Various Reactions to WG and #FreeFoch

There have been loads of reactions from various large news outlets and YouTubers. All we can say for certain is that will have a very negative PR effect on WG. Someone at WG is definitely getting fired.

Jim Sterling recently posted a video chastising WG for the incident. He also states that he will make a “Jimquisition” on the matter where he will do some more research and perhaps chastise them further.

The popular TotalBiscuit tweeted out a small synopsis of the situation. Link

Ph3lan gave out an apology on the WoT forums. He states that he apologized for the “implied threat”, however the threat wasn’t “implied” at all, but very blatant.

Head of Community, Florian Mentl, gave out a basic apology stating that they would never send a copyright strike as a response for negative reviews with the exception of NDAs.

Kotaku, a fairly well known gaming news site, reported on the event. Link

Russian news site, Kanobu (top) and DTF (bottom) reported the event, bringing the issue to the Russian.


34 thoughts on “Various Reactions to WG and #FreeFoch

      1. The Murazor is more or less the main reason behind this shit, though.

        He came to the lead in late-summer 2016. Guess what the next premium was? Skorpion G…and it started the trend.

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        1. I think the Mutz was the first OP tank. It was a better Indien panzer in just about every way. After the german tanks buffs, the Indien Panzer caught up a bit, but I would still take the Mutz over the Indien Panzer every time, because of better turret armor.


  1. WG Minsk: It’s only a game, why you lot have to be mad.

    Getting slightly off topic, but since the Cyprus meeting that EU contributors were invited to talk to WG, WG does the extreme where new prems are OP, which contrast a lot with the UP ones(which eventually got buffed) they introduced before. Can WG stop being so extreme….and couldn’t same be done on t8/7 standard vehicles


  2. I don’t like such bullshit comments “Someone at WG is definitely getting fire.” Is this what you want? Will this change anything or will it make you feel better when someone get fired? It’s like you ask for it. Thats fucking bullshit (yeaah I go the Foch way here).

    It feels totally wrong to sacrifice one employee what just do his job and might follow orders. However, I wouldn’t never ask that someone get fired, since this will not help in the current situation and not in what FOCH even was aiming for.

    Rubincon 2.0 failed, but very hidden & insidious WG went a new way to make more profit. Unbalanced premium vehicles. And its not because Murazor or his team are retards and have no clue about the balancing. It’s more like they get orders to do so by getting extreme goals income/profit wise from the upper management.

    Actually I really would like we aim for that than to around with pitchforks.

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    1. *facedesk*

      When have I ever said I wanted such a thing, you fucking mongoloid.

      Do you not see the fucking shitstorm brewing or are did you happen to lose your glasses? Don’t you think it’s fucking possible think that someone may get fired?

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    2. I think what they meant was that, since the creators of rubicon were fired for the screw up, and what happened now was also a screw up (a lot bigger screw up imo) someone will get fired.


    3. I totally agree, the only thing that is important here is that now WG needs to give guarantees to the community that they will stop acting like asshole that only care about short term profits by flooding OP tier 8 premiums, because by doing so they are really slowly, quietly but surely breaking their game..


  3. Fucking mongoloid is your way to arguee? This gives me a direct indication what kind of a person you are.

    “Someone at WG is definitely getting fired.” That sounds mostly like you want it, something you are looking for, something you would be excited about”

    But it seems to be your attitude and “fucking mongoloid” is in line with that. Period. I will not reply to you again on that level.


        1. Can you further elaborate. I’m not aware of anything that essentially says “I hope Ph3lan or whomever is fired”

          Someone getting fired because of this massive PR disaster is highly likely to happen.


          1. Fair enough. I now understand the distinction you are making However, what is the point of all these threads if not to try and get somebody fired? SirFoch posted screen caps in which he admitted he had been way out of line. The threat of copyright strike came only after he agreed he was wrong and still refused to remove the video. I’m actually not trying to start a fight with you but I don’t understand your position. SirFoch could have removed the video and resubmitted one just as critical of the tank and WG’s direction without all the hate. Both sides escalated the situation, both share some guilt,


            1. It is WG’s prerogative, to ask him to tone it down or remove the video entirely. It is SirFoch’s prerogative to not do either. It is WG`s prerogative to remove him from the community-contributor program, as a reaction to his refusal to remove the video.
              It is, however, illegal to threaten Foch with a copyright-strike and DMCA-takedown as a reaction to his refusal. There is only one side that escalated the situation.


    1. Bingo, one issue is is that Wargaming did fuckup on this matter, and the most likely scenario is that there will be scapegoats and they will be fired, either that or an apology.


    1. Well, considering his age…. I highly doubt it.

      Now I’m not sure if I should just tell you how old he is, but if you come on the discord server, you can ask it and will be told.
      Man, the discord server is so much different!

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  4. Well after all this shitstorm, two possibilities:

    1) they understand that all of this is due to a guy who lost his shit because of their terrible balancing habits and that the rest of the community is going to become like him, so they make a public announcement on that matter and start rebalancing the game and premiums too [unlikely]

    2) they blame everything on Foch and Ph3lan and change nothing to their habits [very likely]

    When you reach a point where your community contributors start pretty much dumping you, and the situation escalates to the point where it almost becomes a scandal online on non-WoT related sites, I think it shows how critical WG’s situation is and how they really need to change. Because their popularity among players has been going down for a long time now, and after reaching this low, accidents like this happen ; and more events similar to this one will keep happening if they don’t react…

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  5. I really don’t understand all this mad reaction. Wot has been broken since premium ammo became available for credits. It gives an excuse for poorly balanced tanks and encourages the worst forms of play.

    The community bears some responsibility for this because of their hyper competitive and venomous nature.

    Tier 10 is one of the least balanced tiers… See fv215b vs batshit. Arty has always made people cry. They can never make people happy with the concealment mechanics and yet still plough on without much change. Oh and the economy really sucks. Playing warships as well, both on premium, in one I have like a million credits and after a week maybe 1.5 because of the venom. Warships, I have 20million plus and I’m playing quite a lot just because I like it, not even grinding.

    However, whilst the fan boys run around like small children, hands in the air, screaming, it’s difficult to get any clear message through. I’d doubt that even with the best people developing the game that they could make out what people really wanted except freebies and boosts to their win rates.

    Too many tanks, too much water under the bridge. If you don’t like what they’re doing then leave. Hell, I dropped it because I wasn’t having fun. No one I know plays it anymore and together we probably have over 100k battles.

    Yes it’s an mmo, yes it has longevity, yes you invested. That doesn’t mean it’ll continue forever. Maybe it’s time it died off or rebooted or something.


  6. I think the only way peeps at WG will be getting fired is if profits go down.
    All is well at WG. Every game tier 5-10 sees an abundance of premium tanks, loads of number 2’s are shat (pun and mis type intended) about.
    They are making money. Last time I looked, that was the objective of a business.

    The fact that there are people that are frustrated with a company trying to do what they are supposed to do is assenine.
    What do you all want? More KV5’s? More IS6’s? Or more Patriots and Defenders?
    I play on EU and occasionally on NA. I see more Patriots and Defenders.

    This game is a nice little hobby that costs money. As I said many a time. If you cannot afford 10-20 Euro a month, you need to get a better job.


  7. I see some selective reactions here gj!

    Great to see that the reaction balance is in line and proportion to SF review which is what started it all, yes his actions lets all forget that……


    1. By selective reactions do you mean the ones that were posted on that day? These were the ones I found. I didn’t post Jingle’s reaction because it was a big ass tweet that said very little and people probably already knew about it


  8. Well this has been brewing for some time. OP premiums to get people to spam alot of gold ammo is the trend and makes Wot not really free to play anymore. Wows is also affected but not as much. But really balancing seems to be the biggest issue and i think the whole community should be more involved in this.


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