WoT HD Models Roadmap + Estimations

This was shared by pauliewaffle on Reddit.

Based on this list and on the number of HD tanks WG put in the last patch (9.19 CT), I estimate that WG will finish making all tanks HD in about 7 patches. There are 90 vehicles left to remodel.


22 thoughts on “WoT HD Models Roadmap + Estimations

  1. 2 patches ago they said there was like 3 patches left…

    It’s been 3 years and 20 patches already.
    They should be done with it by now, even if it means 4GB patches it’s better than spreading the wait over another year, especialy with HD maps on the way (SD tanks on HD maps will look even more terrible).

    I hardly believe there is so much left…
    If they didnt waste time with rare like MTLS that dont even really exist in the game, or with arties that we barely see during battle (or when we do it’s in the form ofna dead tank model), they’d be done with the rest by now.

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  2. There isnt 9.19 HD models, 113 and WZ-111 1-4 on list, just to notify. That means there are like 60-70 left, which almost half of them are arties.


  3. And still no Batchat, STB-1, Easy8, KV-4 or T69 in HD after all these years.
    I understand they will not hurry with T28, VK B, ST-I or 215B, as they are probably to be replaced or remodelled altogether, but these famous and very popular tanks still look like from stone age…


    1. VKB is pretty much guaranteed to stay now that we have a VK line.
      As for T28 I hardly see it go, it’s not completely fake (just a T95 with one less row of tracks), and seems like a natural predecessor to T95.
      ST-1 is probably planned for the IS-4 switch as you said, and 215B may still be changed as a super-conqueror… But at the same time this tank is just a Conqueror with the turret further back so it shouldnt take too much efforts to change it, if any.

      But I think they also said they may rework further some of the earliest HD models because they have lower quality compared to newer ones. Tortoise Maus and Hellcat were upgraded, tanks like T54 might still be changed a bit.


      1. WG had lots of problems with picking professional graphics designers that could actually do it right so now we have so many different styles of HD tanks in the game which kind of sucks.
        Now that WG finaly found the crew that can do a proper job they have to rework all those poorly made tanks to the newest standard.
        You can really see how poorly tanks like Mutz, Tiger I, IS-7, Skorpion G, T-54, T95, T28 Prot and many others are made.

        I personally can’t wait for all tanks to be reworked to the new HD standard and for the release of the awesome looking HD maps because eye candy really means something to me (since i’m lucky enough to be able to max many titles). It’s just that we are almost in the middle of 2017 and WoT still looks like some titles from 2001.


        1. Same for me.
          I’d buy a shitty game just for the graphics ; and I cannot bear to not run on ultra.

          Elite : Dangerous, I have less than 5 hours on it, never regretted it. And the WoT HD maps trailer made me wet lol.


          1. somewhat similar with me :)
            I won’t say i would buy a game just for the graphics but it’s a huge plus if it looks good.
            Also i love to max them if i can but i’m feeling the need to buy a new GPU since my GTX 680 is getting really old and rusty for all those cool looking new titles.

            Let’s see what AMD’s Vega brings us and what happens to the prices on the green side.


              1. i will sell it because i don’t have much money so with me every € counts (sorry lol)
                I have to check for what money other people are selling them but other than that i have to say it’s in perfect condition, regularly cleaned and no shady stuff here.

                It has been serving me really nicely but it’s time for replacement now.


  4. I’m fairly confident they could’ve released all the models already by now, but they are spreading them over patches on purpose, so they can put 10-20 HD models in each patch and put it into patchnotes.


  5. This list is outdated. There are 69 HD models, from which 12 (we know so far) are coming in 9.19 – so 57 left.


  6. I recall reading that Wargaming outsources HD modeling of tanks to other companies and has very little control over when the HD models are ready to be released which might explain why the various tanks released each patch seems so random.


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