WoT: Grand Canyon Map Video

Video demonstration of the special map „Grand Canyon”, made for the Frontline mode which was tested in the Sandbox. Size: 1.2 x 1.2 km, only has the encounter mode. You can also see the minimap and the loading screen. Release date is unknown. This is the first prototype of this map, so expect changes.



13 thoughts on “WoT: Grand Canyon Map Video

  1. ..stupid boring Erlenberg on sand campfest MK II. …i rly do hope im wrong about this, otherwise its gonna suck, hard…


  2. I liked the map when I played it. It has multiple routes and a lot of height levels. It is anything but a camping map


  3. Seb it would be bice if you can tell them that we don’t want a bigga corridor map where everything look da same like a bigga el halluf where there is literally like 2 corridor


  4. Looking great. Awesome. Later they can even adapt it for random. It’s good to know WG is still investing in the game with new content other than tanks before finally pulling the plug sometime next year.


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