Q&A – 10th May 2017

Small batch of answers by developer Falathi (Polish WG representative):

– WG has plans to introduce wheeled vehicles in the future. The first prototype was shown in the “Convoy” game mode;
– Development of new maps is currently not a priority. The team is currently working on HD maps;
– Work on Historical Battles is paused, this team is working on “Front Line” now;
– No comments on the ST-II;
– The first try at a 30×30 mode was successful, the next goal is to adjust it, taking into account Sandbox player comments;
– WG has plans for introducing several nations into the game, Poland has a high chance of being one of those nations;
– HD maps are high-priority, but there is no certain deadline yet;
– EU3 server is unneccesary, the problem there lies in the infrastructure;
– Special offers in the premium shop not only depend on the region, but also on the tank’s popularity;
– The changes in 9.18 were a right decision to make. Now, data is being collected regarding these changes and fixes will be introduced in the future;