WoWS: Free Bonus Code [EU]

There’s a collaboration between Wargaming and a German language online magazine going on until January 1st 2018. You can get the following things:

1x port slot
20x Repair Team II
20x Damage Control Party II
20x Smoke Generator II
20x Camo Type 6 (+100% xp)
1x special flag:

(The consumables are already worth 1.350.000 credits)

How to get that stuff:

1. Go to

2. Select “Bonus-Code: World of Warships, Ausgabe Sondeheft 2” from the first dropdown (note: check that you did this, as the default option is invite code and the code in #3 doesn’t work with invite code, only with bonus code)

3. Enter the code F399733-6E82163-7644183

4. Enter your email

5. Get the code

6. Activate the code like any other via the WG website

Note: 1 code per account.


23 thoughts on “WoWS: Free Bonus Code [EU]

  1. Great it worked, thank you very much. I enjoy your content not just for the odd code. keep up the good work. once again Thanks

    Liked by 2 people

  2. strange, until recently you would have only been entitled to this bonus code when buying the special WoWs issue of the buffed magazin.
    I sense that something went wrong here … get the codes while you can … :)


  3. Welp, I got the email but then I realized it was EU… Oh well, EU guys deserve a break or two I suppose with WoWS EU always giving them the short end of the stick :^)

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  4. There is also bonus code for WoT – Pz T15 + slo + 5 chocolate , but it requires different code from magazine , anyone has that?


  5. Worked just fine “finally found a use for the German I had in school”. Tho I only wanted it for the extra dock slot. As I’m running low.


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