WoWS: Public Test 0.6.7

Source: Official WoWS Portal

What to expect in Public Test 0.6.7?

Session one of the Public Test will be running from 15 June at 18:30 CEST until 22 June at 15:00 CEST (UTC+2). Keep in mind that this is a testing environment, and unannounced maintenance and patch deployments can happen at any time during the Public Test phase.

Because the version update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of publication. Certain changes and new features may be stripped or implemented in a different way by the time the final version of this update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the update is released.

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles is the principal competitive game mode of World of Warships, where every player, be they a newcomer or an experienced commander, will be able to find equal opponents. Join in the test, battle in the Seventh Season with Tier VI ships, and receive new rewards for participating in the Public Test of Update 0.6.7! By the way, players who will reach the League of Sea Wolves will be able to battle against decent rivals playing with Tier VIII ships.

The battle rules remain the same as in the Sixth Season of Ranked Battles:

  • Two teams consisting of 7 players fight against each other;
  • The total number of ranks is 23, out of which 10 are irrevocable, namely Ranks 23 to 17, 15, 12, and 1;
  • All ranks are grouped into four leagues. These are the Third League, the Second League, the First League, the Premier League. There is also the League of Sea Wolves for those who achieve Rank 1;
  • Players don’t lose a star for a defeat in Ranks 23-20;
  • Team lineups are mirrored in terms of ship types and tiers;
  • The top experience earner in the defeated team does not lose a star.

Get your favourite ships ready and try out the new map “Riposte” created specifically for Ranked Battles.

You will find yourself fighting in the warm waters of the Eastern part of Mediterranean, Ionic, and Adriatic Seas. Stay on guard though, as the enemy team is on high alert too, and won’t let you laze in the sun. The key points of this map are the absolute symmetry of it, and the twin islands. The map offers equal opportunities for the both teams. Each type of ship, be it a battleship, destroyer, or cruiser, will benefit from the location of the islands.

Players will get a chance to receive nice rewards, such as sets of signal flags, and the unique commemorative flag for those participants who reach Rank 15 during the Seventh Season. Those players who will make their way into the Second League will be rewarded with various types of camouflage. The brave ones who will break into Rank 1 will be able to raise the “Jolly Roger IV” flag!

Please note that the conditions for the ranked season on the public test will be simplified and the prizes may differ from the prizes that will be on the live server. Only five ranks will be available on public test. The 5th and 4th ranks will be revocable. In order to pass the 5th rank, only one star will be required, for the next ones—two stars.

New Sound Settings

In addition to the season of Ranked Battles, Update 0.6.7 Public Test will feature a special filter that will allow you to adjust the audio settings according to your preferences:

  1. Mixed: When selected, this option keeps the music as it was in the previous update.
  2. Original: When enabled, this option will allow playing only the tracks that had been added into the game before the dynamic music was introduced.
  3. Dynamic: Only dynamic music will be played, without old tracks.

Tune the sound to your liking!

Visual Improvements

In the new version, we significantly improved the lighting for all maps, as well as sky textures for all weather conditions, and the visual components of water. The lighting of all elements of the 3D world as well as water spaces became more realistic. Join in the test and fully evaluate the new look of the maps!

General Improvements

In Update 0.6.7, we made the game better and fixed some issues:

  • Now, the Commander’s status is correctly displayed in the post-battle statistics screen, if the Commander underwent retraining;
  • Filter is functioning correctly in the Port when Elite and Premium ships are selected at the same time;
  • The “Select a suitable ship” inscription is not displayed in the Campaigns section when the correct ship was selected upon re-entry in the game;
  • When accessing the Personal File of a select Commander, the Commanders’ carousel will now show the Commander whose Personal File is being accessed.

Be among the first to try the changes in the Seventh Season of Ranked Battles, a new map, and visual improvements during the Public Test of Update 0.6.7. Gather all rewards and share your impressions with us!

Earn those Rewards!

Get three signal flags of each type on your live account for playing one PvE battle on the Public Test server.

Complete the server side event chain on the Public Test and get one day of Premium Account on the live server.


                              Earn 1st rank in the Public Test Ranked Season and get five of each new signal flag:


Image Flag Name Flag Effect

+50% Credits



+777% to Free XP


Hydra +50% to XP

+150% to Commander XP

+250% to Free XP

Red Dragon  

+100% to XP

+100% to Commander XP


You will be able to claim your rewards on the dedicated website. Information regarding when you will be able to redeem them will be sent to your registered Test Account email address on the day of the release of the update or slightly after. Please note that only players with a Public Test account registered to the same e-mail as their live server account will be able to redeem their rewards.

What resources will you get on the Public Test server?

  • Tier VI ships will be credited to all players at the start of the test, together with 15-skill-point commanders.
  • Research prices of Tier VI+ ships are significantly lowered, so that players can easily reach the top tiers in just a few battles.
  • Research prices for modules will be discounted.
  • Account Level 15 upon first login.
  • Premium Account for 14 days upon your first login.
  • 30,000 Doubloons.
  • 500,000,000 Credits.
  • Assorted signal flags for testing: 10 of each Signal Flag, except the Dragon Signal Flag.
  • Ability reset for Commanders will be discounted: 1 Doubloon = 1 Skill Point