The Direction of WoT and a letter to the Devs

Originally made by The13Disciple. I decided to share it in order for some of you to see why Foch’s arguments were spot on.

„Hello All!
Let’s have a talk. (It’s a long post TL;DR is at the bottom)
With so much drama unfolding, I’m afraid we might lose sight of why this all happened in the first place. I’m going to try to summarize my thoughts on the game as it is right now, and why I believe the community is upset at what’s happening. Preface: I love this game (for now).

Wargaming monetizes this free to play game in 3 ways (skip if you already know these)
Premium Time – This allows you to progress faster in the game. It provides 50% more credits and experience (combat and crew) per battle.
Premium Tanks – 50% additional crew exp per battle, additional combat experience per battle, more credits per battle, and the ability to move a crew of the same nation/vehicle type, in and out without needing to retrain them.
Gold – In Game currency used to ease your progress along the tech tree. Generally used to reach your desired goals faster. Used to purchase some in game premium tanks (see above), purchase premium time (see above), purchase premium consumables/shells, retrain crews to 100%, Convert free exp (earned on elite or premium tanks) to usable free exp, convert to credits. It can also be used to purchase camo, demount equipment, get emblems, get inscriptions, garage slots, barracks, create clans, and change your nickname.

I’ve spent a lot of money on this game. And I don’t regret it. It’s not bad to spend money on a game/hobby that entertains you and you enjoy. What does spending real money on the game really buy you? For the most part this accelerates your grind to the top of a tech tree. If you don’t spend a dime on the game, you may find yourself low on garage slots, or barracks. Both of which can occasionally be earned through completing monthly missions. In fact you can even earn premium tanks with monthly missions. The point is these players can still buy premium consumables, rent camo, inscriptions, and emblems all with credits. Up to this point a free to play account can have all the same advantages in game – albeit with more time spent grinding exp and credits. THIS IS GOOD. Fair and balanced play should be a fundamental feature. It is not fun for ANYONE when those with more expendable income have an advantage over poorer players.

Why are so many players and some community contributors pointing fingers saying the game is becoming pay to win? Let’s take a look at some of the recent changes to some tier 10 heavies.
Type 5 – First take a look at the frontal profile of this behemoth post buff. Looking straight on this tanks weakest spot is the cupola at 210mm. Take into account angle of the shot and effectively you’ll need more than 265mm of pen to reliably damage this tank frontally. (I’m not even going to bring up the derp gun)

MausLook at the frontal profile of this monster post buff. The lower plate is the weakest spot at 200mm. Take into account angle of a shot straight on and you’ll need more than 255mm of pen to do damage reliably. A good player will hide that lower plate or at minimum angle the tank forcing you to shoot the next weakest spot – the turret cheek which requires around 265mm of penetration to damage reliably and is only un-angled when that person is shooting back. (the buff also improved the gun and took the Maus to a 55% win rate since the changes)

Why is this a problem? If we look at all tier 10 heavies, the penetration for non premium rounds, the lowest is 246mm (Maus/E100) the highest is 259mm (FV215B), with a majority of tier 10 heavies at 258mm. This means if you are brawling either of these heavies in the SAME tier you’ll need to use premium rounds to damage them. Any bottom tier vehicle will struggle to damage these tanks even with premium ammo. Fighting these tanks is not fun. You don’t get rewarded for knowing weak spots, or getting a good accurate shot. All you can do is load premium ammo and attempt to out trade them (a challenge in itself). If lower tier the only play is to avoid these vehicles altogether. The necessity to load premium rounds changes the economy of the game.

Essentially this increases the amount of credits needed to play tier ten. At this point it’s only 2 tanks, but the trend has started. With some exceptions up until now players were rewarded with knowledge of weakspots. If you knew a good weak spot and could position yourself to hit it, you can use regular ammo to do your damage, and are rewarded with fewer credits spent at the end of a match.

If you still aren’t seeing the pay2win aspect, it’s this. In order to play top tier tanks competitively you are required to use more premium ammo which means you spend more credits. How do you earn credits? Premium time and premium tanks. This change in economy is why /u/SirFoch brought the Maus into his second video. He was alluding to this. By forcing the player base to use more premium ammo, you create a need for credits. This need creates more demand for premium time and premium tanks.

Let’s turn our attention to premium tanks. We can all agree that fundamentally the game is only fun when it’s balanced. It’s extremely important that any premium tank regardless of tier fundamentally CANNOT be better than it’s tech tree equivalent. Being of equal capability can start to be damaging as well. This means some players can simply spend money to have a competitive tank. But in my opinion as long as it isn’t better – at least a free account can still contest that person. If any premium tank is better, then the game IS pay2win. WG has pushed the limit with the most recent premium tanks, but I’ll explain why I think they haven’t quite broken the game yet. I do agree that an argument can be made that each one is just as good tier for tier as their tech tree equivalents.

T26E5 – Still has the same lower glacis weak spot that the T32 has. Also the turret is weaker with certain spots that can be penned even when the tank is hull down without premium ammo. Take a look at the T26E5 and T32 live models and rotate them you’ll see the E5 can be penned in the turret with relative ease. The E5 has better pen and slightly higher DPM than the T32 with the 90mm.

AMX M4 49 – most same tier tanks can probably pen the cupola with HE rounds. It only has 60mm of armor and it’s TALL. if the tank is angled even a little bit, high pen non-premium rounds can pen the shoulders of the hull at around 200mm.

Skorpion G – high alpha and high pen gun on a very mobile platform – but it’s a paper tank, and it has a huge profile. Once you spot the tank, it’s easy to hit, and if you hit it, you stand a high chance of doing damage. I do think that 490 alpha is a little high for tier 8, and is especially annoying for tier 6 tanks, but same tier TD’s enjoy similar alpha. Again strong, but tech tree tanks can be equally good. The Borsig is less mobile but has better cammo.

Defender – high alpha, strong armor heavy brawler. Admittedly my favorite of the most recent releases. Debatable better than the IS-3, but the cupolas can be penned easily with only 150mm of armor, the challenge is hitting them. The lower glacis can be a tempting target, but with un angled straight on shot effective armor of 210mm it’s not always easy to pen. The defender has well angled armor throughout the hull and even to the rear. It can pull off some weirdly troll ricochets – and with 440 alpha it can pretty much out trade any heavy tier for tier. IMO this is the closest to pay to win. This tank can easily out trade it’s tech tree equivalent.

Honorable mention – Lorraine 40t – 300 alpha with a 4 round mag can be very punishing. But I don’t believe it to be game breaking. The tank has paper armor, and a 30 second clip reload. A good money maker but by no means better than other tier 8 mediums.

That said let’s talk about the metaphorical elephant in the room and the premium that broke the camel’s back. The Chrysler K GF. Why does SirFoch hate it so much? Well because it combines all the issues we just looked at and puts them all wrapped up into one single tank. Frontally the tank doesn’t really have a weak spot. When angled appropriately an attacker will need more than 230mm of penetration to reliably go through the front of the tank. Ironically a majority of the recent premium tanks released can do this without premium ammo. This means most tech tree tier 8 heavies will need premium ammo to reliably penetrate this tank. There are no machine gun ports or cupolas you can shoot in order to avoid this. If the tank is un-angled the lower glacis can be reliably penned by around 200mm, which many tier 8 heavies have, but a decent player will always angle this tank appropriately. If we take a look at the gun we find that it has low pen standard ammo at 198, and high pen premium ammo at 260. Which means you’ll likely need to fire a lot of premium ammo when playing this tank.

Quintessentially this tank represents the sad direction the game is headed.

Looking ahead to the upcoming bonds economy it starts to concern the player base. Bonds are earned faster by skilled players that compete in the ranked battles. Bonds are used to purchase improved equipment which can be used in random play on non tier 10 tanks. This means a veteran player that will have an advantage over anybody who just picked up the game.

So in the future not only will the game give advantages to players who buy premium time and premium tanks, it also gives advantages to players who are veterans. The barrier to entry will go up in both experience and money required. The game we love, I love, is in a tailspin. The bonds with improved equipment will build walls around the game discouraging new players from joining, while the requirement of premium ammo and premium tanks to stay competitive drive veterans out. I’m afraid WoT will begin to lose it’s player base if they don’t start moving things in a new direction.

TL;DR: tier 10 tanks with no weak spots are forcing same tier players to use premium ammo to damage them. This creates a deficit of credits. The need for credits creates demand for both premium time and premium tanks. The Chrysler K GF is the worst of both worlds no weak spots forces same tier tanks to shoot premium to damage them, while also having low regular ammo pen forces the person with the Chrysler K GF to shoot a lot of premium ammo. However all the recent premium tank releases have 225-232 regular ammo pen, meaning they won’t need premium to pen most Chrysler K GFs. Combine this with the incoming bonds economy (only tier 10 owners can play ranked battles, which gives bonds, that can purchase improved equipment for lower tier tanks) and you create a wall preventing new players from joining, and the necessity of premium time and premium tanks (P2W) drives out veteran players essentially killing the entire user base.

~ 13Disciple

I’m worried for you Wargaming. Read the writing on this wall (of text) and change the outcome before you kill the game.”


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      1. Funny fact.. Type 5 is Weaker in the front then you realize… Theres a spot that it has 125mm of armor… And its easy to spot…


          1. So blame ignorance for people not knowing where to shoot cause that one spot makes the type 5 far far far weaker then it seems.. As that 1 weak point was never removed… They only removed the type 5 heavyset cheeks because its a underperforming heavy and you know he can’t angle his armor at all… So no that wasent a dumb move removing that shoulder plate to 270 if anything is buff that angle even more and leave the hull 270 till wargaming rids of all cheaters and gold ammo then pull that hull armor back down to 260ish shoulders being 290 so it can angle lol turret 320 coopula 190 so angles it would be around 220 230.. The derpgun id make 1400 damage standard.. Pen 98(cause kv2 has 86 at tier 6) . The prem shell 850 damage and the prem shell 320mm yes its a heat shell so you wanna do more damage or make sure you pen the target more often… Yeah a choice… And to fill the last spot AP 225 pen 850 damage so a Godzilla choice… Now what id nerf? Its roof so HE can wreck it..prone to fires. And a 1150 HP engine so let me know what you think..


            1. I’m not sure about the gun changes but I’m against the roof thickness nerf. If you buff the shoulder plates you can angle the Type 5 easier so in exchange you should make the LFP about 200-220mm thick and if you don’t angle it, the enemy tanks could pen you.


    1. And they should not give any fuck, because this is invalid and not really an argument. Just the crying of stupid bot coward medium players.


      1. I still don’t think that you understand that the outrage is at the (illegal) threats of copyright strikes on a third party service.

        Imagine you get in an argument with someone, call them a dick, then they call your place of work to tell your boss that your embezzling compnay money even if the claim is bullshit.
        That’s not ok.


  1. “I decided to share it in order for some of you to see why Foch’s arguments were spot on.”

    So his arguments are “spot on” simply because some else says they are? Wow…

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    1. Aside of “Fxxk WG”, Foch’s point is right. Jingles and many other youtuber said it (except QB ofc). It’s not new ideas but so far it seems this incident raised more awareness on this matter


      1. Yep, thanks to Foch the issue is getting some spotlight and maybe, just maybe, WG will get their shit together. But the damage is done and I’m sure WG already sold lots of dem OP tenks to actually nerf them now…

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        1. SKG+Liberte can still as its form now. Chrysler need nerf on mobility(&possibly armour). 252 need to nerf the armour and the gun should be back to BL-9 level. T26E5 just need some DPM nerf.


        2. in World of Warships when they nailed to 0 the stealthfire, this affected also premium ships like Kutuzof and Atago, top tier 8, premium ships, meanwhile in WoT we have E 25…

          at the moment there is XVM and statpadders, WG will always release such premiums without nerfing them.


    2. so you are saying that the recent premiums were not borderline OP and that the recent heavy tank buffs were not completely out of place and made those tanks obviously OP ?

      Despite statistical evidence you are still calling others “WG haters” just because you maybe enjoy stomping others with your OP a.k.a. totally balanced tanks

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  2. Where do I sign and why doesn’t anyone talk about the difference from tier to tier forcing smaller tanks to spam premium as well – often having a slim chance even with…


  3. This guy got all that from a 2 min video of SirFoch saying FU and F WG?

    That’s pretty impressive.

    Foch’s laughing all they way to the bank by this so called ‘Fochgate’ so lets give it a rest already.


      1. I understand. Chrysler is OP and the sky is falling.
        I’ll wait and see what the community has to say about that (no not the loudmouths, I’m more interested in checking out number of battles in vbaddict once the tank goes live).


        1. You rather stick your fingers in your ears and scream “EVERYTHING IS FINE ! YOU ARE ALL MORONS YOU WG HATERS !” instead of realizing that something weird is going on with this company.

          I’ve been playing this game since june 2012 and the need to spam premium ammo has never been higher. Premium tanks went from underpowered to OP, ever since Jap HT line heavy tanks have been getting better and better, no more frontal weak spots, no more smart tactics, no more flanking…

          Have fun in your disneyland


          1. I am having fun in this disneyland and I’ll gonna keep riding this ride until the wheels fall off after which I’m gonna move on with my life.
            IMO the game has never been better.


        2. vbaddict stats?

          top 10 tanks at tier 8 for shots received without receiving damage at tier 10… 9 of those tanks are premiums and the Chrysler K comes in at 4th

          All of the following are where it places after 21,690 games out of all 30 tier 8 tanks:

          Gross Credit Income: 6th
          Average Damage: 4th
          Survival Rate: 1st
          Win Rate: 2nd
          Average Exp: 1st
          Accuracy: 1st
          Kills / Battle: 6th

          Battle Rating: 4th
          WN8 Efficiency: 4th

          the stats have well and truly spoken and are undeniable


          1. Lifetime: 23rd
            Battle duration: 26th
            Penetration rate: 22th (LOL)
            Net income: 11th

            Sure, go ahead and buy this POS tank. You can cry about it later.

            As for me I’ll continue playing my full gold T54.


    1. Been reading your posts a couple of days now.
      WTF is wrong with you dude?
      You on WGs payroll or something?
      Why dont you explain to us where exactly you disagree with this article,which points are wrong,which arguments fail to convince you.
      Because if you cant say anything about what this dude wrote except some weak-ass irony,then pls go back to kissing WGs ass like you.
      Except ofc if you got beef with SirFoch,then everything makes sence…….

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        1. Ofc i dont,but since its a public forum,scrolling down the comments and reading EACH and EVERYONE of your posts dissing SirFoch and fucking defending WRONG decissions EVEN WG ADMITTED were FUCKING WRONG,makes me wonder what exactly you trying to do in here……..
          Before you continue to make a clown out of yourself,please go and read both Ph3lans and Florians apology on this matter,THEN come back in this forum and tell us for the 20th time that WG handeled everything correctly…..

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          1. I’m here expressing my opinion and I’d like to do it freely without (EDIT: Beautiful human beings) such as yourself questioning everything little thing I say.

            You support what Foch has to say and how he wants to say it. That’s cool. I can only ask you extend that same courtesy to me.


            1. You know what is even more funny than your obviously low IQ?
              Its the fact that you support WGa NAZI blackmailing methods,while at the same time accusing me as a NAZI for marking you out as a fcnk loser without any real arguments except blind rants and who (now confirmed) has either a beef with Foch or is a WG employee.


                1. And that comes from a dude using the word “Nazi” as an accusation…..go to sleep little angel,your colors were revealed long before this.

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                1. I’ll answer that question if you answer mine fist,2 posts above….not your most creative post dude,getting nervous?


                  1. PS:reading your shit again,cant stop laughing at your bitchy “Im ranting and writing nonsence but i got a right to do so” bullshit :p


                    1. What’s your problem with people expressing their opinions? (EDIT: Beautiful human beings) have a problem with people expressing opinions, that’s why I called you a (EDIT: Beautiful human being).

                      You obviously have a problem with me expressing my opinion.


                    2. Which is, again, a (EDIT: Beautiful human being) trait. You elevate those that share your opinion and kill those who differ.


                    3. I reply on your next posts here:
                      Also Nazis accused jews for beeing jews,no facts,no arguments,just bashing.
                      I asked you to share your opinion about the CORE meaning of what Foch was saying (which,for your low IQ,is simpy the P2W aspect of this game ruining the game itself).
                      You failed to do so.
                      You arent expressing any opinion,cuz opinions must be backed up by facts and arguments.If not,then opinions are like assholes,everybody has one for whats it worth.
                      This very first post was full of facts and arguments you chose to ignore.
                      So pls dont talk to me about respecting eachothers opinions when all you doing is sarcasm without any logical backup.


                    4. “Also Nazis accused jews for beeing jews,no facts,no arguments,just bashing.”

                      True. Lets see what you wrote about me:
                      obviously low IQ
                      fcnk loser
                      has either a beef with Foch or is a WG employee
                      little angel
                      laughing at your bitchy bullshit

                      And that’s OK.

                      It’s your opinion. I can respect that. You stated it in a pretty eloquent way and I see how you’re obviously much smarter than me.
                      Not only am I a WG employee but I’m a WG employee with a beef with Foch so you got me there.
                      My girlfriend calls me her little angel and she also laughs at my bitchy bullshit.

                      Anyway, I’m not inclined in sharing my views on this issue with you because you’re way too hostile for my taste.
                      You can either keep reading my random comments or not. Either way, it’s OK.


                    5. here are your posts about this foch drama,for everybody to see and judge:

                      1. ”Because fuck you MrEdwierd.

                      There’s my response.”

                      2. ”Makes a living from WG’s game without paying them squat.
                      Thanks them by saying ‘because fuck WG’.

                      That’s called being an ungrateful BASTARD.”

                      3. ”You can demand a better game without saying ‘Fuck you WG’ every other sentence (Foch can’t FYI — which makes him a complete IDIOT to everyone but his Twitch chat, which is all he cares about because their the ones that feed him).”

                      4. ”It’s no wonder then QB’s audience dwarfs that of SF.”

                      5. *about aging jedi’s vid*: ”Another SWEARING LOUDMOUTH. Color me surprised.”

                      6. ”Fucking mongoloid? LOL

                      Is that you Foch?”

                      7. ”Let me try and put this the way SirFoch would. Let me think now… uff, this is hard… what would Foch say? Oh, I got it.

                      ‘because, fuck you SirFoch’.

                      Damn, that was hard to come up with. I must be stupider than I think.”

                      I’ll let everyone reading this decide which of us is the pathetic flamer who disses without ANY fucking backup

                      YOU call this semi-sarcastic,flaming bullshit OPINION??

                      WHY dont you tell us WHY SirFoch is an IDIOT-BASTARD?

                      WHERE exactly is he wrong besides the obvious swearing??

                      Are his poins WRONG?


                      Mentioning QB also (one of the most ”politically correct” CCs out there……),makes me think what your relationship with him is.

                      Anyway,i hope you get your lesson:
                      Never accuse someone of BULLSHIT YOU STARTED,beacuase if you get confronted with what YOU wrote all those days (which again as we all can CLEARLY READ ABOVE,is 100% beef with Foch OR some kind of other ”benefits” you get from WG?),specially if what YOU wrote is EXACTLY the flaming-bashing you accuse me for,playing your act as an innocent victim now.

                      And by reminding that the above posts were from PREVIOUS days,i finish with quoting your last sentence:

                      ”Anyway, I’m not inclined in sharing my views on this issue with you because you’re way too hostile for my taste.”

                      end of discussion.


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                    6. I stand by all that I’ve written. ALL OF IT. If you can’t take it that’s your problem.

                      (maybe calling you a nazi was a little overboard but it’s my opinion – somebody censored the word and altered it for something else so now it’s all good I think).


                  1. would you mind playing a game 1v1 where you take anything but the Maus or type 5 and your opponent picks either type 5 or Maus.

                    I bet you would really enjoy getting owned every single time.
                    I suggest you take the IS-7 a.k.a “the most op heavy tank, russian bias omg”.


  4. “the necessity of premium time and premium tanks (P2W) drives out veteran players essentially killing the entire user base.”

    Holy shit. That’s quite the leap of faith.


        1. IRL, if people admit they are racist. That’s fine.

          It’s better to know where each other stands. Once I know where you stands, I can determine whether I should continue this conversation. :)


  5. Make gold ammo do less damage for its pen. Give machine gun, hatch, cupola weak spot back. Whatever happened to the skill of wiggling hulls and turrets to Make difficult targets


  6. this is logically fallable. if WG is selling prems then they are making money. if they are not selling prems, then there are no OP prems in game to whine about.

    god its so easy yet FUN to bend over and spank idiots.


  7. just fucking moronic post. why? because fucking moron whine about frontal weak spot. so why heavy players not whine for meds lights speed. tds high pen shells with excellent camo and spgs unlimited range? why you have to able pen heavies from front armor. because you are just selfish whore who like whine and dramma?
    just fuck off….you idiot.

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  8. I consider the bonds for advanced equipment being usable on low tier tanks to be a much much bigger threat than the Chrysler tank or the use of premium ammo. It can lead automatically to seal clubbing on basically all tiers… as mentioned it can easily turn new players away and also greatly imbalance all tiers, makes lower tiers even less interesting
    Bad move of WG

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  9. Which is my problem with the defenders of Foch. He could have backed off and resubmitted a less offensive video. His points were important but he decided his “right to be offensive” trumped the points he was making. Thanks Seb, for reposting something that should be the point of all this.

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    1. The issue was that Foch was not aware at the time he refused that he would suddenly have his CC status revoked and threatened with a copyright strike. And it’s about the person Foch is, the video he uploaded wasn’t even that bad, he might have sworn a lot at wargaming but he does that with everyone of his videos. I don’t think WG has ever reacted in this way before, not in a way that created this much of shitstorm, so what reason did Foch have at that time to remove the video?


  10. What’s shocking to me is people saying this is some new trend. It’s laughable. The IS-6, Churchill 3, SU-122-44, Excelsior, the premium German B1, and arguably the Jagdtiger 88. All of these tanks share the exact same problems that people are just now complaining about. High overall armor with limited or no weakspots, while also having sub-par penetration which requires premium to be flying both directions for things to happen.

    The Chrysler K is just a hyper version of this. The IS-6 only required ~200 mm of pen for reliable damage to it’s front, if you had the knowledge to aim for the weakest spot. This is mostly in the reach of tier 8 tanks, with few exceptions. However, with good angling on level ground, you need 240 mm to damage the Chrysler. This is obviously unacceptable.

    All I’m saying is that the Chrysler K is just a more blatant version of something that was already happening back since the beta.

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  11. You people wanted SPG’s Nerfed/removed.
    Live with it!

    Well, not all wanted that, but those wo did, were very loud about it.

    Chrysler K GF, didn’t some video say that the gun of that tank sucks?


    1. Yes,in the very same video where that moron is screaming FU WG. He actually said it himself. This is why i’m laughing at this whole situation. He’s complaining about 0 weak spots and then he’s complaining about garbage gun. And people still take him seriously for some reason.


  12. I can’t play this game anymore it stresses me out, I expected an evolved professionalism from this company, it takes years for them to fix major problems lot of times seems they have very little care and that’s how they been getting away it from all this time, using just a little tiny bit of care but that care seems to be dying.

    Biggest issues for me is
    1: Still playing tier 8+ tanks on tiny maps
    2: You can find more poeple now spamming gold rounds then shooting normal ap
    which can make it impossible to enjoy playing heavy tanks.
    3: Pay 2 win tanks, if they want to add stronger tanks fine but balance everyone else out too I think making all the tanks stronger would be a –> good thing <—
    4: Still making poor quality maps since the beginning of the game this is the only game I have played were I hate half of the maps in the game.
    5: To many underpowered tanks in the game so when you have a slightly overpowered tank joins the match it just dominates.


  13. This argument would be reasonable.
    However, I have yet to encounter a top clan player that does not press 2 by default anyway.

    Top clans play SH every day, and CW every day. Thus they earn gold weekly through CW (anywhere from 1500-3000 gold PW) And they earn 500k-1 million Silver in a 2 hour session of SH with money boost activated.
    They do not need to grind credits like mere mortal players. That being, strap into tier 8 prems and play several hours of grinding, while facing tier 10’s mostly, thus needing a dab of 2, thus needing more hours of credit grinding.

    The game is tilted towards the top clan players. Who in turn feed the WGL with players.

    The buffing of super heavy tanks in my humble opinion, was to give the mere mortal players a chance to face the top clan players in tier 10 and be able to beat them occasionally.

    Regarding monetization. If you cannot afford 10 Euro a month for premium account time, (or buy 1/2 year or year prem account time when it’s on discount) and another 10 Euro a month for some gold, get a better job.


      1. It’s just 10 euros, i’m sure you have 10 euros to spare. Save 0.50 euro (50 cent) per day and you’re golden, is it so hard? I see junkies and beggars who make more than that every day…..

        Anyway, i’m sorry that you’re “poor”, but that’s just…LIFE.

        Trying to force a company to cater to you and the rest of the “poor” players isn’t logical. It’s a product for sale, not charity you all have to understand this at some point.

        A company has to make money. HOW they will do that is their own business and you can’t force them to cater to the “poor”. It’s business, not charity, you have to understand this at some point.


        1. Yes, but most players pay nothing for the game. You want WG to not have those huge player numbers they love bragging with? And if poor players go, you get at least 50 percent less players, leading to worse MM. WoT was built as a free to play game, why ruin that model?


          1. You just went DERP there, big time. If you want to be able to play the game for free….because you’re so “poor”…the company needs to SELL, needs to MAKE MONEY. So get your shit together. This is how it works. You can’t have it all.


          2. Seb, I understand that Eastern Europe has a different economy of scale.

            Think of your excellent blog for a moment. When you started, you did not need to spend much because you had very little traffic. As you grew, you needed to spend some more on Web Hosting.

            Think of it in WG’s scale. How much is their bill for EU1 and EU2, and RU1-9, and NAE and NAW, and Asia.
            Rent for Paris office, Minsk office, Chicago, California.
            Salary for technical guys, marketing, lawyers, accounting, insurance, utility bills.
            All this adds up.
            You know, the shareholders need to be compensated as well. Upkeep for Yacht, 1st Class Travel, Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s Aston Martins, Rocks for the wife and GF’s (sorry Victor, not implying anything, but…) Serb needs money for his rocket program.

            And beyond that.
            All the CC’s and youtubers forget that the old adage of Worse then Elite, but better then Stock is the mantra for pref. MM prems.
            Once Premium tanks that cost people MONEY have standard MM. Then they have to be as good as elite tech tree tanks. Otherwise, NOBODY WILL FUCKING BUY THEM HAHAHA>
            Patriot has 230 Pen 6 sec reload for 240 alpha? yes it does. It is a beast. But unlike the T32, tier 6’s can pen it’s turret if RNG lets you hit it.
            GL penning a T32 Hull Down….If you dumb enough to shoot more then 2, and have not pressed 3, then you are a……
            Obj252 is a IS7 in tier 8. No doubt. But it’s gun is not accurate.
            VK168 is gonna be a beast in Himmelsdorf, but with a 4!!!!!!! HP per ton PW ratio……… Get Malinovka, Steppes, Prokhorovka in it. HF GG.

            I can go on and on.


              1. Does that stop you from playing?
                I spend much much more.
                I choose to. I don’t have to, I want to.
                There are more like you then like me. But as long as there are enough like me, then this game will be FTP or $17 a year or $25 or $50 a year.


                1. To be honest, not really. I bought the FCM Pak 40 and T26E5 (last recently, out of respect that they made it without the silly camo). Also Churchill III but that was from the leftover gold I had. You can have premium tanks just by participating in tournaments and getting that gold, so it’s not that bad. And by 17 dollars a year I was meaning the cost of the blog hosting. ^^


    1. Where I live, you earn €2000 (after taxes etc.) a month easily with a reasonable job. In other parts of Europe that’s not the case. They have to get around with less then €1000 a month, while life isn’t that cheaper in those countries.

      So what you are saying is a bit ignorant. A lot of players from the eastern paet of Europe can’t afford it that easy.


  14. Well I agree that every tank should have a weakspot and that it shouldn´t need prem ammo to be effective and fun to play with/against. But didn´t we already have this kind of tank that is hard to deal with especially for new players: the Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J. We can still buy that tank once in a while. At least the Chrysler K GF has a bad side that you can pen and you will be punished when driving along and getting shot in the sides (a weakspot)? Like the tanks stated in the article: Frontally it is a very strong tank, but it does have it’s weaknesses (the complete sides and back). The statement that “It’s extremely important that any premium tank regardless of tier fundamentally CANNOT be better than it’s tech tree equivalent.” is nonsense, it should not be overpowered and needs some weakspots (whereever they are) and the Chrysler K GF has those. I do not agree with this old and nonsensical argument. Using the fallacy that this tank is OP against new players is also not right: most tanks are “OP” when used against new players, because they simply do not know how to deal with them and will always be outplayed by more experienced players. I am not trying to upset anyone but not everyone agrees with given statements.


  15. Already said this in the WoT forums, but disregarding the Foch comedy show, WG answered to a problem by creating another.

    The first problem was gold ammo available for credits, meaning anyone can (and will) go for the 2 key, often not because they need to, but because it farms damage faster, and the higher one goes through the tiers the worse it gets.

    In not addressing the gold ammo abuse (and here some responsibility lies with the players), WG went the other extreme – make tanks so tough only gold ammo will be able to crack them open. If the players likes spamming gold so much anyway, why not let them do so even more, it’s good for the company coffers as well so it’s a win-win situation.

    This isn’t about Foch, it’s a broader issue that’s been ignored for years. Foch was simply the match that ignited the fuel.


  16. The problem is with maps that don’t allow flanking, not with heavies that are (almost) invurnable frontally.


  17. I quit playing WOT the moment Defender was on sale . It is OP as fuck , IS3 is garbage now . And Skorpion is better than RHM – check videos with 6-7k dmg…
    I play The Division now. I payed 40euros, but its not pay2win .
    WG – you lied to much and you are too greedy for me .


  18. Congratulations 13Disciple! Very good and very well explained point of view! Wargaming won’t bother with it… unless hole wot community will acknowledge it!
    And even so… Wargaming has already a very high spending rate and, maybe, they just can’t return, or even decrease, this p2w direction.


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