dissolve part of the company has to have been carefully considered and deemed the best course of action. They want to continue rolling in money by any means necessary.


  5. Many multinationals are trying to reduce scrutiny of their incomes – the principle reason being tax liability and tax havens. Many nations have – quite correctly – suspected that the multinationals – esp companies like Google and the like – are not adequately meeting their tax obligations and legislation has been enacted in several countries that would allow for closer cooperation between countries and “tax-havens” to ensure that these multinationals adequately meet their tax liabilities. So now the multinationals will move to reduce scrutiny and hence tax liability.

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  6. International tax law is a mess, and any company that has operations in multiple countries is going to get taxed in all of them. Often fully. It sucks, and don’t blame WG. Apple, Google, Msft, all do this too.


    1. Actually major multinationals keep more than 60% of their money in offshore tax havens – an estimated $1.7 Trillion in 2014! Then they effectively pay between 3.8% and 4.6% tax and not the corporate rate of 35% (for US companies). Local companies cannot do that. Now several nations have enacted legislation and improved cooperation – and put considerable pressure on “tax havens” to comply – so that these multinationals pay the tax they are due to pay a) in the countries where this was generated; and b) in their “home” countries. Many countries have tax agreements to ensure that companies and individuals are not double taxed.


  7. Either they’re in shit and don’t want to admit it ; either they’re doing very well and don’t want to pay for it (litteraly).

    I guess that’s being cowards in both cases. But most companies do the same anyway so we can’t blame them for that.


    1. It’s probably the latter.
      WG is still doing good money with WoT, and they have plenty of other investments.

      This is just to hide how much they make so they can keep being cheap as fuck and no one will be able to demonstrate that they could be doing a LOT better.
      ie: WoWS servers

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  8. One reason why WG might be hiding its financial performance is to keep their own employees in the dark…, There’d probably be more internal pressure on wages if developers saw their co. is making 100 million/yr or whatever it is.
    Incidentally, Bloomberg had some estimates on WG a while ago, if I recall correctly they had sales at Usd 560m in 2015, no reason to think it would be less today, probably the opposite…


  9. Another embarresing Seb post….very petty of you trying to push your own agenda down your gullible fanboys throats… tacky in teh utmost but not at all unexpected from teh likes of you if I@m honest.. you really are a horrible little person aren’t you?… nevermind I’m sure your fantasy online self has loads of mates and is really popular…polar opposite of real life eh son?

    I know you are young and we can’t expect a decent level of maturity from you but of late you just seem even more petty, small and bitter than your admittedly pathetic usual self.


  10. Anyone here remember when Paypal sales went right into Victors personal account?

    Some days it went to WG, other days it would go into Victors account.

    That stopped happening a long time ago, but I always found it interesting.


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