War Thunder – Datamine

Another datamine by _mike10d

New Boats Gamemode

[Sea hunting] Ice Fields

Two teams are fighting in the sea battle on ice fields. Team first destroyed enemy fortifications or fleet in the parking – wins.


New Tanks Gamemode

[Banner] Poland

In [Banner] mode, players will have to capture the flag and storm enemy positions with it.

– Grab the Banner!

– Sturm the enemy’s position with him.

The flag can be intercepted by destroying the standard bearer.

You can burn up to 1/3 enemy points at a time.

Only the standard-bearer can capture the enemy zone.

Captured by the enemy zone can be repulsed.


Flight models


  • Stall speed lowered
  • Max speed reduced ~25-50kph
  • Rate of climb reduced
  • Roll rate reduced



  • Stall speed raised
  • Top speed reduced slightly from 0-1000m
  • Top speed increased slightly from 1500m-5000m
  • Top speed reduced slightly from 5000m-7000m
  • Empty mass: 2568 → 2617
  • Elevator stiffening reduced



  • Climb speed increased
  • Top speed increased 10-30kph depending on alt
  • Elevator stiffening reduced


C-205 (all)

  • Climb speed increased
  • Top speed increased
  • Engine temps adjusted
  • Empty mass: 3190 → 3188 (N2 only)
  • Elevator stiffening reduced


Lower back is now CHA

Bottom front is now CHA

Rear hull side is now RHA

Rear is now RHA

Firewall is now RHA