War Thunder – Dev Q&A 01.06.2017

The PR department delivers us some sparse info again!


Will packs be added to Steam that provide access to the Italian closed beta?

Answer: All packs in the store can be bought through Steam, just click on the “Order” button on the vehicle of interest in the tech tree.

When will packs arrive on the PSN?​

Answer: We estimate that by the time this article has been published, the packs will have become available.

Will a bonus crew slot be added (the one awarded for the “Invite Friend” program) to the Italian line and any new playable nations in general?​

Answer: Bonuses for inviting friends were provided for existing nations at the time of the invites. Italy appeared after this.

Will the achievements on Italian aircraft in the German tech tree be moved to the Italian tech tree?​

Answer: Achievements always count toward the Nation that the vehicle represents in the tree.

Will Italy have ground vehicles?​

Answer: Yes, we plan this. For the time being, we can’t say when the full ground vehicle tech tree will appear, but we are not ruling out a vehicle-by-vehicle addition. As happened with the British tree, for example. This will allow you to use Italian assault aircraft in mixed battles.

Why haven’t already researched aircraft moved across to the Italian research tree in the updates with existing progress saved?​

Answer: Because these aircraft’s research was begun in the Germany tech tree and with the support of German aviation, this isn’t the same as researching them in another Nation’s tree.

Will Italy have a navy?​

Answer: We don’t rule out this possibility. Actually, we’d like to see every nation with every vehicle type eventually.

Will different skins be added for Italian aircraft? If yes, then when?​

Answer: Of course they will. New skins will be added over time.

How many days can you miss while unlocking 12 “arrows” (to become an Italian tree researcher)?​

Answer: Quite a few. The tests will certainly last longer than 20 days.

Why isn’t there an actual combat branch (aircraft that participated in real combat operations) for the Reggiane?​

Answer: The release tree contains many real aircraft that were involved in battles. The Reggiane models will appear in the future. Work is currently being done on these aircraft.

Why were the S.M.79 Series 4 and S.M.79 bis/N not added to the Italian tech tree after previously being removed from the German tree?​

Answer: These models require certain improvements and updates for their armament and appearance. They might be added later after the required changes have been made.

Ground Forces

When will ground vehicles from WW2 be separated from post-war ground vehicles?​

Answer: We have never stated nor planned to separate vehicles or aircraft by year of production, or, set up the same matchmaking levels for vehicles or aircraft using the same year of production. BR, first and foremost, determines the combat capabilities of vehicles. Some vehicles designed and even built during World War II (the T-34-85, T-44, T-54, IS-3, M26/46, and even German vehicles that the Allied  countries obtained) continued to be used for a long time after the war and took part in post-war conflicts. Additional matchmaking stages, particularly at high ranks, make it harder to create a game session because a greater number of players are required – so we always take a careful approach to expanding the BR range. However, if a more powerful vehicle appears, the number of BR levels will be increased automatically.

When will Soviet tanks get an EESS (engine exhaust smoke system)?

Answer: Setting up a smoke screen with an EESS is different from other ways of doing so, and that’s why it requires a new mechanic. We’re working on this currently, but can’t talk about specific timeframes yet.

Why should I fire a smoke shell if it is better to use a normal one?​

Answer: It’s handy if you need to reach a point through an area under enemy fire. Or if you’ve been hit and you need repairs, where your opponent is well hidden. Or if your ally is being attacked from a spot you can’t fire on and needs some cover. Or if you need to disorient clearly more powerful or even invulnerable opponents. Or if you want to distract your opponents. As you can see, there are lots of reasons.

Will signal shells be added?​

Answer: Who and what are you planning on signaling? :) We have the ‘attention-to-the-point’ function – in war, this was a distant dream.

When will smoke ordinance be introduced for all the vehicles?​

Answer: Smoke ordinance will be given to all vehicles that historically had them, we will add them over time. There are quite a few ground vehicles with similar equipment.


When will the Ultra Low cheater graphics settings be removed?​

Answer: Are they really cheater settings? Switch them on and try to play. These settings haven’t given any significant advantages for a while: vegetation is rendered at a great distance and, in contrast to standard minimum settings, is not transparent. We’re not planning to get rid of Ultra Low. After all, many War Thunder players just like you use these settings.

When will a Ukrainian localization be added?​​

Answer: The Ukrainian localization is 95% ready thanks to a team of translators from among the players. We hope that the remaining tasks will soon be completed, and you’ll be able to see the Ukrainian language in one of the upcoming large updates.

Metal (for Mac OS) is a good thing. Will there be support for DX12 and Vulkan, and if so, when?​

Answer: DX12 and Vulkan won’t provide any performance increases without a thorough reworking of the renderer. Such reworking would mean losing DX9 support, and the performance increase still wouldn’t be significant. At the same time, DX12 support provides no new effects that can’t be obtained on DX11.

Why is the new line Italy and not France?​

Answer: Because we really wanted to give you one of the more interesting air forces from the Second World War. Also, Italy has a big advantage over France in terms of the number of interesting aircraft.

Will helicopters appear in the game?​

Answer: As the 1st of April event showed, attack helicopters can easily have a place in mixed battles in our game, but this issue requires further development both in terms of balance (countermeasures and vehicles that could efficiently counter attack helicopters all need to be looked into) and in terms of other issues. If and when such a decision is made, we tell you about it separately.


7 thoughts on “War Thunder – Dev Q&A 01.06.2017

  1. «When will ground vehicles from WW2 be separated from post-war ground vehicles?»
    those who claim things like these have no clew about how same year designs can vastly overpower each other, furthermore it makes me laugh everytime I read:
    «it’s not fair for german 1940 aircraft to fight american 1944 aircraft, like the Bf.109E-series vs P-47»
    when in fact the Bf.109s with high enough BR to face P-47s are either from the same year (109E-series and P-47 from 1942) or actually newer and, by their “logic”, more modern (Fw.190s and Bf.109Gs from 1943)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I made a mistake, I meant the f series, I believe its BRs put it vs the P-47 more often
      wiki says P-47 is 4.0 and only the Bf.109E-4[1940] would face it at 3.0[RB], the F-4[1941/42] is 3.7 and faces the P-47 more often


  2. When will the Ultra Low cheater graphics settings be removed?​

    Answer: Are they really cheater settings? Switch them on and try to play. These settings haven’t given any significant advantages for a while: vegetation is rendered at a great distance and, in contrast to standard minimum settings, is not transparent. We’re not planning to get rid of Ultra Low. After all, many War Thunder players just like you use these settings.

    This is exactly why i stopped playing and exactly why i’m not even going to bother visiting their website anymore.

    Look at this :
    “After all, many War Thunder players just like you use these settings.”.

    Well shit….Exactly! We fuckin know this, that’s what we’re talking about, and they’re doing it because it’s 100 times easier to spot someone.

    I don’t want to play sim mode on crap settings simply not to get roflstomped. Besides, it has been proven that there are ways to completely remove all vegetation. But whatever…..typical Russian devs etc etc…


    1. I understand your point however what makes it “cheater” graphics is players with high spec PCs using it, since the game is already capable of detecting which settings your PC can handle, it should also be capable of blocking the “old graphic cards” option
      my PC runs WT in high but during the Katyusha/victory-day weekend my graphics card “broke” and I had to run the game with the intel graphics chipset, the game changed it to “old vga” setting and I was shocked, not because of the differences but because how difficult it is for players who honestly can only play with absolute minimum settings and perform at 15~20 frames per second
      besides not being able to notice details at medium range (like a tank behind some trees) it also tires you out, long grind sessions (like the katyusha event) can make your eyes and brain exhausted
      furthermore the only advantage you have right now is grass and bushes not rendering far away in 3rd person view and you seeing where the other team is headed, because when you go into scope view you can no longer see them which makes aiming equal to high settings

      once again the problem is not those settings but instead allowing good PCs to run with them


      1. Your PC broke man, i can accept that, but there are many idiots out there who are trying to run the game on crappy notebooks, or they pretend doing so in order to be able to justify this exploit. Should we take them seriously? NO.No no no.

        My PC is 10+ years old and it still runs it just fine.My older PC is 15+ years old and it too runs the game without having to use those settings, and when i assembled them they were already considered a few years old and mid range.

        It’s 2017 for fuck’s sake, if you’re trying to run the game on Pentium III or on a notebook that’s weaker than a tablet….then FUCK OFF man…just go watch porn or play LoL. But again, it’s all bullshit, they all have decent systems, they all have 10 year old PCs which are perfectly capable of running the game at medium settings at rock steady 30fps.

        I’ll say it again, many of them also know the trick that completely removes vegetation,every bit of it, every tree, every bush, everything, but in order to work you need to run on lowest settings as well. It’s not science fiction,i’ve seen it in WT forums. Before it got taken down of course, otherwise i wouldn’t say this. A whole bunch of people wouldn’t complain about this.

        Now, only a few play sim mode, what’s gonna happen if you make a special MM that creates battles with system performance as a criteria? I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna wait in queue for DAYS. Lets not forget how slow those battles progress too.

        The solution is very simple, just disable this stupid ultra low setting. If some “poor” people can’t play it then good riddance.They would never spend any money on the game anyway because they’re “poor” so who cares. It’s harsh, but honest and true.

        You, as a company CEO, what would you prefer? Keep the paying customers satisfied and happy and get rid of the “poor” ones, or keep those and lose the paying customers? You can’t have them both. I stopped playing because of this because i never liked the chaos of arcade mode.Sim mode was my playground and i was a paying customer.


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