Q&A – 10th May 2017

Small batch of answers by developer Falathi (Polish WG representative):

– WG has plans to introduce wheeled vehicles in the future. The first prototype was shown in the “Convoy” game mode;
– Development of new maps is currently not a priority. The team is currently working on HD maps;
– Work on Historical Battles is paused, this team is working on “Front Line” now;
– No comments on the ST-II;
– The first try at a 30×30 mode was successful, the next goal is to adjust it, taking into account Sandbox player comments;
– WG has plans for introducing several nations into the game, Poland has a high chance of being one of those nations;
– HD maps are high-priority, but there is no certain deadline yet;
– EU3 server is unneccesary, the problem there lies in the infrastructure;
– Special offers in the premium shop not only depend on the region, but also on the tank’s popularity;
– The changes in 9.18 were a right decision to make. Now, data is being collected regarding these changes and fixes will be introduced in the future;


50 thoughts on “Q&A – 10th May 2017

  1. can someone please ask wg at the next q&a when/if they plan to introduce a full line of British lights?
    I recall at some point in the past they said British armored history provides for a lot of material

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    1. Someone also needs to ask about Jap TDs if they are coming, they would be very well possible to introduce, and they would be pretty unique, too.

      …and french 2nd heavy line xd (not full super-heavy line but tier 2-7 those and tier 8-10 vanilla turret amx 50s, like they planned in 2016)

      I dont give a damn about PL tanks, expect if they somehow introduces the Czolg Pancernik. Heck, id rather see Italians first even if their hightier candidates doesnt interest me anyhow, either because at least their midtiers seems unique.

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      1. IJA TDs might have unique looks, but certainly not unique gameplay. And WG have to make fake tanks again to fill the higher tiers


        1. What about lighter, more compact and faster Ferdinands with -10 depression, 105mm with high penetration and semi-autoloader similar to Chi-Ri? That would be the potential tier 8-10 TDs, the 3 variants of Ho-Ris. Tell me one vehicle in the game that is like that.

          All 3 Ho-Ri variants can fill the tier 8-10 holes. There might be need of buffing armor or giving them more powerful gun upgrades but there certainly is enough historical candidates to make full line tier 2-10. 120mm naval gun mounted on Chi-Ha hull would be wonderful premium tier 6-7 TD to be released before the line for crew training purposes.

          Even with some unhistorical buffs (IF they are needed) there wouldnt be any need to create any fakes and the line would be still significantly more historical than Japanese heavy line, and certainly much more interesting and unique than Chinese fake-TD line.

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          1. A T10 TD on Chi-Ri chassis will be very bad with no doubt, unless it got super big dong like a 183mm. TBH it will still bad, consider FV4005 have a half turret and Ho-Ri likely to not. If its goes to the DPM style, it will be even worse. You have no reason other than masochism to play that over Strv103.

            I have nothing against Ho-Ri being put into the game, but an over-buffed Ho-Ri in T10 sounds like a horrible idea. In fact I even thing a huge (means logically it should have low camo) TD with almost no armor and rather sluggish mobility in T9 will be bad as well. A big gun or high DPM just won’t help much.

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            1. Expect the Ho-Ri III, or Ho-Ri Toku, was supposed to have 120mm upper plate armor sloped at 70 degrees and 250mm thick casemate armor. Think Obj 263.

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                1. Okay this one seems legit enough if the data is true. I still doubt how that thing will weight only 45tons with that thickness while the Chi-Ri is already about the same weight, but in terms of game-play that is not something a player need to concern then.


                  1. The side armor is apparently very thin. Reason why Chi-Ri weights so much is because how gigantic the turret is.


                  2. Chi-ri is not welded, its all bolted. Plus the Japanese engine WG made for Chi-ri weights a ton…WG is doing their best to make Ch-ri fat


  2. “The changes in 9.18 were a right decision to make. Now, data is being collected regarding these changes and fixes will be introduced in the future;”

    This is absolutely correct. Thank you WarGaming, for improving greatly upon your game.


    1. The positive changes in 9.18 were essentially ruined by one poorly thought out and ill tested hotfix that unnecessarily crushed light tanks and ruined the momentum that WG brought with this patch.


  3. “The changes in 9.18 were a right decision to make. Now, data is being collected regarding these changes and fixes will be introduced in the future”


    “We’ve had a rough guess and changed things because we felt like it. We’re collecting data now to see how much have we fucked up. We’ll probably fix some of it later.”

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  4. “The first try at a 30×30 mode was successful, the next goal is to adjust it, taking into account Sandbox player comments;”
    “The second try at 30×30 mode where we’ve taken into account the Sandbox player comments was very successful, the next goal is to completely destroy it taking into account all the autistic screaming players on the public test server”

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    1. That mode could be amazing. It was the best thing I’ve played in wot in years. However, given 9.18 – I fully expect WG is screw it up.


  5. What new nations? None of the remaining nations can fill a complete tech tree or even a single branch without some copy/paste or fake vehicles. Polish?! They have some unique low tier tanks, then russian copies. Italians the same. Hungarians the same. Romanians the same. Spanish… they got 3 tanks. I think that WG employee is talking out of his ass.

    I can think of only ONE nation that could fill a line or two with unique tanks: Yugoslavia.


    1. They really should fill existing tech trees (France, Sweden, Japan, Britain) before slapping new nation tech “sticks”.


      1. I completely agree! Here’s what’s missing:
        China: TD, SPG
        UK: LT
        CzSk: HT, TD, SPG, LT
        Japan: TD, SPG, LT
        Sweden: MT, LT, SPG

        USA: reorganization of the MT lines
        France: 2nd HT line


        1. I assume you talk about the Yugo line? If they made complete conversions of tanks from other nations, it counts as unique. If you don’t already have that tank in the game, it’s unique.


      1. Don’t make me laugh. Romanian tank designs stop at tier 4 or 5. And there’re maximum 2 tanks that can fill the high tiers. There’re a lot of missing slots and Romania is not and was not a tank building country.

        As for the italians, they got Pattons and Leopards at the top, with holes in the mid tiers. Like Romania, they have a few low tier original designs that stop at tier 5 or 6.

        If you have a new proposed tech tree, please let me see it.


        1. Italy can build a full Med tech tree.

          Granted, there will most likely be patrons on top, however these are M47 Patrons, a tank that is not present in WoT (The M46 with the T42 turret is the M46E1).

          As for Romania, there are various proposals and prototypes of existing vehicles. The TAA for example is my existing tier 10 TD candidate. However, more information needs to be found.

          I will on day make an article on an updated Romanian tech tree with original vehicles, but right now, it’s not happening.

          I’m okay if anyone is skeptical of me. That’s totally reasonable.


          1. TAA has no armor and only a 100 mm gun, similar to what T-55 has. That’s a tier 8 TD.
            TR-77-580 could be a tier 9 MT. Huge frontal armor values but bigger than the usual T-55 and of course slower. The gun would be similar. A slow MT with great frontal armor, average gun and shit mobility.
            TR-77-800 could be the tier 10. It’s a “what if” project. What if Romania received the Leo engine for the T-77? This would make the tank OP. Great frontal armor, average gun, great mobility.
            Model 89 would be the tier 10 TD (or SPG?). A small and nimble turreted TD that can reach 65 km/h and is armed with a 122 mm gun. The problem is, it fires HE or rocket assisted rounds.

            So, from all these tanks, there’re only 2 options for WoT. That leaves you with Pz. III, Pz. IV, Panther, T-34-85, Hummel, StuG III and other copy-paste still in the tech tree. I’m sorry but I’m not skeptical of you. It’s simply impossible. I’d love to drive romanian tanks in this game but apart from some possible premium tanks placed in the German or Russian tech tree, there’s no hope.


            1. You’re only relying on the information that is already blatantly known. There is archival material that has yet to be found. There is mentioning of projects from the 40’s and 70’s that has yet to be found. Two of my friends are going to visit various archives.

              The TR-77-580 is tier 10 material. I can’think see it at tier 9 at all. My tier 9 is its prototype with The elongated turret and an engine compartment meant for the 830 hp engine. However, the hull armor is what worries me.

              The TAA has an autoloader and thick frontal turret. Very thick.

              The hull armor is okay, but the frontal sloping of the top portion makes it be able to go hull down.

              You do know that the TAA was discovered recently by my friend? I wrote an article on it.


              1. I don’t know who discovered the patent for the TAA. I read about it on a romanian arms blog. Well, if you think you’ll find more information in some dusty archives, then I cross my fingers but I’m skeptical about it.

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                1. My friend, Andrew Hills, on Tanks Encyclopedia found the patent while we speculating about its existance. After some miscommunication between me and a Romanian translator, the patent was leaked by him on Rumaniamilitary.ro.

                  This prompted me to make the article as quickly as possible. Around five days after the leak. Which is why you saw the TAA article elsewhere.

                  By no means am I trying to disrespect the other authors, but they left out so much stuff. Like the autoloader and the isolated ammunition compartment.


                  You can see that Andrew Hills was credited on the article after we contacted them to do so.


                  This is my article that I go very in detail. Stuff from the patent that was never mentioned on the other articles


                  1. I have to say I didn’t take the time to read the document and when you mentioned the autoloading mechanism I was ready to jump and bite you but (now I’ve read the patent docs) you’re right, it’s indeed patented as an autoloader. Where did Andrew Hills discover this? It’s hard for a romanian to get clearance into the army’s archives at Ploiesti. I can’t believe they allowed a foreigner… :( I want to get in there too.


                    1. I don’t know about Ploiesti, but Pitesti is where the real shit is at, I’ve been told. Don’t waste your time at the Romanian Ministry of Defence at Bucharest. It’s just a place to ask for military documents from Pitesti.

                      One of my Romanian companions and Seb have gained clearanced to the Pitesti military archives. Whether we’ll be able to get documents is a different story.

                      Also, I’m planning a Romanian Leopard 2 prototype article. No, not 90’s or 2000’s Leopard 2. A Leopard 2 from the 70’s.

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    2. Polish copycat line is the better option, trust me…

      I’m affraid Poles will try to push the Stanislaw Lem’s Pancernik 220ton (yeah… Maus carrying T-54), 6-turreted bullshit he doodled in 1947.

      Talking about sci-fi tanks in WoT… this one fills the category entirely, as it was actually “designed” by polish Sci-fi writer.

      And by “designed” i mean roughly drawn on piece of paper, accompanied by letter basically saying something like “Oh it’s gonna be awesome and it will make you win all wars, as it’s gonna be 220 tons heavy, it’s armour will be impenetrable, it’s gonna be littered with metric shitton of guns here and there, main one will be 155mm. Or 152mm. Or at least 150mm, but big, you know, because big is badass. And few of the other guns will be AA. I don’t know jackshit about tank building or motorised vehicles in general so it’s up to you to make it happen, good luck.”

      Kinda the thing 11 year old would write, but sans lasers, ability to fly and ninja cyborg dinosaur crew…

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      1. From what I can tell, these Polish tanks will likely originate from WAT. WAT was or perhaps still is a polish military enginering school for designing military equipment.

        I like to call these tanks, “homework” or “schoolwork” tanks. That’s basically what it is.

        I remember seeing a description of one of these school work tanks. It was a heavy tank that weighed 60 tons and had 200mm of armor. No blueprint was available for the public to see.


        1. I certainly hope WG will listen to the tiny weak voice of reson and at least use some of these.

          Because the time J. Pasholok first shown the Lem’s Pancernik tank, first reply from polish comunity was “This is OUR tier X machine, let’s make it happen.”

          And you know – i get it, Poles were allways overly strong in their patriotic pride. Especially when everybody keeps mocking them with the whole “horses vs tanks” thing (Just note: It happened. Once. Not on purpose, of course. The rest of the story about Poles making habit out of that or even not having any more modern weapon than hussar’s sabre is german propaganda.) despite the fact, they managed to defend themselves almost as long as France, which had much bigger and better equiped army, not to mention few thousands of Brits to back them up. Considering all that, polish WW2 soldiers were fucking legends, Battle of Thermopylae style, but still many people view them as weirdos trying to slash tanks with medieval swords.

          But why on earth do so many Polish WoT players (not all of them, some are actually sane) think people will view them as nation of mighty warriors if they get the biggest, ugliest, most demented sci-fi spaceship in whole World of Tanks is beyond me…

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  6. “WG has plans to introduce wheeled vehicles in the future.”
    – I really hope they don’t do that. AW has wheeled vehicles and it just looks completely rediculous.


  7. “– WG has plans to introduce wheeled vehicles in the future. The first prototype was shown in the “Convoy” game mode;”

    I hope they will fix the “tracking” mechanism on them before introduction because otherwise they will be a nightmare to play.


  8. – WG has plans for introducing several nations into the game, Poland has a high chance of being one of those nations;

    Polan can into tonks?


  9. HD maps, maybe they should try to make the game use more cpu cores. Update 9.15 fixed alot of fps related issues but they need to make more elements of the game use additional threads. If you have a monster PC shoudl should get monster fps ffs! I have fucken 6960x and two 1080Ti and I barely get 80 fps on high 1440p LUL, I want refund for the gaem from WG!


  10. “Development of new maps is currently not a priority. The team is currently working on HD maps”

    WG again demonstrating how well they listen to their playerbase. I have heard dozens of people request new, non-corridor maps. Not once have I heard a cry for HD maps. Thank you WoT.


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