WoT NA clan buys accounts and WG does nothing about it

Sent by an anonymous reader.

11A_D is currently the number 2 clan by overall stats on the NA server purely by buying accounts from players who no longer play the game.

Many of the player accounts which they buy show a sudden dip in performance as well as complete inactivity in order for the account stats to not be altered too much.

The commander NoobWargamer_Reborn , if that does not give it away I do not know what will, not only brags about how his clan is so called the best on the server, but he is also a teamkilling a**hole who will shoot anyone in any of the anime clans any chance he gets.

Multiple reports have been filled in forms of tickets.

Yet nothing has happened. Other tickets have been filled providing dates of the suspected changing of owners as well as screenshots of the sellers admitting selling their accounts to them and the commanders of the sellers’ last clan admitting they would be quitting the game as well as some mentioning the placing of their accounts for sale.

I have also spoken directly to multiple Wargaming employees about this and only 2 expressed any interest in doing something about it and due to being close friends of mine, they were not able to handle the situation themselves and had to pass the information on to someone unassociated with me.

The following are links to the wotlabs of the players expected to be bought accounts.


I am not even going to go through all their players. I looked at around 30 players and I found either an unplayed account with a clan history prestigious enough to ensure the person wouldn’t be caught dead in a clan like 11AD or recent stats and trends which point towards a different player now owning the account.

While there are some players who are legit rerolls and a few actual good players in the clan who were attracted to the clan because of their current rank on the server, I would be willing to bet that the majority of the clan consists of purchased accounts.

I really want to raise attention about how Wargaming did not do anything about this.

I know what tools Wargaming have at their disposal.

They are able to compare the IP addresses as well as pull the history from account selling and buying websites. They are able to do so much more in which the specifics have not been detailed. However, if I am able to go onto wotlabs and just by punching in a few dates into the time machine function of wotlabs and producing a time frame within a month of when the account was sold, then I do not see any other reason for these accounts to not be banned but the unwillingness of Wargaming to uphold their own rules.


49 thoughts on “WoT NA clan buys accounts and WG does nothing about it

  1. Who does actually care if he bought the accounts? The teamkilling is another story but the accounts. Pff. The old guys are happy that they got still some money out of it and he likes to spend money on useless things.

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  2. The fact that someone still likes the game, and is ready to invest in it, regardless to whom, for me, is simpy amazing!
    That is the real news here!

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  3. A few months ago I took a look at Y0LO clan, and almost none had statistics for the last 30 days btw, if someone from 11A_D is watching this :)))))

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  4. “due to being close friends of mine, they were not able to handle the situation themselves and had to pass the information on to someone unassociated with me”

    U wot?


  5. This shit is rife on the EU server as well, I know enough players that bought/sell accounts on a regular basis all because WG allowed people to have multiple accounts.

    Good stats nowadays, unless they are familiar players, does not mean they are actually good players.


  6. there is no tool they have to get around this. IP addresses change all the time. as do emails, phones, lost 2FA keys, etc.

    The only solution i have ever seen was blizzard, where you had to send in a photo of your drivers license to get a hacked account back! It took forever and was not worth it, and that was when the customer needed help. they cant go and ask every person to submit photo ID just bc one person reports them with a hunch.


  7. Perosnally, as a person who spent a shit ton of money on this game, who is still not sick of this game, and is willing to spend more, I think it is wrong that WG does not allow players to sell their accounts through WG, with an ID verification of the Seller proving that he is the “”owner”” of the account.

    WG should receive a nice commission for their troubles, and players that decide to quit the game can get some money back.

    No real loss.


  8. Well that explains some shit then.
    I have seen an increase in 11AD in my Pubs and wondered why they died off and now i see them more regularly .
    Then you add i have seen 2 match’s of an 11AD member being blue for a team kill, in a tank not arty.
    Then add in i have seen 11AD play style of such idiocy or suiciding when he is one of the last few but stats suggest he could have carried a possible win.

    I do agree that accounts should be sold legit through a WG function, that way they get to see real unhappy players leaving their game and reasons why, then 1 person can have as many accounts as they want for ‘sock-puppeting’ CW/SH without retribution.


  9. Drama on NA because some guy (sshh it’s a secret who) says a few guys have sold some accounts and some guys are teamkilling, absolute quality article as always Seb, you never let me down.

    Oh in other news this guys ( he wants to stay anonymous) told a friend of mine who told me that Sebs blog is one of the best things to ever be put online…..it must be true because it’s on the internet now.

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    1. ok so what if people like anime? lol just because people like something others dont doesnt give anyone the right to treat them differently.

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  10. 11 AD are well known for team kilkling, if you say anything in chat against them they tell you “welcome to 11AD hitlist” looool. they are just toxic for the game especially the commander. also when they cant scare you with the dreaded hitlist lol (sorry have to laugh at that) they get all their clan to submit tickets to try to manipulate the system to get people banned like little bitches. all WG have to do is ask the player base for evidence and screenshots of chat will flood in.


  11. I stopped playing on NA because of the amount of bitches there.
    My nick there was Major_General_J_Erkoff, and that offended some of the snowflake BITCHES!!!!


  12. Nice to see someone still cares! Still, while I haven’t had any issues with this clan forewarned is forearmed.


  13. Why would anyone ever assume WG CS would EVER do anything they are supposed to do? There was a forum post on the NA forums by Dance210 that said “if you see someone intentionally suicide in a match you can send in a ticket to CS and that account will be dealt with.” Guess what happens when that’s done….nothing. Player pushing out others….nothing done. Player suiciding….nothing done. Player barrel blocking arty….nothing done. Player ACTIVELY REFUSING TO PLAY IN BATTLE (yes, I had multiple instances and multiple accounts of at least 1 player in particular active in their tank but sitting behind a wall or building and refusing in chat to participate)…..nothing done.

    CS has been 4 years out of date on actually doing anything to players who need a good swift banhammer to the head.


  14. Account purchase is not against EULA, it is just not encouraged. Like all goods we trade everyday, digital good is just one of them.


  15. I lived in US for 3 years and then moved to Europe for 2 years. My ip changed multiple times. So your logic says my account was “sold” multiple times?


  16. NoobWargamer_Reborn’s original account is actually rockinjohn as his voice and demeanor are identical to when I talked to him in teamspeak prior to him buying these accounts. If you look at 11a_d’s clan history back in 06/22/2016 and 02/08/2017 you’ll see when 11a_d changed commanders from rockinjohn to noobwargamer to noobwargamer_reborn. All three accounts are him, and yet only the original green account doesn’t have a wild stat disparity. I mean he has a three marked 140 at 52%. Yes, it was >95% and is now 52%…. and that’s only one of several tanks that have drastically crashed on these accounts. I guess he forgot how to speak chinese after being in CHAI with his southern drawl. Hmm.

    Both of those other accounts are now executive officers in 11ADR, one of their subclans. The commander of that clan is a 1000 battle low unicum account, and is likely also one of his numerous alts. The more you look the more you realize how depraved it is.

    Some of the things he has sent to me personally to try to pick a fight are so hilarious, and I learned later that the apparent trigger was that MAHOU was approaching their overall on wotlabs after an influx of BULBA recruits. Less than a week later, eight new 11A_D recruits (who are purple overall but not recently active) replaced some of their lowest overall WN8 players on the same day. It’s more than a little obvious.

    Contrary to some of the comments here, while sharing accounts is only “discouraged”, the selling of accounts is explicitly against the EULA:

    “2.14. Discussion on, advertising of, or linking to websites, in relation to the selling of gold, credits, promotional codes, leveling services, or game accounts is prohibited.”

    I know that the official Wargaming policy is to ban players permanently who attempt to sell accounts, because I have seen cases where that happened. So basically – sharing accounts is okay but discussing account selling will result in a permanent ban.

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  17. Selling accounts is nothing new. Buying accounts to sneak your way into big-name clans is also nothing new, however to get into any clan worth being in you need to maintain the stats of the account because the recruiters generally aren’t that goddamn stupid so it doesn’t really matter. And that’s the heart of this, wargaming doesn’t care because it doesn’t matter. With a bunch of inactive unicum accounts they’re not going to throw CW or strongholds into disarray, they’re not going to start selling reward tanks in the next event, or throw a wrench into any of the shit that WG would actually want to do something about. It’s just an expensive vanity move and nothing that hasn’t been done before.


  18. I have sold several accts, im on my forth now, once i add the 5th tier 10 I will sell it, unicum stats. U can make gd money selling accts and i like playing the game so i may as well make money off of it!!!!!

    I also grind lines for a price. I can do any tier 10 in 2 weeks, unicum stats.


  19. Really? Who cares? They bought a bunch of inactive acc to boost the number of their members. Still they are like 10 active members. That is not a clan.
    About acc solding. Who cares really? Another games allowed it officially. Why doesn’t wot? Why is this worst than buy a tier8 prem withot any high tier experience?


  20. Lets all just pretend that we’re shocked…

    Seriously now, everyone does it since the game started, so what? I wish there was a “legal” way to sell our accounts.There are lots of people who stopped playing and will never return, and they have spent some money on it. Why shouldn’t they be able to get a portion of that money back my selling it? I don’t see what’s wrong with it.


  21. General online game official website will say “sell the game account is illegal”, but in fact you have nothing to sell; because many countries do not have the provisions of this law


  22. I like that you are invested into the game. You put a lot of energy into this, and research, good work trying to keep the game pure, or as intended. WoT has a lot of people who love to troll, and leave feedback that is better if just skipped all together. Ignore them and talk to an admin directly, and send him/her this link. More often then not they are aware of things that violate their User license agreements. They have banned accts before. As for the teamkilling, you do not have to worry about that, the Fairplay policy will sort that out in time. It works and people who are purposely out to ruin the game of team players by killing them will end up banned. If this guy has the money to buy accts for the reason of getting them banned, lol. What a hobbie.


  23. I am Buckyball60, please remove me from your list.
    Has it ever occurred to you that many of the players on 11ad are simply soloists who were recruited to 11 because they were given the option of joining a clan with no duties?

    Not that it is any of your business, but I don’t have time to play much anymore so I am very rusty and I currently play on a cell phone connection.

    It is also the case for everyone that the nature of wn8 is such that people with accounts that are very old have been given legacy boosts. the buff nerf cycle benefits old accounts.

    For instance, no human on the planet can compete with the score a simple unicum could have achieved in a foch 155 before any of the nerfs to that once monster tank.


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