War Thunder – Ba.88 Lince

The Italian attacker aircraft was named after the lynx, it entered service in the initial stages of the Second World War. This vehicle’s actual combat history is pitifully meagre, although the Ba.88 could have shown itself to better advantage under different circumstances.

Initially, the aircraft was intended as a heavy fighter aircraft, but after equipping the prototype with the armament, it was clear that the structure was overloaded and that the Lynx had serious maneuverability problems.

Its first taste of combat was on June 16, in an attack on several French airfields. After extremely brief combat operations against France, the squadrons furnished with Ba.88s were sent to the scorching deserts of Libya. The aircraft’s Piaggio P.XI-RC40 radial engines were not built to deal with the dry and dusty climate, and so all attempts to use the Ba.88 in battle ended in failure.

After the fiasco in Libya, the remaining Ba.88s were no longer used in combat, and efforts to modernize them also came to nothing. Between 1939 and 1940, a total of 147 Ba.88 attackers were produced, 25 of which were later modified into Ba.88Ms. The Ba.88M did not reach full combat readiness until the day before the Armistice of Cassibile was signed.

However, in the game, the Ba.88 Lince will certainly put in a better showing, because there won’t only be novices at the controls, but also battle-seasoned veterans of online aerial battles! What’s more, under the game conditions, the historic unreliability of the Lynx engines won’t be a factor, allowing the pilots to focus entirely on their objectives.

The armament of the new attacker consists of three 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT frontal machine guns and one 7.7 mm Breda-SAFAT defensive machine gun located on the rear turret. It should be noted that few aircraft of this class are fitted with defensive weaponry, which means that the Lynx’s chances of survival on the battlefield are much higher. The Ba.88 can also carry bombs when necessary: three 50 kg, three 100 kg, or two 250 kg bombs, making this new attacker a welcome addition to the Battles in War Thunder.

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Its primary shortcomings include its historically overloaded construction, which will unlikely let you make it to the airfield with a single working engine. So, take care of your motors!

The Italian Ba.88 Lince attacker will appear in update 1.69 Regia Aeronautica and will take its place in the first rank of the Italian aviation tech tree. History may have been cruel to this wildcat, but above the fields of War Thunder, the Lynx will get its long-awaited chance for redemption.



9 thoughts on “War Thunder – Ba.88 Lince

  1. I “don’t” understand why they did not give the aircraft the option of switching the nose-mounted .50cal for a 20mm as it was built, don’t know if the units actually did the “conversion” but the aircraft was designed and built with support for both (if the many aviation/armored vehicles dedicated blogs are not wrong)


    1. An especially important conversion since the 13mm Breda is phenomenally bad.

      I mean, historically is was pretty average, with the interesting, yet ultimately flawed reliance on chemical energy (read: explosive rounds) to deal damage rather than kinetic energy like on the DShk and Browning .50cal
      The technology just wasn’t there yet to make such small explosive rounds viable, and the smaller propellant charge for the rounds meant that AP performance was lacking.

      Tack on 100-130 m/s less muzzle velocity than the two other machineguns mentioned, and you have problems. Same deal with the underperforming German MG131

      So yeah, triple Breda 13mm is not stellar firepower. Barely an improvement on rifle caliber machineguns.
      Being able to switch to German MG 151/20 cannons would be a significant improvement.

      Still though, the plane looks fantastic.

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      1. in the past the “meatball-shooter” caused a lot of damage when it hit, which did not happen too often, now all heavy MG ammo was nerfed while in the past italian 12.7mm/13mm made nice holes in enemy fuselage, now you can’t “saw” enemy wings even with US .50cal ammo as often as before


    2. What 20 mm cannon? The Italians never fielded a 20 mm aircraft cannon until the German gave them MG 151/20s long after the Ba.88 left service.


      1. no one said it had a 20mm cannon, all I said is that many websites (militaryfactory , etc…) state the aircraft was prepared to switch rhe 12.7mm for a 20mm instead of having to be modified later, afterall even if they did not have 20mm it’s not like they didn’t knew such calibers were being used by others, or even plan to aquire or copy them in the near future
        those websites state a few books as their sources, if they are wrong its a different matter by I never excluded that “if the many aviation/armored vehicles dedicated blogs are not wrong”


  2. gaijin at it again, the aircraft has a historical bomb load of 1000kg and they only gave it 500kg, they did not even give it the option of carrying 3x200kg bombs (don’t know why they would develop both 200 and 250kg bombs, maybe it’s actually 3x250kg), they don’t even seem to have modeled the bomb bay to carry bombs internally, seems we will only get to carry them externally


    1. The thing was so damn underpowered that even if it could theoretically mount 1000kg worth of bombs I can’t blame Gaijin for limiting the bombload to something it could actually take off with.


  3. I love that their third big reveal for a brand-new nation is probably one of the worst planes in the entire game. Who in their right mind is going to see this and go, “Gee, I’m sure excited to grind for this!”? I literally laughed when I saw this on their site.


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