Possible MM Bug?

Source: Lyrarium

I am citing the man himself:

Hi guys, I have seen a bug in the MM, some may call it a glitch, as far as I know, if you open a platoon with just yourself in it, it seems like you always get top tier MM, no matter what! I’ve tried this and asked friends to do it as well, and it seemed to work, at least on EU on 09/05/2017. I’ve sent a ticket to Wargaming support, but I think the more the best, so could you guys try it out see if you get the same thing as me, and if so send a ticket too? I don’t like this as it gives some players an advantage they shouldn’t get.

Here are some examples I got https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TO779cqrCy7i412Xa4FgdO7ZC-1UHJclI1-9kDkd1fI/edit?usp=sharing

As far as I know, WG is working on fixing this, so make sure to abuse this bug as much as you can. And a reminder: it seems to not work on some tanks.

And I say this since so far, no players were banned for abusing bugs. So it’s not likely they will do that to us.


Anton Pankov on the bug:

„The problem is known, there is already a fix coming soon. Thank you for paying attention to the problem.”


37 thoughts on “Possible MM Bug?

        1. How would WG go about banning folks then? Most players don’t read TAP or the forums.

          So they would blissfully unaware, if they were soloing some games after their friends left the platoon and would probably think the almighty Serb and RNGesus has blessed his/her MM.

          WG could also list all the folks replying here, and who visited the forum topic.
          Then go about checking whether those players played any games in a single platoon.
          Then just ban hammer them all?

          Would be effective…I guess.


          1. I actually did this accidently just like how you said there is not way they can ban people for this even if it is a bit scumy


  1. LUL! People doing that should be banned. I dont like when people exploit bugs like that. Fair play is better not this fucking cheater.

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      1. No its not. Bugs can happen. Promote them is wrong, at least warn your readers WG could possibly sanction it. Because else IF they do and you promoted the bug, you are the bad boy for many of your readers.

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        1. Lol, How can he warn players about a possible sanction if WG hasn’t said anything about the bug and imposing sanctions.. And yes, it’s WG’s fault, if they created a bug for instance where you can buy premiums or gold for a much lower price you can’t fault players for taking advantage..

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          1. but we know they are trying to, we know its cheating, we know its breaking the EULA.

            smart players = dont cheat

            baddies= cheat then cry they didnt expect to get banned when they get banned, boo hoo, WG mean, i am dumb and didnt know, no one warned me, boo hoo :((((

            I hope they look at the logs for 1 man platoons and permaban all these scumlords. This would be a quick way to get rid of thousands of shitters!


      2. Oho u say? Well ur sister walked around with mini skirt so I touched her butt, I guess it was her fault then and i am not guilty? LUL logic.


  2. Well considering how WG banned arties from platooning because “they were cooperating with their team mates too much”, this could very well be intentionnal to encourage people playing solo in an MMO.

    If you want easy money you know what to do with your OP prems until the next micropatch lol. I’m gonna milk my E-25 like WG milks the playerbase.


  3. Friendly reminder that this is bug abusing and may therefore be bannable.

    Also, If you abuse or promote the abuse of this bug you are being a genuine asshole who is ruining MM and games for other players just to gain an advantage.

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      1. ya half the posts are making fun of WG for a typo or something, labaled WG FAIL or something overly dramatic like its the end of the world, and the other half teach ppl how to cheat. so many garbage posts. Well its been less so lately, but that was 2016 TAP, pretty dickless.


  4. Wonder how long this was “known”, MM bottom > mid/top rotation has be piss poor for me in my last 2 WoT sessions. Might have been this bug being used over the last week or so?
    Of just me having the shittiest of luck, making me wonder if I were playing 9.17.1 again.


  5. Well, my first 5 games today were mid/bottom tier in my T-10 russian heavy. It isn’t too bad (although much harder when using the stock gun) But the next games I was toptier. Played more games in my Church 3 and 99% top tier even though it has pref mm.

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    1. You’re saying it like it’s WG’s intention for it to work like this. It’s not and any retard can see it’s unfair play. You’re just trying to justify your douchbag behaviour, which is understandable but not very admirable. Grow up.


  6. What? People, use the bug!, come one, why not use it? You do not like it, just f.. the wg. Team … come one they make the game a pay to win day by day and you do nothing.
    Now you can So DO It!
    Thank’s For the tip i will use it all the time in game till the bug is fix. I never like the ideea of random, hope it will find a tip to be on the maps that I what 😉 everitime.


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