WoT NA clan buys accounts and WG does nothing about it

Sent by an anonymous reader.

11A_D is currently the number 2 clan by overall stats on the NA server purely by buying accounts from players who no longer play the game.

Many of the player accounts which they buy show a sudden dip in performance as well as complete inactivity in order for the account stats to not be altered too much.

The commander NoobWargamer_Reborn , if that does not give it away I do not know what will, not only brags about how his clan is so called the best on the server, but he is also a teamkilling a**hole who will shoot anyone in any of the anime clans any chance he gets.

Multiple reports have been filled in forms of tickets.

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Yet nothing has happened. Other tickets have been filled providing dates of the suspected changing of owners as well as screenshots of the sellers admitting selling their accounts to them and the commanders of the sellers’ last clan admitting they would be quitting the game as well as some mentioning the placing of their accounts for sale.

I have also spoken directly to multiple Wargaming employees about this and only 2 expressed any interest in doing something about it and due to being close friends of mine, they were not able to handle the situation themselves and had to pass the information on to someone unassociated with me.

The following are links to the wotlabs of the players expected to be bought accounts.


I am not even going to go through all their players. I looked at around 30 players and I found either an unplayed account with a clan history prestigious enough to ensure the person wouldn’t be caught dead in a clan like 11AD or recent stats and trends which point towards a different player now owning the account.

While there are some players who are legit rerolls and a few actual good players in the clan who were attracted to the clan because of their current rank on the server, I would be willing to bet that the majority of the clan consists of purchased accounts.

I really want to raise attention about how Wargaming did not do anything about this.

I know what tools Wargaming have at their disposal.

They are able to compare the IP addresses as well as pull the history from account selling and buying websites. They are able to do so much more in which the specifics have not been detailed. However, if I am able to go onto wotlabs and just by punching in a few dates into the time machine function of wotlabs and producing a time frame within a month of when the account was sold, then I do not see any other reason for these accounts to not be banned but the unwillingness of Wargaming to uphold their own rules.