War Thunder – Destroyer Testing

Gaijoob finally unrolls the DDs.

Testing Windows (Dev server only)

Saturday 10th Sunday 11th Monday 12th
17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT 01:00 GMT to 05:00 GMT 01:00 GMT tо 05:00 GMT
17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT

Download Dev Server Launcher


  • Testing will be conducted on the DEV-server (this is required to implement new features correctly) in the [Sea Hunt] Ice Fields event
  • Only members of the naval CBT will have access to the DEV-server
  • You may download the test client in advance and begin testing new features immediately after the start of the test

Attention! You can participate in the testing from no more than two PC’s.

Leave your feedback in the special forum section!

A new stage for Naval battle testing in War Thunder. Destroyers and new game features.

War Thunder fleet development has moved to “full ahead” and we would like to give you the opportunity to try out some new changes we have already indicated earlier.

We are introducing a new vessel type – destroyers, that can be tested on the new “Ice Fields”  testing location. At this stage players will have 2 destroyers available – the Soviet 7-U type and the British “Tribal” class destroyer, torpedo-boats and aircraft will also be available in the mission


The new test map will be really big – several dozens of square kilometers which will allow vessels of different types to participate in battle. The destroyers will spawn at the edge of the map, while the fast and mobile torpedo-boats will have the spawn points closer to the centre.


The task in this mission is pretty simple – destroy enemy cargo ships that are stationed at the rear and protect your own. Destroyers have powerful artillery weapons that can shoot across almost all of the map, however shooting from long distance may lead to wasting a lot of ammunition so we would recommend getting closer to the target for more accurate fire.

Torpedo boats begin the battle much closer to enemy positions but they should watch out for the heavy fire of any enemy destroyers and use cover before reaching a good position for a torpedo attack. Players will not have to spend “Spawn Points” for using vessels, while choosing bombers/torpedo bombers will require a lot of SP and only experienced players will be able to fly an aircraft more than once per mission. However almost all players will have an opportunity to try aircraft against destroyers at least once.

New mechanics and features.

Let’s start with the new icon for vessel damage status. A craft’s layout is fixed in a vertical configuration, it has become larger and easier to read. Also engine telegraph values are now displayed on the layout along with the current speed of the vessel. This panel shows the status of modules, the number of active crew members and the current secondary and AA gun status.

Clockwise – surface targets, all targets, air targets, no fire.

From now on a player will control only the main guns by default, secondary and AA guns are controlled by the AI and can fire at will, the player may choose which type of targets these gun will fire at or turn off automatic fire completely. By default air targets are chosen for automatic fire.

Damage model.
The “toggle targets” command key should be chosen in ship control -> weaponry section. (click to check standard keys)

As we have already hinted at, we have created larger modules in the damage model system, also crew members are allocated to compartments and battle stations – damaging these sections will automatically knock out several of these crew members and the more damage that is inflicted, the more crew members will be lost.




From now on, players will control fire and flooding prevention as well as the module repair itself – they should activate the respective button on the action panel. Please consider that enabling several actions at the same time will make the selected progress slower and decrease the reload rate of all guns. New icons for: extinguish fire, repair, repair breaches

Commander – you should choose what is a priority at the time to successfully complete the task.

A crew fights a  fire, repairs breaches and repairs modules all at the same time

This is  how the flooding system works –  a breach area size is defined by the line it crosses on the water’s surface, the more the vessel sinks –

the more water will flood the craft unless the breach is repaired.  

Torpedo sight

We have added torpedo lead indication and changed the torpedo launch mechanics. You may launch several torpedoes (spacebar by default) as previously but if a player chooses the torpedo sight, he will control only one torpedo launcher at a time (you may switch to other torpedo tubes by pressing the same key). A player will see the required angle and dead zones indication for traversing torpedo tubes.
You can bind the torpedo select key in the weaponry section of the controls.

The white sector displays the current position of the torpedo tube and will not permit torpedo launch due to the  limited aiming sector.  

A torpedo launch is now possible!

Target has been hit!

Effectively using HE and AP rounds.

AP rounds usually punch through the target, but can hit enemy vessels below the waterline and thus can destroy either the powerplants making an enemy craft immobile or ammunition storage – which will cause further damage with stored ammo detonation.

HE rounds damage compartments, may cause local fires, create breaches above surface that also can be subsequently flooded.


14 thoughts on “War Thunder – Destroyer Testing

  1. So it’s like a more realistic WoWS. Not bad. I expected something a lot more complex but that’ll do just fine.


    1. it seems so, but one thing worries me and that is AA being controlled by AI by default
      AI controlled AA is known to be too accurate and with the aircraft getting closer to those ships than you would usually do vs AI it will increase the chance of being shot down
      crew skill will probably have an impact on it but when maxed I imagine it will become devastating


      1. I’m not worried about this one. Bomber gunners are dangerous but not THAT dangerous, even maxed. If the player doesn’t take control, they mostly fire all over the place. Ship gunners will probably be worse because it’s already harder to hit a target that’s moving so much faster.

        I expect ship AA to be very close to ground AA in terms of performance. Ok maybe a bit better when maxed. It would be really bad though if the player could take control of the AA, like on bombers. Thank god they don’t allow that, at least for now.


        1. I’ve now watched a live stream from the dev server but there simply aren’t enough aircraft to make a conclusion, the aircraft available are not ideal and furthermore testing the ships are the priority
          however I believe that players have yet to play around with the orthers, most are letting theAI in default (target everything) instead of making the AI only target aircraft, once they start makin AI prioritize aircraft we will see if it is balanced

          btw even a low level gunner crew can wreck fighters, if you are using a aircraft with good coverage
          the first Sunderland wrecks everything at its BR (1.7?) and BRs above, my Sunderland with a level 3 gunner crew killed several Bf.109E-2


  2. player: «I’m glad to see Gaijin is actually listening and taking inspiration from the community, trying to please as many people as possible»
    moderator: «We told you we are working on something something….now we deliver – and that’s just the beginning»

    as a war thunder and WoT/Ws player I find it irritating how WT players and gaijin act like they are elite (sometimes even inside the community there are “factions” who believe to be superior to others), with all the jokes about HP, weapon accuracy/spread, etc… without adniting that even if its not visible WT also has a HP system, games work by giving HP and dmg values to things, it would be almost impossible to make a physics-only DM, things like: «spar X has X1mm of thickness of A material, it will break if hit by anything higher and including Y gun of Y1 caliber and if round travels at Vm/s speed and is made of B material with Zxdensity of A material»
    this takes us back to the topic of what the “elitistic” WT community wanted for ships in WT be fairly similar to what WoWs is, and lets be real because that is the only way a MMO ship game can work because you do not have the leisure of fighting only predictable AI, especially for torps

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    1. Funny thing is that WT does have everything WoT has.

      It does have HP but only for module and crew. The difference in WoT is that it has GENERAL HP in addition to those.
      In WoT you can hit separate modules and cause different kinds of damage, like fire or ammo detonation. Or you can kill a crew member. It’s the same in WT right?The difference in WoT is that when you hit a spot where there is no module or crew,or if you hit a module but fail to damage it (read below) you will still do damage.

      The most striking difference,and probably the one that makes WT harder is the way the system calculates damage.
      In WT every hit will damage a module (if RNG allows it that is). In WoT, there is no guaranteed damage but a probability to cause damage. Meaning that in WT a module will take damage depending on what hits it (an entire shell or just a couple of fragments), while in WoT it’s just a raw percentage like 25% for ammo rack to be damaged.Even if you hit the ammo rack, there’s only 25% chance that you will damage it, as simple as that.

      WT does have dispersion as well.

      WT also has nasty nasty RNG.

      There are a few things that make WT a bit harder though.

      1)Physics and vehicle mechanics. Driving the damn things in WT can be challenging. You can’t really go back and forth like you do in WoT, playing peek-a-boom, because you have to wait for the gear to change.

      I know, it doesn’t even take as much time it would take IRL, but still there’s a delay that has killed me or granted me a kill plenty of times. But,if you’re good enough to actually time your moves, then you can come on top by doing that. Skilled driving is rewarded believe it or not.

      2)Spotting mechanics. The moment you pop out of cover, that’s it everyone can see you, so you kinda have to think ahead and plan your moves a bit more carefully than you do in WoT. You can’t just camp somewhere and exploit your awesome camo rating.

      In Arcade you are instantly marked and in the other two modes you can still be seen if not careful or if the enemy has a very good eye. Skill is rewarded and promoted,again. And in that case…cheats..unfortunately.

      3)Aiming system. There is none.You can score a hit as soon as your gun is on the target. If you’re good enough to aim exactly where you need without trying, you will do very well. Of course there’s the RNG…

      Because of this it also takes skill to avoid being killed by reacting as fast as possible. Knowing that the enemy doesn’t have to look at you for 3 seconds in order to score a good hit, you have to act fast.

      You just can’t say “ok if he shoots without aiming he will miss and i will kill him”. you have to act fast because he WILL hit you.
      Again,skill is rewarded and promoted.

      You do need some skills in WoT but it heavily depends on what vehicle you’re playing. Skill in WoT revolves mostly around movements and generally playing the game.
      You know, angling, general positioning,situational awareness and some tactical stuff like tracking your target or spotting
      .It’s things that honestly,only a light tank player knows how to do, and to an extent, medium tank players.Everybody else (heavy tanks,TDs,SPGs) is pretty much waiting for those guys to start doing work, and for the most part they just go derp.If you’re playing heavy tanks the only thing you need to know is how to angle. That’s it.

      I’m not an “elitist”, just a casual noob (in WT), but i accept that skill plays an important role in WT. It’s much more important than in WoT and it’s important for all types of vehicles.


      1. «The Next In Line» not entirelly true, WT is not particularly harder than WoT, there are a few “rules-of-thumb” on how to get one-shot kills (aiming below turret from the side, aim for the main ammo rack), not exactly sure-kill because you have to take into account “stealth buffs”, the arcade damage models also buffs module HP

        1) vehicle driving is a issue, not only ice-skating with untrained crews in arcade mode but also because some vehicles are not correctly modelled despite their claims for “realism” (a game is truly realistic when their realistic mode has friendly-fire disabled, right), currently certain vehicles simply cannot turn, vehicles like the Shermans that lose almost all speed when turning on any surface and yet you can go on youtube and find videos that prove it to be wrong
        of course the main cause for this is WT crew system that encourages pay-to win practices, why play with a untrained crew if you can give them a few dozen euros/pounds/dollars and have a crew with 150~200% bonus efficiency than a level 1 crew? even a level 5 crew is at a big disadvantage, it is enough of a difference to change the T32 rof from 3rpm to 4rpm, the gap is too big
        but if we were talking about p2w it would take a long time

        btw you do know that IRL not even the eletric motors on RC cars can change direction as quickly as in WoT and if a mechanically driven vehicle tried that its engine and transmission would not last long, right?

        2) play RB, it is not hard and even when you are hit and marked on the map the enemy still won’t know your exact position, you can even stay unspotted for a whole match if there’s no enemy player who knows about that spot, furthermore it is faster to grind in RB (SB even more) and more rewarding

        3) accuracy is overbuffed, there were reasons as to why they would take time to test guns and even in ideal conditions the best guns still missed the target (I believe usually a 3x3m or 2x2m metal plate)

        in my opinion WoT is more skill based, aiming in WT is dependent on experience and depth perception, you can build experience but like depth perception experience is not a skill and thus you cannot actively try to improve them
        choosing spots works in the same way for both, it only works until the first enemy sees you (or you being pushed by a friendly), although it is slightly harder for WoT because the enemy does not need to be actively looking for you like in WT, if you do not know how to use concealment you will be spotted in WoT
        where to hit is also harder in WoT (taking the whole of it’s existence and not the more recent «premium ammo dependency era»), in WT you know that in most tanks the gunner and commander are directly ahead/behind each other and both of their positions is marked by the cupola, the driver position is marked by the view ports, taking those 3 out will render the enemy incapable of fighting back
        in WoT however not only do you need to know weakspots but also learn if they can out-dpm you, these 2 arebuilt through experience but there is a 3rd and 4th component that require your skill to keep you alive, armour angling and hiding weakspots
        knowing your weakspots and which angle to put your tank in are not skill dependent on itself HOWEVER reading the situation, think, react and actually adjust your tank to bounce is skill dependent, why? because you can actually work to improve your ability not to panic as well as how to look at the enemy behaviour


    2. its bit more complicated there are three groups of WT players:
      1 everything is great, WT is great and Gaijin is great, Gaijin “realism” is great, and non “gaijin” things are bad.

      2 normal people with just want to have fun and don’t care to much

      3 people with care about the game, see flaws in system and want help to fix them, but gaijin is gaijin…, even if you give them everything on everything on the tray they fix it “someday” in that way that it will require another 1-9+ fixes…

      about WT realism, 3 and to some part 2 group know all to well how Gaijin approaches “realism”, for 1 group anything that mister “snail” says is god word…


      1. Please, don’t get me wrong, i’m not a fan of what they’ve been doing, hence why i stopped playing WT quite some time ago, but lets not be unfair. If you can just ignore the most annoying issues, the game is fine and fun to play.
        From what i’ve seen, Gaijin approaches realism as best as it can be done in a computer game. Yes some things could have been better if they weren’t so stubborn, but it is what it is.


        1. “Gaijin approaches realism as best as it can be done in a computer game”
          sadly that could be sad 1-2 year ago, atm some of their decisions don’t make any sens from nor game play, nor realism perspective.
          not even talking about new trend releasing not properly completed vehicles (what is quality control?), despite game is “officially released”.

          its more and more fells like that they just spamming things really not knowing what to do with them…


        2. no, no, the game is indeed fun to play HOWEVER it is not fine
          I won’t even talk of the stealth buffs, fuel tank issues, durability issues (this one is funny, one fanboy once had the nerve to say «Y nation aircraft used LAMINATED WOOD that received a treatment making it as resistant to fire as steel» that’s why they don’t burn down while the toughest all-metal aircraft of WWII, F6F, does in WT), slightly overperforming vehicles, pay-to-win, BR balance, ATGMs, HEAT-FS or “work ethic”
          as in the past:
          player: when are you going to improve the japanese aviation tree?
          dev: we know it’s bad and would like to solve it
          player: it is bad because you stoped working on it almost since release, that is why few players play it

          we all know the Japanese was bad because they simply stoped adding aircraft to it to ease progression and balance the BR spreads in battle, now there is a higher variety of efficient vehicles for different BRs and play styles, the bad “work ethic” in all of this was not only overprioritizing 1 nation over others but also what came after, as soon as they saw there was money to make they (luckly/finaly) changed from not wanting prototypes to add them and flood the tree with premiums, some of which were needed for the regular tree (Ki-87, J2M with 2x30mm, Ki-100 II)

          but back on topic, the most visible proof is the Japanese GF tree, those models are incorrect and the person who gave them most of the material has come out and said it, some things have yet to be fixed
          another issue is the ammo choices, every single gun who can only fire APHE could fire a variety of shells IRL
          the same person has given them the charts of ammunition available and used IRL however we are still waiting for it, it should bring a new life to that tree even if in some cases the option is to rely in solid AP (like the brits) when you cannot pen with APHE, butt then again small and medium caliber AP was buffed last patch
          another issue was their making stuff up, the rank 1 Ho-Ro was given HEAT shells at first when in fact those were the ones missing on the Chi-Ha 12cm Naval Short, the extra pen that tank needed for its BR, the dumbest part is the Ho-Ro having a 15cm(150mm) DERP and fire a HEAT shell it should not have access to and furthermore with the same performance as the HEAT the 12cm(120mm) gun on the Chi-Ha should but did not get, something like 120~140mm of penetration


  3. as both wot and wt cb player. wt is full with greed censor. even they ruin core of the game. i remember old times and saw how they ruin step by step @ each patch. plus any body remember 163 landig bug? ufo la5’s…and their ground forces simply broken patch for the game still horrible mechanics…. even with gold spam with p2w prems with stupit arti rigged mm wot still better than wt… about wows and wowp. simply fail.


    1. You don’t like WoT and WT. WoWP is a fail and you call WoWS a fail as well.So,what do you play? Call of Duty?


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