WoT: Weird Bug on the NA Server

I have heard reports from American readers that suddenly, their friend list became empty. The recent micropatch did not fix this. I wonder what happened? It seems to be a server-side problem.

Response from dance210, NA Community Specialist:

„Good morning guys!

There was maintenance done to the XMPPCS this morning – which affects in-game chat. There is a possibility that this maintenance has affected the friends list, temporarily removing it. I’m going to keep an eye on it on my end and report it as well.

Again, I’m hoping this is a temporary side effect of the maintenance and it will resolve itself soon. If it doesn’t, once I get into the office I will escalate it further. Apologies guys!”


9 thoughts on “WoT: Weird Bug on the NA Server

  1. I can confirm this , only way to platoon is to invite in battle, so my friends and I had to hit the ready button at the same time to get in same battle the invite each other


  2. before this happened i was at the max 300 friends and had like 10 pending friend request. then my friendslist and blacklist went away and came back after a few hours and all of my pending friend requests got accepted putting me at 310~ above the cap and now when ever i log out and log back in it will automatically accept all my pending friend requests


  3. not sure, but playing a friends inactive account, there was a normal friends list before I activated the XMV…maybe that’s the key. I believe I read here that WG is going to be implementing there own XMV..might be something to look at..or not since some with vanilla say it affected them as well.


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