Various Reactions to WG and #FreeFoch

There have been loads of reactions from various large news outlets and YouTubers. All we can say for certain is that will have a very negative PR effect on WG. Someone at WG is definitely getting fired.

Jim Sterling recently posted a video chastising WG for the incident. He also states that he will make a “Jimquisition” on the matter where he will do some more research and perhaps chastise them further.

The popular TotalBiscuit tweeted out a small synopsis of the situation. Link

Ph3lan gave out an apology on the WoT forums. He states that he apologized for the “implied threat”, however the threat wasn’t “implied” at all, but very blatant.

Head of Community, Florian Mentl, gave out a basic apology stating that they would never send a copyright strike as a response for negative reviews with the exception of NDAs.

Kotaku, a fairly well known gaming news site, reported on the event. Link

Russian news site, Kanobu (top) and DTF (bottom) reported the event, bringing the issue to the Russian.